How to Play PC Games on iPhone/iPad using Moonlight App

Ever tried to play the PC games on iPad or iPhone? If not, today we are going to show you how it's possible with Moonlight app.

These days everybody is familiar with the smart phone games, and finding downtime leisure to have fun with all kinds of games. You might have tried playing iPhone games on Mac. But have you ever tried to play PC games on your iPhone and iPad?

Today we are going to show you how to play PC games on iPhone and iPad with the help of Moonlight app. When you play games on smart phones especially on iPhones, some games need an internet connection. Of course, you can link it to desktop to experience the best of gaming.

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How to Play PC Games on iPhone and iPad

How to Play PC Games on iPhone/iPad using Moonlight App

Before we jump to the topic, let’s see some of the interesting features of Moonlight App.

Amazing Features of Moonlight Game Streaming App

As said, you can easily play the iPhone games on Mac, but playing PC games on iPhone/iPad is something special. And that’s what Moonlight makes possible. Some of the interesting features to note are:

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  • Moonlight will show a complete list of apps/games on PC to stream on your iPhone.
  • The controller and touch screen input will be automatically sent to PC from your device.
  • It pairs up with any device within a fraction of seconds.
  • The latest version 1.0.1 has improved app performance and connection reliability.

These are some features of Moonlight streaming app. Let’s see how you can utilize it to play PC games on iPad and iPhone.

How to Stream PC Games on iPhone and iPad Using Moonlight

There’s nothing much to do with the settings in your iPhone, but you need to follow the below given instructions when you pair Moonlight with your PC. Here you go!

  • Download the Moonlight App on your iDevice.
  • Turn on your Computer.
  • Moonlight can view the PC configuration including the name and find the icon.
  • Next step is to select that icon and pair it up with your iPhone/iPad using 4 digit code.
  • Once it gets paired, you can see all the games listed in the iPhone.
  • Now you can enable the all games, to view more options, you can swipe left on game menu to find streaming platform and other functions.

You can also use an iOS based telescopic joystick controller to access games in straight forward way. Moonlight Streaming can also be used to android based smartphones. It works on iPhone and iPad in a similar way, except some key differences like storage and configuration speed.

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So this is it!

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Hope you will love playing the PC games on your iPad and iPhone as I do. If you face any kind of issues, let us know in the comment below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Harshil Patel
Harshil is curious to know about the latest trends and technologies. He is passionate about writing the tech news and he writes for several other tech blogs too.


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