How to Add/Remove Custom Lock Screen Message on Mac

For Mac users, setting a custom message on the locked screen enables them to leave something important for the next user, who is going to use the same Mac. Want to know how to show a message when your Mac screen is locked? Check this tutorial now.

You can have custom lockscreen messages show up on Mac. There are various third-party apps which allow you to add custom lock screen messages in your macOS. However, you can do so without downloading any app.

Mac custom messages have enough space for informative lock screen messages without any word limit. The message itself can be anything: a message to return your stolen Mac to you or any information for guest users.

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How to Add a Custom Message to Mac Lock Screen

Step #1. On your Mac, Click on the Apple icon and then select System Preferences from the Menu.

Click on System Preferences on Mac

Step #2. Click on Security & Privacy from the first row of options.

Click on Security & Privacy in Mac System Preferences

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Step #3. Now you are General tab. Click on the lock icon from the bottom. If you have set up a locked screen password, you need to enter the password to be able to make changes.

Click on Lock and Enter the Password to make changes on Mac

Step #4. Next, click on the checkbox that reads: Show a message when the screen is locked. Now, click on “Set Lock Message.”

Click on Checkbox to Show a message when the Mac screen is locked

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Step #5. You can now set a message to appear on the lock screen. Type in your message in the text field that pops up. Once the message is typed, click on OK button.

You can now set a message to appear on Mac lock screen

Leave the window, and you can lock your Mac to check whether or not the message appears on the locked Mac screen.

Custom Lock Screen Message on Mac

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If you wish to remove or change the text, follow the above steps.

That’s it!

Summing up…

Apple products come with stronger security features, and therefore, there is little chance of your Mac getting stolen. However, this feature comes handy when two users are working one after another on the same Mac. The first user can leave a message for the second user, who can read it and work accordingly.

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