So far I have had a great experience using Face ID on my iPhone X. Facial recognition technology can carry out all the assigned tasks with desired security and reliability. Case in point, autofilling passwords, and credit card info in Safari with Face ID on iPhone X is quite a straightforward task, and I find it more convenient than getting it done with Touch ID.

Once you have set up Safari AutoFill on your iPhone X, you won’t need to enter saved information manually. Simply authenticate your identity using Face ID and you are done.

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How to Autofill Passwords in Safari with Face ID on iPhone X

How to Autofill Passwords and Credit Card Info in Safari with Face ID on iPhone X

How to Set Up Safari AutoFill on iPhone X

To get started, you need to ensure you have saved information like account, passwords.

Make sure iCloud Keychain is enabled on your device: Open Settings → Apple ID banner → iCloud → Keychain and turn it on. For those unfamiliar, iCloud Keychain allows you to keep your account names, passwords, and even credit cards numbers safe and up-to-date across your devices.

Tap on Settings then Profile on iPhone X

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Tap on iCloud then Keychain in iPhone X Settings

Enable iCloud Keychain on iPhone X

Ensure that Safari AutoFill has turned on your iPhone: Launch Settings app → Face ID & Passcode → Enter your iPhone X Passcode → toggle on Safari AutoFill, if it’s not already.

Tap on Face ID & Passcode and Enter iPhone X Passcode

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Enable Safari Autofill in iPhone X Settings

Allow Safari to Autofill: Now, you need to ensure what sort of information you want to fill in Safari automatically. To do so, head over to Settings → Scroll down and tap on Safari → AutoFill → Next, you have the option to autofill your contact information, your personal information, names and passwords, credit cards. Toggle on the respective option based on your need.

Tap on Settings then Safari on iPhone X

Enable Credit Cards for Safari Autofill on iPhone XWith iOS 11, you can easily manage all of your accounts and passwords. Head over to this guide to know more about it.

How to Use Safari AutoFill with Face ID on iPhone X

Once you have enabled Safari AutoFill, you can use this feature to quickly fill out the saved information.

Step #1. Open Safari on your iPhone and go to a website.

Step #2. Next, tap the sign in field. You should see your username or password above the keyboard. Tap it.

Step #3. Up next, simply glance at your device to autofill the information.

Use Safari AutoFill with Face ID on iPhone X

That’s pretty much it, folks!

Wrap up:

Agreed, Face ID is not perfect as yet and will take some time to be as fast as Touch ID. But it’s more secure than the latter. Let us know your views about it in the comments below.

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