How to Allow Only Admin To Send Group Messages in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

The latest version of WhatsApp now allows users to fix WhatsApp group chat notification chaos on iPhone and Android. As per the feature, you can select only admins to send you messages in the group and restrict others from bombarding the unnecessary messages.

When WhatsApp launched Group Chat feature, every user went gaga over this new facility that allows multiple users to interact with each other in a single group. Users began to appreciate this until they find hundreds of notifications ringing on their iPhone and Android Phone.

And remember, you may not be interested in all conversations (touches of sarcasm, dirty jokes, or one-liners targeted on specific users) going on in the group. You want to get rid of this group chat notification chaos.

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Thankfully, users can fix WhatsApp group chat notification chaos. Group chat was actually designed to involve the like-minded users to discuss something concrete – like an office project or organizing events. But when discussions begin to go astray, some users lose interest in the group chat, and they don’t want to be part of that mundane conversation. Fortunately, you can allow only selected people to send messages even in a group.

How to Allow Only Admins To Send Group Messages in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

The best way is to select the group admin to send messages to your group. Once you select to allow only admins to send messages to the group, you will get only important updates and information about the group and the members. You can save yourself from the avalanche of unnecessary comments and replies from all those group members.

First off, update WhatsApp to its latest version.

Step #1. Open WhatsApp on your device.

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Step #2. Now, tap on the group you want to manage notifications of.

Tap on WhatsApp Group Name

Step #3. Next, tap on Group name → Tap on Group Settings.

Tap on Group Name then Tap on Group Settings in WhatsApp

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On Android Phone

Tap on Group Settings in WhatsApp on Android Phone

Step #4. Then tap on Send Messages → Finally, select the Only Admins option.

Allow Only Admins to Send Group Messages in WhatsApp on iPhone

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On Android Phone

Allow Only Admins to Send WhatsApp Group Message

That’s it!

You will now receive notifications from your Admins only in a particular group. You can follow the same steps to fix the notification chaos in other groups as well.

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Over to you…

WhatsApp popularity primarily rests on the fact that it is ever-growing and ever-updated app. Initially, WhatsApp was used by young users to stay connected with their friends and share entertaining stuff with each other. But now that app has snowballed into a big business for Facebook. This new feature will surely help serious users, who want to stay away from nonsense contents.

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