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How To Remove Password From PDF Files on Mac

How to Remove Password from PDF on Mac

Bank statements or financial records are password protected PDF files to safeguard sensitive information. But what if those docs become pretty common later and you no longer need to shield them? That’s when you’d want to remove password from PDF files on your Mac so that you would be able to access the docs without any restriction.

Even though there is no official way, decrypting PDFs is a hassle-free exercise. Moreover, there are some PDF editors for Mac that can let you manage your files with more flexibility. So, there is no chance of your workflow getting stuck. Let’s check out the way!

How To Remove Password From PDF Documents On Mac

Step #1. Open the encrypted PDF file in the Preview app on your Mac.

Open PDF File in Preview App on Mac

Step #2. Enter the password to open the document.

Enter Password to Open PDF File on Mac

Step #3. Click on File menu and then select Print.

Click on Print in Preview App on Mac

Step #4. Now, click on the drop-down menu next to PDF and choose Save as PDF.

Click on Save as PDF in Print Menu on MacClick on Save as PDF in Print Menu on Mac

Step #5. Next, select the preferred location of the file.

  • One important thing worth noting is that if you save the file without changing its name, it will overwrite the existing doc and also remove the password
  • You can change the file name to create a secondary file without the password. Choose what serves your need best. Going forward, you will be able to access the content of this doc without any restriction

Remove Password From PDF Files in MacThat’s it!

How to Save PDF File without Password on Mac Using Third-party App

There are some top-notch PDF editors that can let you take control of your files with the desired freedom. The one that I’ve been using for long is Wondershare’s PDFelement. It’s fully featured and comes with a wide range of editing tools. To know more about this app, read our detailed review.

How About Decrypting PDFs on iPhone or iPad?

We’ve found out an equally effective way of dealing with encrypted PDF files on iOS devices. If you no longer want to shield some of your docs or wish to access their content instantly, give this trick a try as well.

There you go!

Wrapping Up…

That’s how you can save your PDFs without password on your Mac. Of course, it would be better if there were a one-click-option. But this trick just about gets the work done.

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