We’ve covered quite a bit of guides for iOS 7 Safari. A lot of things have changed (besides the interface) and the overall experience has been made minimal, simple and cleaner. Naturally, Safari is now faster. (If you still prefer alternatives to Safari, read this).

The unified bar now takes care of two functions: address bar and search bar. In this post, we’re taking a look at how “search within a webpage” functions in Safari and how to use it when you are trying to find a word or a phrase within a website.

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How to Search within a Webpage in iOS 7 Safari

In Safari iOS 7, the search feature is built right into the same field you type website URLs into. A website loads and then you tap on the address bar to enter the search text. This is when the webpage disappears as you type the search term. This interface shift can be a little misleading as it makes us think that the loaded tab is gone or pushed somewhere. The loaded webpage is actually very much in the background.

How to Search for Text on Website in Safari for iPhone or iPad Running iOS 7:

  • After the website loads, tap on the unified search bar
  • Tap the ‘x’ or just start typing the search term/phrase
  • You should see a list of results. Right down this list you should see “On This Page (x results)”. Tap on the search term below this heading.

How to Search within a Website in Safari on iPhone and iPad

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  • You will be taken to the webpage with the search term highlighted. Go through the next appearance of the search term by tapping on the arrow/navigation icons at the bottom.

Search Within a Website in Safari iOS 7 on iDevice

  • Once you are done, tap on Done.

This particular search behavior is almost same as iOS 6, except that the search bar is now unified and that makes for a slightly confusing user experience if you are using iOS 7 for the first time.

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