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How to change iPhone default notification sound in iOS 17.2

  • Apple’s change in the default notification sound from Tri-tone to Rebound in iOS 17, which received mixed reactions.
  • With iOS 17.2, iPhone users can change default notification sound by navigating to Settings > Sound & Haptics > Default Alerts > Choose your new sound for the alert tone.

One of Apple’s not-so-subtle changes with iOS 17 is the change in iPhone’s default notification sound – which went from Tri-tone to Rebound. Unfortunately, many disliked this change, finding the sound too quiet, while others preferred the classic Tri-tone alert. Adding to the initial dissatisfaction was the fact that Apple did not provide a way to revert to the old tone.

This issue was eventually addressed with the release of iOS 17.2, allowing users to change the iPhone’s default notification sound altogether. Here’s how you can do it.

How to change default notification sound in iOS 17.2

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Head to Sound & Haptics → Default Alerts.
  3. Select your preferred tone from the list of built-in sounds under Alert Tones. (By default, you might see a checkmark against Rebound.)

    Switch back to default notification sound on iPhone
    • You can tap Tone Store to buy more alert tones or choose not to have a sound by selecting None.
  4. You can also change the haptic feedback by tapping Haptics. You can also create a custom vibration by selecting Create New Vibration.

Once changed, all notifications using the default alert tone will use the default alert tone you select, including third-party apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Note that this won’t affect apps that use their own alert sounds. The Messages app, for example, uses a separate alert tone. To change it, head to Sound & Haptics → Text Tone.

How to bring back iPhone default notification sound

If you’re here because you want to return the default alert tone on your iPhone to the tone before you updated to iOS 17, all you need to do is the following in iPhone Settings.

  1. Head to Sound & Haptics → Default Alerts.
  2. Change from the new default called Rebound back to Tri-tone.

    Head to Sound & Haptics, Default Alerts and select new tone

That’s it!

Normalcy restored!

That’s all you need to do to change the default notification sound on your iPhone. If you’re among those who weren’t fond of the new default tone introduced in iOS 17, you’re in luck. iOS 17.2 provides the flexibility to revert to the old default tone or opt for a different one entirely.

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