How to export passwords from iCloud Keychain on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

How to export passwords from iCloud Keychain to iPhone

If you’re an Apple user, chances are you’re using iCloud Keychain to store all of your passwords. The most significant limitation of this feature is that it only does this on synced Apple devices and when using Safari as your browser. This can be a problem if you want easy access to your passwords regardless of your device or browser. 

The only option is to export your iCloud Keychain passwords from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and transfer them to another less restricting password manager.

If that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get on and transfer all those passwords!

Note: Most of the features below would require you to use a Mac since Apple has only integrated the option to export iCloud Keychain passwords under the macOS.

How to export iCloud Keychain passwords on a Mac

If you’ve found the best password manager for your Mac, exporting iCloud Keychain from a Mac is the next step. Don’t worry because it’s pretty straightforward. You have two options, to access them through Safari or System Preferences. I’ll cover both below:

Using Safari:

  1. Open Safari on Mac.
  2. Press Cmd + Comma (,). This will open up Passwords. Authenticate using your Mac’s password or your Touch ID.

Using System Preferences:

  1. Head to the menu bar → click the Apple logo → System Preferences.
  2. Click Passwords and open by authenticating using your Mac password or Touch ID.

From here, you can already choose to export your passwords. Choose your preferred option below.

1. Directly export your iCloud Keychain from Mac to a CSV file

From the window, you can export some or all of your passwords from your Mac. 

  1. To select a few:
    • Hold Cmd and select each password.
    • Click the triple-dot icon → select Export [number] Selected Passwords.
  2. To select all:
    • Go directly to the triple-dot icon.
    • Select Export All Passwords.
  3. A prompt will appear to confirm the export. Click Export Passwords.
  4. Enter a file name and choose a file destination.
  5. Enter your password or your Touch ID to continue.

2. Manually copy your passwords from Mac

This can be a hassle but works if you just want to transfer a few files and don’t want to do the extra clicks. Just hover your pointer over the password to reveal it, or Cmd + click and select Copy Password to copy it.

3. AirDrop your iCloud passwords to other Apple devices

Another option that you have is to AirDrop your iCloud passwords. This is only possible if the recipient is another Apple device. To do this on your Mac:

  1. Go to Passwords.
  2. Select a password you want to forward to another device.
  3. Click the Share button → select the device from the AirDrop window.

On the receiving device, a prompt will appear asking to open Passwords. Enter the password, Touch ID, or Face ID on the device. This will automatically save the password on the receiving device.

4. Export your iCloud Keychain from Mac to third-party password managers

If you exported the iCloud Keychain from your Mac, you’d get a CSV file. You need to use this to export your iCloud Keychain to other browsers or third-party password managers.

How to export iCloud Keychain to 1Password

  1. Sign in to using Safari or another browser.
  2. Click your name in the top right → Import → iCloud Passwords.
  3. Choose the vault you want to save it to → click inside the dotted rectangle → choose the CSV file you exported from your iCloud Keychain.

How to export iCloud Keychain to LastPass

You can import it to your LastPass account through your browser extension or the LastPass website.

  1. Log in by entering your email address and master password.
  2. If you’re on your browser extension, click Account Options → Advanced → Other. If you’re on your LastPass website, select Advanced Options → Import → select Other.

    Advanced options in the LastPass app
  3. Drag the CSV file to the window or choose Browse your computer and select the CSV file from your computer. Click Open. All items are selected by default. Deselect the items you don’t want to include in the import.

    Uploading CSV file in the LastPass app
  4. Click Import All.

How to export iCloud Keychain to Chrome

If you’re primarily using Chrome as your browser and want to export all your iCloud Keychain passwords to a CSV file, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to 
  2. Select Settings or the gear icon on the top-right of the window → Import. You’ll be asked to sign in to your Google Account.

    Importing passwords to Google Chrome using CSV file
  3. An Import passwords prompt will appear → Select file → Import.
  4. A window will show you how many passwords were imported. Click Done.

How to export iCloud Keychain on an iPhone or iPad

If you own an iPhone or an iPad, note that there’s no way for you to export all your iCloud Keychain without a Mac directly.

1. Enable iCloud Keychain syncing and export through Mac

The best way is to sync your iCloud Keychain across all your Apple devices. You need to turn on iCloud Keychain on your iPhone so that the passwords saved on your iPhone will automatically sync with your Mac.

Once synced, use your Mac to export all your iCloud Keychain passwords in a CSV file and export it to your browser or third-party passport manager.

Steps to sync iCloud Keychain on an iPhone

2. Manually copy your passwords from your iPhone

If you’re only planning to copy a few passwords, you can simply directly copy and paste your login details from your iPhone. To view your passwords:

  1. Go to Settings → scroll down to Passwords.
  2. Enter your password or use your Face ID.
  3. Long-hold the website whose login details you need. Select Copy User Name or Copy Password. Alternately, you can tap on the hidden password to reveal the password → tap Copy Password.
Manually copy passwords from an iPhone

You can also ask Siri by saying, “Siri, what’s my password for [website]?” Siri will directly open Passwords. Tap on the account and view the password.

3. AirDrop your iCloud Keychain to another Apple device

You can also directly AirDrop your password from your iPhone to another Apple device. You can long-press the website → select AirDrop. Alternatively, you may select a website → tap the Share icon on the top-right of the screen.

Select the device you want to send your login details to. Passwords will automatically open on the receiving device. Once you enter your password or Touch ID, it will directly open and save to Passwords on your device.

AirDrop your iCloud Keychain to another Apple device

Use a third-party app

If you don’t want to follow through with these steps, you can opt to use third-party apps like 4uKey Password Manager or EaseUs MobiUnlock.

Note: If you’re using an iPad or an iPhone, you’ll still need to connect it to a PC or a Mac to export your passwords using these third-party apps.

Wrapping up

Looking for a place to import these passwords, you may want to check our roundup of the best password managers for iPhones.

The iCloud Keychain is a convenient utility that keeps all your passwords in one place. However, it is best enjoyed across Apple devices and when using Safari.

It can be very inconvenient if you’re using other browsers and don’t have complete access to all your passwords. Exporting your iCloud Keychain to other browsers or third-party managers may be your best option. Which of the following methods did you use? Share them below!

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