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How to Forward iCloud Emails to Another Email Account Automatically

Your professional life requires you to use multiple email IDs. Apart from your official email, you may like to use iCloud Mail, which is an excellent choice. But checking different email IDs frequently can eat up your time. A better way is to get all those emails delivered on a single address. If you are using your iCloud Mail for serious communication (like bank statements, shopping bills, travel plans or personal business), you can set up iCloud email forwarding to another address.

By employing a simple method, you can automatically forward emails in iCloud. A single account can be a window of multiple email communications.

How to Set up iCloud Email Forwarding to Another Account

Step #1. Open on your computer.

Step #2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password. If you have set up two-factor authentication, you need to insert a six-digit code sent on your iPhone.

Sign in with your Apple ID and password in iCloud

Step #3. From the Launchpad of your iCloud, click on Mail square box, which is the very first in the upper row.

Click on Mail on Launchpad of iCloud

Step #4. Next, click on the Gear icon from the bottom left corner. Actions menu with some options will appear; click on Preferences.

Click on Gear icon and Select Preferences in iCloud Mail

Here, you should be on General preference.

Step #5. Click on the checkbox that reads: “Forward my email to.”

Click on checkbox next to Forward my email to in iCloud Mail

Step #6. In the text field, type in your forwarding email address.

If you don’t want to keep emails in your iCloud Mail, click on “Delete messages after forwarding.” Finally, click the Done button.

Add Another Email Account to automatically Forward iCloud Email

Note that once the message is deleted from iCloud Mail, you won’t be able to recover it.

You have done it!

I have a suspicious mind; hence I always test such features. You can also run a test by sending an email to your iCloud Mail from another account. Alternatively, you can ask your friends or colleagues to shoot an email to your iCloud Mail and then check that email is delivered to your forwarding account.

How to Forward Specific iCloud Emails to Another Account

The method above will send all your iCloud Mails to another account, and over a period that another account will be cluttered with countless messages. Why don’t you set rules on your iCloud Mail? By this way, you can filter specific emails, and only a few selected iCloud emails will be forwarded to your another account.

You can ask iCloud to filter specific senders or emails with a particular word in the subject lines.

Follow the first four steps as mentioned above.

Step #1. When the Actions menu appears, click on Rules.

Click on Gear icon and Select Rules in iCloud Mail

Alternatively, you can click on the Rules tab if the Preferences dialog box is there on the screen.

Step #2. Next, click on Add a Rule.

Click on Add a Rule in iCloud Mail

Step #3. A small box appears with “If a message” title.

In this box, you need to fill up a condition: If a message is (from email ID, is addressed to, is Cc’d to, is addressed or Cc’d to, has subject containing, and has list-id containing), then (conditions).

Forward Specific iCloud Emails to Another Email Address

For example, if you receive a message from your client, you can move it to your choice of folders.

Don’t forget to enter the forwarding email address.

Step #4. Click on Done button; again, click on the Done button to finish the process.

Enter the Email and Click on Done in iCloud Rules Settings

Later, you can remove this rule by clicking on the Rules tab. Next, click on information (i) icon and select the Delete button. A dialog box will ask your confirmation; click on Delete button again to get rid of that rule.

Click on Information icon in Rules Tab in iCloud Mail Settings
Delete Rules in Cloud Mail

That’s it!

Signing off…

Forwarding an iCloud email is one of the useful hacks in your professional life. I particularly like its ability to set rules, which permit me to make essential changes in my iCloud Mail.

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Would you like to forward iCloud emails to another account? Do you think Rules have any practical use in your personal or professional life? Share your feedback with us in comment below.

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