How to Flip a Photo on iPhone or iPad

When it comes to taking a perfect selfie on the iPhone, one set of tricks don’t always deliver the right result, do they? That’s why it’s better to look for ways to refine images so that they appear more appealing.

Mirroring is a great way to make an image look better. And what could be an eye-popping feature for shutterbugs, iOS 13 offers a native tool to flip or unflip a photo on iPhone or iPad.

Just in case you aren’t much into photography and wondering why the heck you would ever want to flip your iPhone image, let me tell you that it’s a pretty neat photo editing tool that is used by pros for various purposes. For instance, if a subject in the photo looks towards the left, but you want it to look towards the right, this tool will come in super handy.

Not to mention, the iPhone automatically flips selfies after you capture them. While they still look nice, I personally like to mirror an image on my iOS device to improve aesthetic quotient. So, I’m really glad that it’s become a lot easier to do on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. Let me show you how it works the right way!

How to Flip a Photo in iOS 13 and iPadOS

Step #1. Launch Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and then choose a selfie that you want to flip.

Step #2. Now, tap on Edit and then hit the little crop tool that looks like two intersecting right angles.

Tap on Edit to Photo and Select Crop Icon in IOS Photos App

Step #3. Next, tap on the triangles icon at the top left to quickly flip the picture on your iOS or iPadOS device.

Flip a Photo on iPhone or iPad in iOS 13 and iPadOS

To unflip the photo, simply tap on this icon again. That’s quite straightforward, isn’t it?

Unflip a Photo on iPhone or iPad in iOS 13 and iPadOS

How to Mirror an Image on iPhone and iPad Using Photo Flipper Apps

Not yet running iOS 13 or later? No problem as there are quite a few apps that can let you flip images on your iPhone or iPad even on older iOS versions like iOS 12/iOS 11 or 10. Better yet, they are available for free and work reliably as well.

Some of My Favorite Photo Flipper Apps for iPhone and iPad Are:

Adobe Photoshop Express: It’s arguably one of the best photo-editors for iPhone and iPad thanks largely to several pro tools. Moreover, it also allows you to flip pictures with ease.

Price: Free/Pro version comes at $4.99/month

Photo Flipper: It’s a pretty simple photo flipper with basic tools. And it works reliably without any issues.

Price: Free/$2.99 for the pro version

QuickFlip: The best part about QuickFlip is that it allows you to mirror an iPhone photo with a simple swipe. Moreover, it also lets you resize images with quick gestures.

Price: Free/In-app purchase

Photo Mirror Effects: This one is for the folks who love to use some cool mirror effects. With many customizable reflections in the offing, it makes flipping images absolute fun.

Price: Free/$3.99/month for the pro version

Flipping An Image Using Photo Flipper App

Step #1. Download the Photo Flipper app on your device and open it.

Step #2. Now, tap on the photo button at the bottom left corner.

Tap on Photos Icon in iOS Photo Flipper App

Side note: You can also tap on the camera button → And then snap a pic.

Step #3. Next, choose the photo you want to flip. Then, swipe left/right on the image to flip or unflip it instantly.

Mirror an Image on iPhone and iPad Using Photo Flipper Apps

Step #4. Next up, tap on the Share button at the bottom right corner of the screen and then choose Save Image in the share sheet.

Save Flip Image on iPhone or iPad from Photo Flipper iOS App

That’s pretty much it!

Wrapping Up…

So, that’s the right way you can mirror your favorite pics on your iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 devices. Of course, if your device is running the latest iteration of iOS 13, the process is a bit more straightforward. However, even if your device is not upgraded, the third-party photo flipper apps get the job with ease. Not to mention, some of them also offer pretty cool mirror effects to bring some fun elements into the mix.

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