How to Change Calorie Goal on Apple Watch

Using the Activity app on Apple Watch, you can adjust your calorie goal easily. Suppose you were very excited and optimistic and set a high-calorie goal. Now you may be looking to decrease it a bit. The vice versa may also be the case, and you may like to increase the calorie goal. Whatever, be your choice here is, how to change your daily calorie goal and start closing your activity rings.

How to Change Your Daily Calorie Goal on Apple Watch

  1. Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch
  2. Force touch colorful Activity rings. Swipe up or swipe across if needed to see the rings
  3. Tap Change Move Goal.Open Activity App on Apple Watch and Tap on Change Goal
  4. Use the plus and minus icon to adjust your calorie goal. You may also use the Digital Crown.
  5. Finally, tap Update.Change Activity Goal in Apple Watch

How to See What’s the Right Calorie Goal for You

If you have 180 days of activity on your Apple Watch, you will see your trends. This chart of activity trends basically shows what you are doing right and where you need improvements. Here is how to see it.

  1. On your iPhone, open the Activity app
  2. Tap on Trends from the bottom row
  3. Tap on OK. Here you have two headings: Keep it going and Worth a Look. From this screen, you can see if your trends arrows are going up or down.View Calorie Goals on iPhone

You do not need to think much about Keep it going section. Just keep following what you regularly do. Worth a Look section shows where you should improve. Below the down-facing arrow trend, you get guidance on how to make it better and go back on track.

That’s all, mate!

This is how you can increase or decrease your calorie goal on the Apple Watch. In trends, if you see an instruction asking you to burn more calories for a given number of days, then you may configure your daily goal accordingly to stay fit and healthy.

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