How to stop an iPhone update in progress (iOS 17.4.1)

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iOS 17.4.1 brings several performance improvements and security enhancements to the iPhone. However, sometimes, you might need to stop an iOS update while it’s still downloading if you think the new iOS version is unstable or you’re just fine with the version that’s currently installed.  

In this detailed guide, I’ll explain how you can stop the iOS 17.4.1 update while it’s downloading. Plus, you’ll also learn how to turn off automatic updates on your iPhone. This way you can cancel the current update and even prevent future iOS updates from installing without your permission.

How to cancel iOS 17.4.1 update in progress

While Apple doesn’t provide a pause or stop button for updates, it’s still possible to cancel an iOS update that’s in progress. That is if you still haven’t started the installation process after downloading the update. 

Performing an over-the-air iOS update usually involves downloading and installing the update. If you have just started downloading the update, you’re in luck; you can stop it.  

But if you’ve started the installation, there’s no stopping it midway. You must downgrade your iOS after the update is complete. 

With that out of the way, here’s the two-step process to cancel an iOS that’s already in progress:

Step 1: Stop the iOS update while it is downloading

Your iPhone needs an active internet connection to download the update from Apple’s server. So, you’ll need to disconnect your iPhone from the internet to stop the download as explained below: 

  1. While the iOS update is downloading, open the Control Center.
  2. Enable Airplane Mode. The tile should turn orange when enabled.
  3. Make sure Wi-Fi is also disabled.

    Airplane mode, check for update

Once you toggle on Airplane Mode and disable Wi-Fi, the download will immediately pause as the connection is interrupted. You can verify the same by navigating to SettingsGeneralSoftware Update. Whatever you do, it’s crucial to keep the iPhone in Airplane Mode until the next step is completed.

Step 2: Delete the downloaded iOS update file

The next step in the process is to delete the downloaded software update files. This way, you can prevent the new iOS 17.4.1 update from continuing and free up storage on your iPhone.

  1. Go to SettingsGeneraliPhone Storage.
  2. Scroll down and tap the iOS update file → Tap Delete Update.
  3. Finally, tap Delete Update again to confirm your action.

    Select the iOS update file, tap Delete update and confirm again by pressing Delete Update

Once the iOS update file is deleted, the update won’t be installed on your iPhone. Still, you may follow the steps below to verify the update has been terminated before using your iPhone again:

  1. Swipe down from the top-left corner to open the Control Centre → Turn off Airplane Mode
  2. Go to Settings →  GeneralSoftware Update to ensure that the page has reverted to the initial update screen. If not, you may perform the previous steps again. 

The steps mentioned above will help you cancel iOS 17.4.1 from installing on your iPhone for the time being.

However, if you want to prevent the current and future iOS updates from installing without your permission, you must turn off Automatic Updates.

How to turn off automatic updates on iPhone

  1. Go to SettingsGeneralSoftware Update.
  2. Select Automatic Updates → Then, toggle off iOS updates.
    You will see two iOS Updates toggles. You must toggle off both.

    Go to General, select Software Update, tap on Automatic Updates and toggle off both iOS Updates option

Alternatively, instead of entirely turning off Automatic Updates on your iPhone, you can just toggle off iOS updates under the Automatically Install section. 

This way, your iPhone can still auto-download new iOS update files whenever a suitable network becomes available, but they won’t be installed without your knowledge.

Signing off…

By following the steps in this guide, you’ll be able to regain control over your iPhone and decide when and if you want to install iOS 17.4.1.  

Not only that, but apart from canceling public releases of iOS updates that are in progress, you can use the same steps to cancel Beta updates for iOS.

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