How to Fix iTunes Errors 16xx (1600,1601,1602,1603,1604)

We did a cover on iTunes Error 3194 but that’s just top of the iceberg. Of the errors we occasionally face when trying to play around with our iPhones, the iTunes Error 16xx series is all too frequent.

A few 11xx errors are also associated with the same process of fixing these errors. Before we begin let’s first understand why the error crops up in the first place.

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When you try to restore, update or downgrade your iPhone’s iOS, you might face any of the following iTunes Errors:

  • 1600
  • 1601
  • 1602
  • 1603
  • 1604

According to Apple, all those 16xx errors listed above except 1604 are associated with firewalls and/or security software installed on your Mac/PC. The 1604 is recorded as a USB timing error where it mostly gets sorted when you change ports or use a different computer to restore/update.

Fix iTunes Error 16X

Here are the things you should try to fix these iTunes errors 16xx (1600,1601,1602,1603,1604):

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Step 1: Make sure you’ve got the latest iTunes software

Step 2: Check to see if your USB ports are good. Don’t use hubs to connect the iPhone to the computer. Change the port if you’re getting a 1604 error.

Step 3: If the error still shows up, try the following:

  • If you’re trying to update, backup all data and then enter your iDevice in DFU mode.
  • iTunes will recognize a device in DFU mode and prompt you to restore it.
  • Now try restoring your iPhone. Hopefully, this should set it right.

Step 4: If that didn’t work, you should try:

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  • Download and run TinyUmbrella
  • In TinyUmbrella, click Start TSS Server
  • Now try restoring your iPhone to stock firmware.

Step 5: Try iReb

  • Download the IPSW firmware file for the iOS you want to update to.
  • Open iTunes, put your iPhone in DFU mode
  • Close iTunes (after DFU) and then start iReb.
  • Within iReb, select your device
  • Now, after a while, you’ll get a white/red screen displayed on your iPhone. Don’t panic.
  • After this, open iTunes.
  • Choose “Shift+Restore” (Windows) or “Option+Restore” (Mac) and select the IPSW file you downloaded in step 1
  • Finish restoration. Hopefully, the errors shouldn’t occur.

Let us know if you’ve got other work arounds to fix the 16xx errors in iTunes.

Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.


  1. hi, i just upgrade my iphone 2g 2.1 to the 3.1.3 software using snowbreeze. then when i’m restoring back my iphone, error 1600 occur on itunes. i tried using iReb, but there’s no white/red screen on my iphone. it remains a black screen. what should i do? :s

  2. I have an iPad mini, which was running ios 7 beta, but it suddenly wanted me to activate it with a dev account. I have tried Tinyumbrella and pretty much everything else, iREB doesn’t work with iPad mini or ios 7 and all I ever get are error codes 3194 and 16xx or iTunes freezes at `Preparing iPad for Restoration`. PLEASE HELP! My iPad is unuseable!

  3. I tried everything, im trying to update my ipod 5th gen to 7.0.6 (he has 6.0.1 jailbroken)
    before, i had the error 3194 but then i used tiny umbrella and it fixed that, then i got error 11 i fixed it with the sinful itune 11 error fix, i needed to downgrade my itune to 11.1 for that cuz latest version crashed and i could not still fix it. now my itune is at, i patched it with the tiny umbrella and the sinful fix and everything but i still get the 1601 error. i really need help, iv ben trying to restore it for about more then 7 hours now.

    • Do you run any anti-virus program or firewall blocking software? Disable
      it when you try to upgrade (don’t use any other service during this
      time) and see if the update goes through.


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