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How to Search Within a Webpage in Safari in iPhone and iPad

In this article, two methods explained to quickly search text within a webpage in Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

Navigating the web on a computer is generally more convenient thanks to super handy keyboard shortcuts such as Command+F. But browsing on a mobile device can be equally smooth. For instance, there’s a trick that can help you search text on a webpage in Safari on your iPhone or iPad. This can save the day when you need to quickly scan a page for a specific word, phrase, or topic and jump to the relevant section. Let’s see what’s involved.

  1. Launch Safari on your iOS device
  2. Now, head over to a site like and then open an article
  3. Next, you need to tap on the Address bar/Smart Search bar and enter the text that you want to search
  4. Let’s say; you have opened our article named Best Apple Music Siri Shortcuts and want to find “Siri” text on this page. Enter Siri in the search bar, and you should see something like:

"On This Page (10 matches)"
Find "Siri"

Just hit the specific word and it will be highlighted on the webpage, and you will also see the matching result at the bottom. Now, you can use the upward/downward arrow to navigate to the highlighted word on the page.

Search Within Webpage in Safari on iPhone or iPad

How to Search for Text on a Webpage in Safari Using Share Sheet

There is another way to search a webpage in the stock web browser;

  1. When you are on a webpage, tap on the Share button, and then select “Find on Page” in the share sheet
  2. Then, type in the text in the search field. It will show you the matching result.Search Text Phrase in Webpage in Safari on iPhone or iPad

That’s how this little feature works!

Wrapping up…

Recently, I made a post about another hidden Safari feature that allows you to Quick Website search. It’s equally effective and time saver. So, do give it a try to speed up your web browsing on your iOS device.

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