How to turn on Power Reserve on Apple Watch

How to turn on low power on Apple Watch

Packed with useful features, there is no doubt that the Apple Watch is one of the best companions for your iPhone. But despite being good at almost everything, Apple Watch suffers from bad battery backup. It offers free anxiety attacks to people like me by hitting that low battery warning before the end of the day.

And while the Low Power Mode in watchOS 9 and later has resolved the issue, users with watchOS 8 and earlier will have to rely on Power Reserve. However, there’s a catch. Let’s discuss everything below.

What does Power Reserve mode on Apple Watch do?

While it stays true to its name and reserve power, aka Apple Watch battery, it barely does anything else. In Power Reserve mode, you can also see the time you press the side button.

Your Apple Watch won’t communicate with your iPhone, nor will the features like an always-on display and lift to wake up work.

How to enable Power Reserve mode on Apple Watch

Usually, Apple Watch enters Power Reserve mode automatically if the battery drops below 10 percent.

  1. Open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom.
  2. Tap battery percentage.
  3. Drag the Power Reserve button from left to right.
  4. Next, tap Proceed to continue.

    turn on power reserve mode on Apple watch

How to turn off Power Reserve mode:

Let’s accept that using Apple Watch only for looking at the time, without any watch face, is boring. So, to turn off the power reserve mode on the Apple Watch, simply press and hold the side button until your watch restarts.


Q. Why won’t my Apple Watch get out of Power Reserve mode?

To get out of Power Reserve on Apple Watch, press and hold the side button until your watch restarts. However, you can only disable the power reserve mode if your Apple Watch has more than 10% battery.

Q. What is the red lightning bolt on my Apple Watch?

The red lightning bolt on Apple Watch indicates that your watch has entered Power Reserve mode.

Q. At what percentage should I charge my Apple Watch?

Usually, Apple Watch will enter Power Reserve mode if the battery level drops below 10%. So, it is best to charge it before that.

That’s it!

The battery life is one of the biggest flaws of the Apple Watch. With Power Reserve mode, Apple is trying to solve this issue, well, kind of. Like iPhone 13 Pro Max, I hope Apple will improve the battery life on the upcoming Apple Watch.

Furthermore, you can boost your Apple Watch’s performance using these tips. How long does your Apple Watch run without charging? Share in the comments below.

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