How to Hide Desktop Icons on Mac: 3 Methods Explained

A completely cluttered desktop is the last thing I want to see on my Mac. However, I do have to deal with the messed up display quite often. Many a time, I save files on the desktop to find them a bit more conveniently. And if I forget to clean them up in time, they pile up to clutter the entire screen. But when that happens, I run to some of the easy-to-use tricks to hide desktop icons on Mac to get rid of the mess immediately. So, why not give them a try straight away!

How to Hide Desktop Icons on Mac Using Terminal

Step #1. Launch the Terminal app on your Mac. (Simply search it in the Spotlight and open it.)

Launch Terminal app on Mac using Spotlight

Step #2. Now, you have to type the following command:

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool false

Enter the Hide command in Mac Terminal App

Step #3. Next, press Enter and then type the second command given below:

killall Finder

Type the second Hide command in Mac Terminal App
Step #4. Next up, hit the enter key.

Voila! Check out the desktop; there won’t be any files on the screen.

Hide Desktop Icons on Mac using Terminal Commands

Don’t worry, they are just hidden and you can still find them in the FinderDesktop section.

However, if you ever want to show them on the desktop again, simply enter the following command and hit return/enter key.

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool true; killall Finder

Simple Enter the Unhide Command in Mac Terminal App

Use HiddenMe App to Hide Desktop Icons on Mac

If you want to have an even easier option or don’t wish to deal with the Terminal commands too often, there is an app called HiddenMe that can let you quickly remove all the files from the desktop. Moreover, it’s available for free and works like a native feature on the Mac.

Step #1. First off, download HiddenMe on your computer and launch it.

Install HiddenMe App on Mac

Step #2. Now, check out a circle icon in the menu bar. Click on it and then select Hide Desktop Icons.

Select Hide Desktop Icons in Mac HiddenMe App

Now, all the files will go away from the screen. If you want to bring them back, click on the circle icon and then select Show Desktop Icons.

Select Show Desktop Icons in Mac HiddenMe App

Note: if you ever want to remove the HiddenMe icon from the menu bar, click on it and select Quit.

Use Desktop Stacks on Mac

Apple has introduced a new Stacks feature in macOS Mojave to let users keep the desktop neat and clean. So, how does this feature work? Well, it basically organizes all the files into file types and then places them on the right edge of the screen.

However, you have the option to stack them based on date added, date modified, and more. To use it, right-click on the View menu and select Use Stacks. To sort or group stacks based on your preference, right-click on the desktop and then select Sort stacks by/Group stacks → choose the preferred option.

Workaround: The Old-Fashioned Way of Cleaning Up the Mess

It’s the old-fashioned way of clearing out the mess. And I think you probably already know about it.

Just drag the icons from the desktop to another folder for removing it.

Alternatively, you can drag the unwanted icons to Trash to remove them. Alternatively, you will also right-click on the icon and choose “Move to Trash.”

Wrapping up:

Hopefully, you have got all the tricks required to keep your Mac desktop clean or remove the clutter instantly. Let us know your feedback down below in the comments.

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