Best Video Converter Apps for Mac in 2021

Best Video Converter Apps for Mac in 2020

A video converter on your Mac can help you in many ways. If you want to send videos from Mac to iPhone or wish to reduce the size of videos, a converter is at your service. But countless apps claim to be the best, so which one to download? To make your life easier, we have created a list of the best video converter apps for Mac.

#1. Smart Converter

Smart Converter App for Mac

Here is an amazing video converter Mac app for you. A completely free, Smart Converter does not offer in-app purchases. And yet it is the fastest and easiest to convert videos.

This app can handle hundreds of file types and quickly converts. You can play videos on your choice of devices.

With its easy-to-use interface, it is a matter of drag-and-drop. Just drag the file into Smart Converter, choose an output preset, and click on the Convert button.

Between the process of dragging media files and selecting conversion type, this app analyses your file. And it takes quick decisions on what needs to be converted.

What makes it faster is its ability to convert parts of a movie that need it and leaves the rest untouched.

Price: Free

#2. Compressor

Compressor Video Converter App for Mac

Compressor closely works with Final Cut Pro, which is arguably the best video editing software. This certainly adds power and flexibility to video conversions.

Since the app boasts a simple interface, you can customize output settings, enhance images, and package your creation for sale.

Given the different needs of creative fraternity, Compressor has installed advanced encoding for Final Cut Pro, excellent iTunes Store package creation, and ultimate support for industry standards.

For Final Cut Pro, if you customize encoding settings, they will automatically reflect in the video editing software, i.e. Final Cut Pro. For a large number of files, Compressor offers batch processes.

Price: $49.99

#3. HandBrake

HandBrake Video Converter App for Mac

HandBrake is probably a widely-used open source and free video converter app for Mac. Packed with multiple functions, this app supports a range of input formats. However, there are limited output formats like.MP4, .M4V, and.MKV.

It is a cross-platform program, which is compatible with Windows and Linux systems, apart from Mac. Some of the decent features are quality conversions, subtitles addition, audio tracks addition, frame rate settings and customizations, changing video codec, adjusting chapters, and more.

For standard or high-quality conversions, you can select a universal profile in the app.

Price: Free

#4. Movavi

Movavi Video Converter App for Mac

Movavi brings a paid video converter Mac app, which offers a clean and intuitive interface. When both combined, you get excellent user experience.

Fast conversions, superior output quality, and 4K resolution are some of the remarkable features of Movavi. Also, use several pre-configured profiles; however, the app does not provide multiple format options. There are just 17 to select, and this does not include popular formats like MP4, AVI, MPG, and MOV.

Before you go for a paid tool, you can try Movavi by subscribing for a seven-day free trial.

Price: $19.00

#5. Any Video Converter (AVC)

Any Video Converter App for Mac

Any Video Converter also comes up with a free and paid version. Unlike other packages, AVC allows you to upgrade to the paid version (AVC Ultimate) within its free software.

Before you make a buying decision, you need to learn a lot of things about this software. Note that some options and settings are difficult to find.

Although output quality is decent, this app gives average speed. However, you will be overwhelmed by a repertoire of preset profiles, which are more than 150 in number. Also get surprised by simple editing, disc burning, and video downloading features.

AVC provides you 17 output formats, including AVI, MOV, and MP4. On top of this, a 4K resolution is an option in the free version.

Price: $54.95

#6. Permute

Permute Video Converter App for Mac

Permute is precisely designed for macOS, and perhaps, therefore, it is easier to use. Users like to operate this app as it has the most streamlined and refined interface. Whenever you update your macOS, Permute quickly releases its support – dark mode, for example.

Making the most of your Mac hardware, Permute converts your videos faster for formats like MP4 and HEVC. Have you shot videos on your iPhone? No worries, you can use Permute to save your time. Take a free trial of this app and then go ahead for its premium version.

Price: Free

#7. CloudConvert

CloudConvert Video Converter App for Mac

As the name suggests, CloudConvert is your companion when your office does not allow you to download any converter on your computer. In this situation, you can use this web-based video conversion software.

This software does not convert videos on your computer. Rather, you need to upload the video, and the converter will do its job in the cloud. Thus, you can easily dodge the vigilant eyes of your IT department.

Apart from videos, you can also convert other files. However, this software comes with its own darker side. It requires a strong Internet and time as well. And if the file size is more than 1GB, you have to go for a premium subscription.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)

#8. ffmpegx

ffmpegx Video Converter App for Mac

ffmpegx supports nearly all popular and used video formats. Moreover, you can use its features like automatic crop tool, video tool, and bitrate calculator to customize your videos. A simple drag and drop can win your hearts.

A free video converter for your Mac, ffmpegx is built on a smorgasbord of UNIX tools. This makes a lot of difference as it keeps the software flexible yet powerful. You can also convert subtitles with OCR, which is available with VOB to SRT text format. Enjoy the fast conversion of video on your Mac!

Price: Free

#9. Apowersoft

Apowersoft Video Converter App for Mac

Apowersoft is a feature-rich video converter app that promises countless features. A perfect tool for video conversion, download, and editing.

Unlike many other converters, Apowersoft allows you to download videos from any website. And you can acquire media content in a broader range. You can use this software to create a rich library from YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Blip TV, Metacafe, Liveleak, Hulu, Veoh, etc.

Once you download videos, you can directly add those videos to the “Convert” function. An intuitive user interface permits you to operate this app easily – whether you are a seasoned professional or a threshold video editor.

Price: $19.95

#10. DivX

DivX Video Converter App for Mac

A free version of DivX gives you a smooth experience with high speeds, good quality output, and up to 4K resolution. However, a minus point of free download is you cannot use many format options.

Since DivX constantly forces you to upgrade to its premium version, you might go for its premium version. If you go for an upgrade, you can either choose Pro package or buy individual features separately. The former gives you access to all additions.

And the individual package includes Video Pack and Cloud Connect. Video Pack allows you to convert VC-1 and MPEG-2 files, and Cloud Connect helps you sync videos from Dropbox and Google Drive.

Price: $19.00

That’s all folks!

Final words…

Which video converter would you like to use? A free or a paid one? Share your feedback with us in the comments section.

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