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Featuring almost the same specs as those of the iPhone Xs/Xs Max at a much lower price point, iPhone XR is a flagship killer – at least for those willing to break into the Apple ecosystem. Not to mention those who wish to upgrade from classy iPhones to modern ones without having to stretch the budget. Smart pricing aside, there is one department where XR beats its more fancied 2018 siblings to punch the battery life – courtesy of a solid 2,942mAh battery.

The smartphone comfortably lasts a full day on normal usage. However, the device falls short if used extensively to stream movies or play hard-core games. And this is where a handy battery case like EasyAcc plays a role. Having tried my hands on the case, I must say that it does look promising. But how well does the cover stack up against rivals, and what separates it from others? Let’s dive into the breakdown to find out!

EasyAcc iPhone XR Battery Case Review

Huge 5000mAh Battery

EasyAcc iPhone XR Battery Case with 5000mAh

While I don’t claim to be a power user, my iPhone often finds it tough to cope with my heavy usage. Whether it’s rigorous testing while digging into hacks or catching up with some of my favorite shows during free time, even a powerful battery runs out of gas more often than not. While picking out a battery case, the first thing that I like to check out is the mAh.

That’s why I prefer a battery case with at least a 4500mAh battery to get at least 100% extra juice to tackle my tasks with the desired flexibility. So, I’m glad that EasyAcc has a robust battery that claims to double the battery life of the iPhone XR.

Though I didn’t get exactly 200% additional battery life, I did get very close to that number. And that is still a great number for those who like to use the smartphone more and charge less (like me).

Wireless Charging Support

EasyAcc iPhone XR Battery Case with Wireless Charging Support

Even though I have not yet completely shut the door of wired chargingwireless charging has become my default way of charging my iPhone as I find it slightly more convenient. So, my biggest pain point for most battery covers has been the lack of Qi wireless charging support. Thankfully, EasyAcc is designed to work with wireless chargers. So, you don’t have to take the pain of taking off the cover before dropping XR for charging.

Moreover, you don’t need to remove the protective battery case before charging the device using a Lightning cable or syncing it via your computer. Another notable quality is that you can simultaneously power up your smartphone and the case. When both the iPhone and cover are low on power, this feature can be a savior.

USB-C Port For Input/Output

EasyAcc iPhone XR Battery Case with USB Type C Port

Another thing that sets EasyAcc CC5 battery cover apart from the rest is the USB-C port for both input and output. The 24-pin USB connector system opens the possibility to connect the case to supported Android devices. That’s not all, it also enables it to get powered up pretty fast.

From a user’s perspective, it’s a very helpful feature as it offers you the convenience to use the robust battery to juice up supported Android devices. Save it for the times (i.e trip or long journey) where you need a super handy battery pack to keep both your iPhone and Android smartphones powered up.

Rugged Construction For Additional Safeguard

Rugged iPhone XR Battery Case by EasyAcc

Granted EasyAcc lacks a stylish design. Nor does the battery case allow you to showcase the elegant profile of your iPhone. Nonetheless, the cover shines where it really counts. If you are someone who prefers extra shield against shock to slick design, it can live up to your taste without any complaint.

The cover CC5 battery case features a shockproof construction that shields your smartphone against bumps. With the rubberized sides, the cover also provides much better gripping. Thus, you can comfortably hold your device while playing games on the go.

Moreover, EasyAcc offers a scratch-resistant tempered glass to safeguard the Liquid Retina Display. Aside from protection, the screen guard is also quite responsive and keeps sweat as well as fingerprints at bay.

The Verdict: A Solid Battery Pack Worth Taking A Shot

EasyAcc CC5 isn’t a perfect battery cover for iPhone XR. Nor does it have the elegance to steal attention. However, these are not deal breakers for me as the case scores pretty well on the three most essential fronts: powerful battery, wireless charging support, and highly protective design. Plus, it features a USB-C port for input/output which makes it play nicely pretty much as super handy power banks even with Android devices which is great from users’ perspective.

Considering these specs, a $36.99 price-tag seems quite reasonable as compared to many other battery covers that are priced way higher than it. Long story short, you can count me in for CC5.

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