How to Download Free Apps Without Password on iPhone or iPad

There are countless free apps on the App Store that can fill your life with convenience, productivity, fun, and more. If you enjoy trying new apps, you can save time by knowing how to download free apps without entering your password on the iPhone or iPad. This makes it a breeze to get the apps you want instantly without the extra step of authentication. Let’s check out what’s involved.

How to Download Free Apps Without Password in iOS Device

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on your Profile name at the top.
  2. Tap on Media and Purchases.
  3. In the popup box, tap Password Settings.Tap on Apple ID profile and tap on media and Purchases and Password settings
  4. Toggle OFF Require Password under Free Downloads. Then tap Done. Toggle OFF Require Password under Free Downloads. Then tap Done

Note: For apps that require a purchase, we recommend that you choose to Always Require Password. This will prevent accidental purchases of apps and will save you the trouble of losing your money or having to request a refund process.

Summing Up

This is how you can download free apps quickly and effortlessly on your iPhone or iPad without entering the password. However, in case you do not find this option on your device, it may not be available in your region. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions.

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