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We've seen how to sync photos between your computer and iPhone via iTunes correctly but one thing that keeps cropping up is this: how to transfer photos from my iPhone to the computer? Especially when I have many albums (other than Camera Roll)?

If you are a legendary iTunes user who uses iTunes to sync photos, transfer etc., you should face no trouble but if you're like me, you don't have iTunes figured out correctly or you don't like the software. I like to transfer files manually or use a custom software to transfer photos from my iPhone to the computer.

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In this short tutorial, that's precisely what we're going to look at.

How to Import Photos from Your iPhone to PC and Mac

How to import/transfer photos from your iOS device to PC/Mac:

On Windows:

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+
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  • Plug in your iPhone/iPad to your computer.
  • If iTunes or any other software fires up automatically, close it. We don't want iTunes this time.
  • Navigate to My Computer (or the icon that takes you to the disk drives)
  • Double-click on the iPhone or iPad drive that shows up in the list
  • Now, navigate to /Internal Storage/DCIM/
  • The folders within this folder (DCIM) contains the photos from all albums on your iPhone
  • Just copy and paste them in any other folder on your computer's hard drive.

On Mac:

On a Mac, you have to use a software like iPhoto (or any other image processor that you use) to import photos. One problem is that you'll be able to import from Camera Roll only. The process is simple.

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac
  • Open iPhoto or any other similar image program that you use
  • Now, from the sidebar, click on your device's name. (iPhoto)
  • Select the photos or just press ‘Import X Photos' (X is the number of photos)

This should import all the photos to your iPhoto folder (you can pick it from there).

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If you want to import from other albums on your iPhone, you might have to use the file/folder method mentioned above in the Windows section.

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  • hugowright

    Plug you iphone to the USB port of your computer. Auto play should show up.
    Click on: My Computer > iPhone icon > Internal storage> DCIM then click on any of the folders.
    A great experience is FonePaw iOS Transfer, which can easily help you export photos from iPhone to computer, iPhone to iPad and more.
    Sounds perfect app.