How to Restrict Adult Content in Safari on iPhone/iPad

How to Restrict Adult Content in Safari on iPhone and iPad in iOS 12

If you are going to upgrade your child’s iPhone to iOS 13 and want to keep the offensive websites at bay from the web browser, you’d like to know the change. One important thing worth noting is that when you block the unwanted sites, Private browsing mode is disabled automatically. It’s done to ensure your kid isn’t able to browse the web in incognito mode.

How to Limit Adult Content in iOS 13 Safari on iPhone or iPad

Before getting started, ensure that you have turned on Screen Time on your iOS device. Follow this complete guide to take full advantage of this feature.

Step #1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device → Tap on Screen Time → Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Tap on Settings then Screen Time then Content and Privacy on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Next up, you need to enter your Screen Time passcode and then turn on the switch next to Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Turn ON Content & Privacy Restrications in Settings

Step #5. Up next, tap on Content Restrictions.

Tap on Content Restrictions in iOS 12 Settings

Step #6. Tap on Web Content.

Tap on Web Content in Content Restrications in iOS 12

Step #7. Under the Web Content section, you have three options:

  • Unrestricted Access
  • Limit Adult Websites
  • Allowed Websites Only

Unrestricted Access: By default, it’s selected.

Select Unrestricted Access in iOS 12

Limit Adult Websites: Select Limit Adult Websites to block Private browsing mode and restrict access to adult sites.

Select Limit Adult Websites in iOS 12

For enhanced restriction, you can manually enter the name of the websites. To do so, tap on Add Website under Never Allow. Then, enter its name and then tap on Done.

Besides, if you want to allow specific sites, you need to enter their names. To do so, tap on Add Website under Always Allow. Then, type in its name and tap on Done.

Allowed Websites Only: If you wish to allow access to only selected websites, tap on Allowed Websites Only. Now, you should see the names of some websites like Apple–Start, Disney, and more.

Select Allowed Websites

To add more sites, tap on Add Website. Then, enter its Title and URL. After that, tap on Done to confirm.

Allow access to only selected websites in Safari

Going forward, if your kid or anyone tries to open the restricted site, Safari will show a message, saying “You can’t browse this page at as it’s restricted.”

Later, if you happen to change your time or wish to remove the limitation; follow the same steps mentioned above and then choose Unrestricted Access in the end.

How to Limit Adult Content in Safari in iOS 11 or Earlier

The process of blocking adult sites is almost the same in iOS 11 or earlier. To do so, open SettingsGeneralRestrictions.

Tap on General and Select Restrictions in iOS 11 Settings

Then, enter your Restrictions passcodeWebsitesLimit Adult Content.

Limit Adult Content in Safari in iOS 11

Now, follow the same steps mentioned above to limit or allow access to individual sites.

That’s all there is to it!

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