Playing HD videos on the iPad (with the retina display) is an amazing experience in itself. If your rely entirely on content from Netflix, iTunes and other legacy sources, you most probably don’t have any problem playing HD videos.

But just in case you have a lot of .mkv format files (HD video, 720p/1080p), you’ll find that the iPad doesn’t play those. Video content that has AC-3 video (99% of mkv files) aren’t supported directly and you’ll need to use other methods.

Best MKV HD Video Player iPad AppsAlthough there have been licensing issues of late, the App Store has quite a lot of apps that let you watch MKV video files without any issues. Note that these apps won’t let you watch DRM-protected content (downloaded from iTunes) but you can watch content that you’ve got synced into your iPad or have on your PC.

Also note, although we’ve listed most of the apps here as “free”, these are the “lite” versions where you’ll be shown ads or links. You’ll need to buy the pro versions to enjoy an ad-less experience but you can definitely try these out before your purchase (part of the reason why we listed the free versions)

Best MKV Players for iPad

#1 PlayerXtreme Media Player

PlayerXtreme Media Player iPad App IconWhen you talk about best MKV players, you can get a better option than PlayerXtreme Media Player. This app has some amazing features like organizing your movie collection, better navigation and search, directly play files from email, control subtitles’ font size and language, forward and backward options are responsive. You can also set the password to the libraries to secure your files and personal playlists. With these many features in the app, this seems to be the best in the list.

Price: Free
Download PlayerXtreme

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#2. Fast Tube HD Video Player

Fast Tube iPad App IconIf you just depend on YouTube for videos and movies, Fast Tube HD video player is the perfect app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can search any YouTube video within the app and watch the videos in HD. The app is safe to use and it responds pretty quickly for all the actions. Sharing the videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc is easier than never before! Most interestingly, it doesn’t store any history, cookies or cache.

Price: Free
Download Fast Tube HD

#3. playable

playable iPad App“playable” is a simple and clean. It’s handles mkv formats well but not the HD formats. However, it supports HD for every other format. You can stream and download files without using iTunes through the built-in browser.

Price: Free
Download playable

#4. HD MKV Player

HD MKV Player iPad App IconHD MKV Player is built by the same folks that built “playable”. The app is a larger version of playable where this includes capabilities of playing HD videos in mkv format. The annoying feature is it shows ads on top and bottom of the video which would be distractive. The app is otherwise great, offering similar functionalities as “playable” albeit in HD.

Price: Free
Download 1080 MKV Player

#5. HD Player

HD Player iOS AppWithout going into much specifics, I’d like to tell you that HD Player is the finest out there. Invariably, this should be atop the list but it doesn’t matter. HD Player is a one-stop answer for HD video files in the mkv format and you can transfer files in any manner.

Price: Free
Download HD Player

#6. 8player lite

8player Lite iPad App IconOne of the coolest things about 8player is its interface. It’s as much powerful as the playable and 1080 MKV Player but has a sensible design that is familiar and intuitive. Support for HD video is pretty good. However, customers do note that it’s very restrictive for a lite version so you don’t really get to explore all the features it provides in the pro.

Price: Free
Download 8player lite

#7. VLC Streamer Free

VLC Streamer Free iOS AppVLC Streamer is strictly a streaming app. Have files on your PC? Stream them on your iPad or iPhone wirelessly or otherwise with this app. VLC Streamer has won a lot of accolades for it brings enormous support and fast processing.

Price: Free
Download VLC Streamer Free

#8. AVPlayer HD

AVPlayerHD for iPad App IconAVPlayer needs no introduction actually. It’s one of the finest players out there and it is one of the most authentic apps that gained popularity for handling the AC-3 issues sensibly. AVPlayer HD supports 1080p videos, in almost all movie formats with a ton of features that aren’t easy to find on other players of repute.

Price: $2.99
Download AVPlayer HD

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