How to Lock Notes in Mac OS X with a Password

Wondering how to lock notes on Mac OS X? Here’s the procedure that will help you understand the process, as we have detailed it step-by-step.

Notes app on iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X is widely used for noting important things quickly. Many times, some of the notes we take are confidential and thus, we lock them with a password. We have already explained how to lock notes on iPhone/iPad with Touch ID or Password, but the same can be done on Mac OS X as well.

Today, we will explain how you can lock notes with a password on Mac OS X. It’s good to learn the stuff, as it helps a lot when you don’t want certain things to get public, especially if you are sharing your Mac with family or colleague. Whatever may be the reason, just follow the steps below to lock notes with a password.

How to Lock Notes on Mac with Password

Note: Before we move ahead, please note that this feature is only available in Mac with OS 10.11.4 and later.

How to Lock Notes in Mac OS X with a Password

Step #1. If you haven’t already launched the Notes app on your Mac, then do it.

Step #2. You can either open an existing note or make a new one and type anything that you wish to lock.

Step #3. After you are done with the typing job, click on the “Lock” icon at the top.

Click on Lock Icon in Notes on Mac

Step #4. From the drop-down menu, click on “Lock this Note” and enter the password.

Click on Lock This Note in Notes App on Mac

Create Password for Notes on Mac

Step #5. After you are done with entering a password, click the “Lock” icon again and then click on “Close All Locked Notes.” Alternatively, you can also close the Notes app to lock the notes.

Click on Close All Notes in Mac OS X

That’s it; now whenever you open a locked note, it will ask you to enter the password. One thing to note here is that the password you enter can be set different from your admin password. In case you wish to keep it the same, then you have the liberty to do so.

If you want to remove the lock, just click on the lock icon then click on remove lock in the Notes app in Mac OS X.

Remove Lock in Notes App on Mac

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