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Most of us may have stumbled upon a video on any social media site, and we wish to save it for future reference. There are many tools dedicated to a specific social media site for downloading videos. But there are almost none that supports downloading videos from nearly all sites on the internet. That’s how VidPaw Video Downloader is different; it supports any video URL from any website.

To check this claim, we tried this tool with Facebook. Surprisingly, the tool performed as it said. Below we have detailed its features and our findings to help our readers get a proper understanding of VidPaw.

VidPaw – Download any Video from any website – Review

UI and UX

The UI and UX of VidPaw are extremely simple and straightforward. It hardly takes a minute to understand how to use this tool. All you need to do is enter the Video URL from any website; the tool will automatically fetch it for you to download. It was that simple.

The simple navigation allows first-time users to get used to it quickly and they usually make it their priority when it comes to downloading videos from websites.

Vidpaw Video Downloader


When it comes to downloading things for free from the internet, we are often worried about our privacy. The best part about VidPaw is that even though it is entirely free, it doesn’t collect any data. Of course, the regular cookies are stored in your browser, but that’s what everyone does.

The tool doesn’t even ask you to register or share anything to download the video. As said earlier, all it asks for is the URL of the video you wish to download. On top of that, no advertisement was spotted on the website.

Video Converter

After you have entered the video URL, the tool will fetch the snapshot of it and display in the browser. This allows you to confirm if you are downloading the correct video. Besides that, the tool also offers different file type options before downloading.

You can select if you want a standard video or an HD version. Also, you can download just the MP3 out of the video or only the subtitles. These options depend on the video you are downloading. If the video doesn’t have subtitles at all, you may not see the option.

Download Facebook Video using Vidpaw

Browser Extension

After you have used the tool for a while, and you find it useful, there’s also browser extension available for quicker access. The extension is available for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. On top of that, there’s an Android app coming soon, which will further make downloading videos a lot easier.

Website support

Unlike many online downloading tools, VidPaw supports more than 1000+ websites, which includes Facebook, Twitter, and many others. All you need to learn is get the video URL from the respective website. VidPaw handles the rest of the tedious task. The best part is that all these functionalities are available for free without even needing to register with an email address.

Try out VidPaw

Wrapping up…

VidPaw certainly solves the video downloading task, but as a user, you should be responsible when to use it. We urge our viewers not to download videos that are either copyrighted or that violates piracy rules. Apart from that, use it for good and enjoy VidPaw.

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