How to Use FaceTime Effects on iPhone and iPad

While group FaceTime calls on Mac are a great way to hang out with friends and family, they’re even more enjoyable on iOS devices. This is because you can use FaceTime effects on iPhone or iPad. These include cute emojis, stickers, and other creative options. This adds a more personal touch and makes the experience all the more engaging. So let’s unleash the fun!

How to Use FaceTime Camera Effects on iPhone and iPad

Apart from animojis or memojis, there are four ways you can use FaceTime effects on iPhone or iPad: Filter, Text Label, Stickers, and Shapes. Let’s deal with each of them one by one.

Use a Filter in a ‌FaceTime‌ Video Call

  1. First off, launch the FaceTime app on your iPhone
  2. Now start a video call with your friends or a member of family
  3. When the other person receives your call, tap on ‘effects’ (a star-shaped icon)
  4. There appear a few effects on your device screen. You need to tap on Filter icon in the strip of effects.Open FaceTime App Tap on Effects and Then Tap on Filters
  5. You can now see Filters at the bottom; swipe from right to left to explore FaceTime Filters. There are Original, Comic Book, Comic Mono, Ink, Camcorder, and others.Add Filters to Change Your Face on FaceTime

You can select any one filter and the person on the other end can also see this Filter effect on your iPhone or iPad.

Add a Text Label to FaceTime Call

During your FaceTime calls, you can add a little fun by using a text label. This can be a ‘Hello’, ‘Howdy’ or any single word.

  1. Follow the first three steps as mentioned above
  2. When the connection establishes, tap on ‘effects’ and then tap on ‘Aa’, which is Text.Open FaceTime App Tap on Effects and Then Tap on Text
  3. Several Text Labels will appear on the screen; you can select your choice of Text Label
  4. Once you select the label, type the text and tap near the Text Label. Your Text Label is created; now you can drag and place this label wherever you want to on your FaceTime camera display. Add a Text Label to Your FaceTime Call
    Note: You can delete this label by tapping once on it; when you see the Delete sign (x) near the label, tap on it

Add Stickers During FaceTime Call

  1. When your FaceTime video call is connected, tap on ‘effects’.
  2. From the effects strip, tap on the Emoji Stickers option.Open FaceTime App Tap on Effects and Then Tap on Emoji Stickers
  3. From the list of Stickers, choose your favorite or one that expresses your current mood.Add Stickers to FaceTime Video Calls on iPhone

Like a text label above, you can drag this sticker anywhere on the screen and also delete the sticker.

Use Shapes in FaceTime Video Call

  1. Shapes are next to Text Label in the ‘effects’ strip
  2. Tap on Shapes and you will see a few shapes you can use during your FaceTime video calls.Launch FaceTime Tap on Effects and Then Tap on Shapes
  3. Select any one shape and then drag it on your iOS device’s screen and tap away.Add Shapes To FaceTime Video Calls

You can delete the shape as you have done earlier to remove text labels and stickers.

That’s all friends!

Summing up…

Apple had started to spice up your conversation from iOS 10 when it first launched effects in iMessage. The journey continues and it achieves new milestones every now and then. If you are using FaceTime for the first time, you may encounter waiting for activation error on your iPhone or iPad. However, you can fix the issue by following a complete guide.

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