CloudBerry Backup for Mac

CloudBerry Backup for Mac allows you to back up your files to the cloud storage of your choice including Amazon S3, Microsoft, Google Cloud.
CloudBerry Backup for Mac

One of the things that I have to carry out religiously is to backup my valuable Mac data from time to time. With several cloud services available, providing the required safeguard to my personal files is never a problem. However, I want to have more control over storage cost, backup big files a lot quickly and keep a tab on the backup more comfortably.

I came across “CloudBerry Backup” recently. Apart from featuring all the necessary features to make storing files fast, secure and easy, it allows to backup files to the cloud services of your choice. For instance, you can backup your files to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and many other cloud storage services. What are the other important features of CloudBerry Backup? Read on to find out…

Schedule Backup

Based on your need, you can make a convenient backup schedule for your files and folders. It would not just simplify your task but also take away plenty of stress.

You will set up email notification to keep a track of your backup and check the restore plans with ease. Even better, Software allows you to backup network locations including mapped drives, NAS devices, network shares etc.

Once you have completely stored all of your files, you can backup only the new and modified files. It will save plenty of your time and make the process of backing up your important data a lot easy.

Choose from Multiple Cloud Storage Services

There are various cloud storage services like Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud to choose from. The availability of multiple cloud storage options is yet another significant feature of this application.

Cloud Storage Services in CloudBerry Backup

Just in case you don’t want to store all of your files, you have the option to make a local backup and then store only the selected files.

Compress Data and Reduce Storage Cost

The other important feature which has impressed me about this application is the ability to compress data. The compressed files are backed up more smoothly without putting much strain on the internet and the battery of your computer. It can immensely help in reducing your storage cost.

So if you ever need to backup a huge file, it won’t get stuck in the middle or take a lot of time.

Automatically Delete Outdated Data from Storage

CloudBerry lets you set up retentions through which outdated data is automatically deleted from your storage. It’s very helpful in removing the redundant data and keeping the storage limit in check. More importantly, you won’t have to waste a lot of your valuable time in finding out the files which you no longer require.

As a user, I find retention policy quite advantageous. It’s a good way to keep only the valid data and clean up the unnecessary documents.


With up to 256-bit AES encryption, the software provides your backups the required safeguard to remain secure. The data you send to the cloud is protected with SSL protocols during the transition process. As for providing security to your data, you can completely trust it.

Price and Availability

CloudBerry is compatible with not just Mac but also with Windows and Linux. It is available in two versions—the free and pro version. The free version comes with several important features like retention policy and the flexible scheduler which are available in the premium version.

The pro version of the software is available for $29.99 for a single license. It comes with compression and encryption features.

Download CloudBerry

The Bottom Line

CloudBerry Backup is a real deal for the folks who want to simplify the task of backing up data. Features like the option to select from several cloud storage services, retention policy, and 256-bit AES encryption make it a worthy choice.

Whether it’s securely storing the data or restoring it more comfortably, the app has ticked off all the boxes. More importantly, backing up the huge file is no longer a herculean task courtesy the compression feature. Thanks to its superior features, it’s an excellent alternative to Arq Backup.

What’s your take on CloudBerry? Give the free version of the app a try and let us know your feedback in the comments.

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