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Best iPhone 11 Cases from Spigen

Spigen is one of the first brands that come up with top-notch cases for iPhones. Within a few days of the announcement of iPhones, Spigen floods the market with protective cases. This quick response garners huge applause from customers who are planning to buy the latest iPhones. Following its long tradition, Spigen has launched some of the best iPhone 11 cases.

1. Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone 11

Neo hybrid from Spigen is a combination of modern design and protection. Textured geometric pattern resists fingerprints, and the same pattern makes this case stylish. It is a perfect material to attract young iPhone users, who like to flaunt their new iPhone 11. Your device has a depth of 0.3″ and the case will add just 0.16″.

This slim and lightweight case has tactile buttons, which provide solid feedback and an easy press. You can quickly control volume and power buttons; the ringer switch is also accessible when you want to put your iPhone in silent mode.

USP: Geometric pattern
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2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid with Kickstand

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Kickstand Case for iPhone 11

A kickstand makes all the difference in this Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for iPhone. Spigen knows that a low-cost device like this can be immensely popular among students and young users, who would like to save their education materials and entertainment contents. To read texts and watch videos, they can use this kickstand, which can be adjusted at different angles.

Spigen has used hybrid technology, which is made of a TPU bumper with a durable PC back. The metal kickstand can be opened and closed with magnetic snap for easy use. Appreciate the crystal clear transparency, which shows your iPhone’s original design and colors.

USP: Metal kickstand
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3. Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen iPhone 11 Slim Armor Case

The slim armor from Spigen stands out in this list with its slimmer-than-wallet design. As a matter of fact, it is your cardholder case, which can store two credit/debit cards and social IDs. On the back of this case, you can push a slider to find a wallet case.

For the protection of your iPhone, Spigen has used dual layers and air cushion technology. Inside, there is a shock-absorbing TPU, and outside, you will find polycarbonate. Despite being a wallet case, Spigen has maintained a minimal design, which looks sleek in appearance.

USP: Minimal design
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4. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen iPhone 11 Ultra Hybrid Case

Crystal clear transparency is a hallmark of excellence for Spigen. You can showcase the brilliance of your iPhone’s design and original colors to your friends and colleagues. For hybrid defense, Spigen has seamlessly blended TPU bumper with a durable PC back.

Camera lenses and touchscreen are most delicate organs of your iPhone, and to protect both, Spigen has raised bezels that guard camera and screen on flat surfaces.

USP: Raised bezels
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5. Spigen Wallet

Spigen Wallet Case for iPhone 11

Spigen has not restricted its craftsmanship to bumper cases; the brand has also ventured into the realm of wallet cases, which are always in high demand. This wallet case is made of premium synthetic leather with an embedded TPU casing. You can store three credit/debit cards and some cash in the pocket.

You can convert this wallet case into a kickstand also. Fold the front cover at a right angle to transform this case into a kickstand to watch videos, movies, and TV shows in hands-free mode. Don’t miss that magnetic strap, which protects your phone and plastic money stored inside.

USP: Premium synthetic leather
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6. Spigen Gauntlet

Spigen iPhone 11 Gauntlet Case

The Gauntlet edition of Spigen is specially designed for adventure lovers. The robust profile of this case can handle all extremities you meet during your adventures. To endure shocks, Spigen has used extreme impact foam in this extra guarded bumper frame of the case.

For drop protection, Spigen has added extra pads to the corners; these pads can efficiently handle shocks caused by sudden drops or bumps. With pronounced buttons, you can control volume and power buttons on your iPhone.

USP: Pronounced buttons
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7. Silicone Case

Spigen Silicone Case for iPhone 11

A silicone case looks extremely elegant on your iPhone. Perhaps, for this reason, such cases are famous among pro-iPhone users and top executives in giant corporations. This silicone case from Spigen tightly hugs your iPhone and gives you a soft feeling on your hands. However, it provides an enhanced grip and reliable corner and back protection.

You can quickly press volume and power buttons as the case boasts tactile buttons, which give solid feedback. Use wireless charging mat to power up your iPhone as this case has wireless charging compatibility.

USP: Enhanced grip
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8. Tough Armor

Spigen iPhone 11 Tough Armor Case

Life throws many challenges, which can put you in different situations. While some situations test your mental balance, others can make you show your physical prowess. For the latter, you need to protect your iPhone against physical damages. Spigen’s Tough Armor is made to endure such extreme conditions; protect your device against drops and scratches with a case made of TPU and polycarbonate.

Apart from robust materials, Spigen provides reinforced kickstand with raised lips to safeguard your phone’s camera and touchscreen. Spigen has used air cushion technology to secure your phone against shocks.

USP: Air-cushion technology
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9. Rugged Armor

Spigen Rugged Armor Case for iPhone 11

Like tough armor, rugged armor cases from Spigen are known for their ability to protect your iPhones in different conditions. This matte black case has resilient shock absorption and carbon fiber design. Spider web pattern is one of the unique features of this case, which also has flexible TPU. Moreover, raised lips of the case protect your phone’s touchscreen.

Spigen has used its air-cushion technology in this rugged armor case as well; this protects the device against shocks. Compatible with wireless charging, the case keeps your iPhone slim. The timeless look of this case never goes out of fashion!

USP: Carbon fiber design
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10. Spigen Classic

Spigen Thin Fit Classic Case for iPhone 11

Last but not least, Spigen’s classic designed iPhone case for you. A notable feature of this case is it has QNMP compatible slot; this case supports magnetic car mounts. The case is seamlessly cut out and has responsive buttons. For more comfort and convenience, Spigen has used soft SF coating to provide you with a better grip. The classic case is compatible with wireless charging.

USP: QNMP compatible slot
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That’s all, friends!

Signing off…

Spigen is a name to reckon with high-quality cases that protect your devices. You can trust this brand as it has won countless laurels in the past. However, the brand has always evolved from time to time. Spigen satisfies its consumers by designing stylish and robust cases for iPhones.

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