How to Track and Find Nearby Pokémon with Sightings Screen in Pokémon Go on iPhone

With stunning success, “Pokémon Go” has become everyone’s favorite. Such has been the craze of playing this fabulous augmented-reality game that fans just can’t stop raving about it. After all, who wouldn’t like to catch Pokémon and win Gym battles?

Pokémon Go has been updated with some minor bug fixes and performance improvements. The Nearby screen has been replaced with Sightings screen with some improvements to distance.

The Sightings screen scans your map area every 15-30 seconds for new Pokémon. If the Sightings screen is on, you will see up to 9 Pokemon in your area. The list will be updated automatically when you move from one place to other. If any creature is closer to the direction you are moving, it will be seen at the top left corner. And the one that is further away will appear at the bottom-right corner.

How to Track and Find Nearby Pokémon with Sightings Screen in Pokémon Go on iPhone

Step #1. Launch Pokémon Go on your iPhone.

Step #2. You will see a small gray box to the right of your virtual avatar. It will show some Pokémon shapes. Tap on this box.

Tap on Small Gray Box in Pokemon Go on iPhone

Step #3. This is the Sightings screen. Now, you will see a group of up to 9 Pokemon in your area.

Find Nearby Pokemon with Sightings Screen in Pokemon Go

Step #4. Next, you need to use these metrics to ensure you are heading in the right direction for a Pokemon. You have to select it and start walking in any direction. If the quarry drops further down the list, you are moving in the wrong direction. But if it floats to the top, you are heading in the right direction.

That’s done!

Generally, Pokémon spawns on the map for around 10-15 minutes at the same location. They will disappear once the time is over. After a Pokémon has despawned, it will be removed from the sightings list on the next scan. If you move far away around 700-1000 feet, Pokemon will disappear from the list.

So, stay focused and find Pokemon using your expertise. Customize your trainer avatar to bring a lot more fun into the play.

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