Converting video files for the iPad isn’t all that tough. In fact, with countless software and services today, the whole thing has become really easy.

The usual and popular video formats don’t go well with Apple’s legacy. So each of your iOS device can only play a specific format of a file – be it video or audio – which is created when you sync your music and video via iTunes. While the support for audio is excellent, when it comes to video, you begin to realize that iTunes isn’t all the powerful.

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With an increasing number of formats in video being distributed as downloadable content online, you’ve probably found that the video you have right now isn’t compatible with iPad. What’s the use of having a wonderful device but not being able to play that video you just downloaded? That’s where video conversion comes in the picture.Convert Videos to iPad Format

How to Convert Videos To iPad’s Format Using Converters:

Video converters are probably the best and the easiest way to convert video files to the iPad format. Of course, this means you need to find the suitable one. (list given below).

Now, since there are a ton of video converters available, it is only possible to list a generic How-To here. The basic principle in all video converters listed below is same so here we go:

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  • You install the desired video converter
  • Then you add the video files you want to convert. Most converters detect video files of almost all formats.
  • Once you’re done adding the video files, the next step takes you to the conversion format page: simply put, select the device for which you want the video to be converted. In our case, it’s always the iPad.
  • Now, just proceed and let the conversion happen. Once done, you can use the file in iTunes to sync it with your iPad. Voila!

There are typically a gazillion video converters available online but not every converter supports conversion for the iPad. Given below are a list of few such tools that are not just safe but reputed too.

3 Best iPad Video Convertes:

1. HandBrake
If you’re looking for a simple solution where you “add the video file and click convert!” and you’re done, HandBrake is your solution. HandBrake is an open-source tool that is designed to convert almost all video formats to any other of your choice. The thing can convert for Apple TV too.

2. Any Video Converter
Any video Converter is another of those sprightly video converters you’ll probably miss because it sounds too good to be true. Users have reported consistent success with this converter when they tried to convert videos for the iPad.

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3. Videora
Videora is another converter that was built first as an iPod/iPhone video converter. It supports iPad conversion too and offers YouTube download and conversion. It is a simple software to use.

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