How to Scan Documents with Notes App on iPhone and iPad

When it comes to keeping notes on your phone, there are many tips and tricks you can use. But one of the most remarkable is the ability to scan documents using the Notes App on iPhone and iPad. You simply point your device at the piece of paper, and the app auto-detects all the edges to help you get a perfect-looking scan. You also have the option to adjust the scanned doc, apply filters, and rotate it as desired. Let’s have a closer look.

How to Scan Documents Using Notes App in iOS 13 and iPadOS

Step #1. Open Notes app on your iPhone → Tap the compose icon from the bottom right.

Step #2. Tap the camera icon above the keyboard.

Open Notes App Tap on Compose and Then Tap on Camera

Step #3. Tap on Scan Documents → Point your phone properly on a document and tap the click button.

Step #4. On the next screen, you may adjust the corners. When done, tap on Keep Scan.

Scan Documents Using Notes App on iPhone

Step #5. You will see the previous scan as a thumbnail in the lower left. You are now ready to scan the next document. Tap on Save if you wanted just one scan.

Save Scanned Document in Notes App on iPhone

Step #6. You may tap on the thumbnail of the scanned doc and apply filters, readjust the corners, or rotate the document. Tap on Done from the upper left when satisfied. Finally, tap on Save.

Tap on Thumbnail to Apply Filters on Scanned Document in Notes App on iPhone

The document is added to your note.

Pro Tip: Press the Notes app icon and select ‘Scan Document’ to quickly starting scanning docs in a new note.

The document that you Scan in the Notes app is also saved to Photos app on iPhone. If not, open the Settings app, tap Notes, and enable the toggle for Save to Photos.

To print the document you just scanned in the Notes app, tap on the scanned doc. Next, tap the share icon from the upper right and tap Print.

Signing off…

You can also use the Files app and the Continuity camera to scan documents using your iPhone or iPad. These ways are just as easy as the Notes app method. Definitely check them. The more you know, the better!

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How to Scan Documents with Notes App on iPhone and iPad

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How to Scan Documents with Notes App on iPhone and iPad
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