iGBAccessoriesCheap iPhone XR Cases in 2024

Cheap iPhone XR Cases in 2024

If your budget is not tight or limited by a specific price firewall, finding the best iPhone XR cases should be pretty much a cakewalk for you. But what if you don’t want to go beyond a certain distance and still wish to get a suitable pair for the smartphone? The following collection of affordable iPhone XR cases (under $15) is for you.

What sort of cover has walked into the below roundup? Well, we’ve chosen a variety of cheap cases for iPhone XR based on different demands. From ultra-crystal transparent, slim suit to sophisticated wallet cases, this lineup of inexpensive covers should help you find an ideal companion for your smartphone without breaking the bank!

1. Silk Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

Silk Cheap iPhone XR Case

If a minimalist wallet cover is right on top of your target, “Silk Wallet Slayer Vol. 1” should be a safe bet for your iPhone. The case has a compact look and features textured sides for better grip.

The hidden slot on the back can store up to three cards and also some cash. It works efficiently with wireless chargers as well.

The exterior is good enough to resist minor shock. Plus, you can find this impressive cheap wallet cover for iPhone XR in some nice colors like red rover, black, blue and more.

USP: Hidden card slot
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2. Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Inexpensive iPhone XR Case

A slim case as elegant as Spigen Thin Fit is worth giving a chance. The snap-on structure plays a major role in making this cover fit snuggly around the XR.

The best thing about this case is the embedded metal plate that helps it play nicely with magnetic car mounts. If you like using your smartphone hands-free during on the drive, you would adore this functionality.

Another important thing about this case is that the magnetic plate doesn’t obstruct wireless charging. Lastly, this low-priced case comes only in a couple of color variants like black and graphite gray.

USP: Embedded metal plate
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CASEKOO iPhone XR Cheap Case

As a slim case, “CASEKOO” has ticked off most of the essential boxes. The cover has got a form-fitting design with the precision cutouts ensuring you have no problem in accessing the camera, speaker and ports.

The matte optical texture feels really nice and also offers better hold. Check out the elevated ring for the single camera and the front lip that lifts the screen off the surface.

Apart from the extra safeguard against scratches, CASEKOO is available in three adorable hues–black, blue and the ever-hot red.

USP: Matte optical texture for better grip
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4. V VRS Design

V VRS DESIGN Affordable iPhone XR Case

Why not let your iPhone XR showcase its nice-looking design? You guessed it! I’m talking about presenting the smartphone a clear case so that it can reveal its charm with elan.

V VRS Design has come up with a highly flexible transparent case. With the soft TPU material, the cover feels comfortable in the hands and also keeps off scratches. The buttons are smooth and clicky. Moreover, the V VRS Design case also supports wireless charging.

USP: Compatible with wireless charging
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RANVOO Inexpensive iPhone XR Case

So, your heart races for a sleek profile? “RANVOO” has got the promise to be an elegant svelte cover for your iPhone.

This inexpensive case features four layers of coating to ward off scratches and fingerprints a bit more efficiently. Plus, the outer surface has got the grippy feel, making it convenient to hold the large screen smartphone.

The extra defense for the camera and wireless charging compatibility make it a better deal for everyday usage. That’s not all; the three color options like black, blue and red appear to be eye-catching.

USP: Sleek design
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VIVIBIN iPhone XR Cheap Case

Time to look standout! VIVIBIN sports fascinating marble pattern that seems so appealing.

The soft silicone material coupled with the compact design assists the cover in being a good match for the iPhone. With the buttons offering better feedback and the cutouts being on point, you won’t have any complaint.

Furthermore, the screen has got an additional layer of security in the form of the front edge that prevents it from being scratched.

USP: Marble pattern
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7. NeWisdom

NeWisdom Cheap iPhone XR Case

Willing to go a bit offbeat? NeWisdom wooden cover flaunts a vintage design that should appeal to your realistic taste.

The real wood exterior is very smooth and provides anti-slip hold. Incorporated with the rubberized inner shell; this low-cost wooden case can absorb impact.

Talking about the cutouts, they appear to be very precise so that there is no pain while using ports. Even better, NeWisdom is backed by a trusted 24-month warranty.

USP: Rubberized inner shell
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8. Crosspace

Crosspace Affordable iPhone XR Case

Crosspace has come up with a beautiful wallet case. What has caught my eyes in this cover is up to nine card slots. If you need to carry so many cards and want a functional wallet cover, go for this one.

The PU leather outer shell with the impact resistant casing makes Crosspace very durable. It also has a hidden pocket where your cash can reset securely.

With the wrist strap, you can carry the case in style. Regarding color variants, there are four options to select from: black, red, blue and rose gold.

USP: 9 card slots
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9. ESR Yippee

ESR Cheap iPhone XR Ultra-thin Case

Made of liquid silicone, ESR Yippee belongs to the sophisticated side of the fence. But you can trust this thin cover to protect your iPhone XR from regular wear and tear.

The presence of microfiber lining empowers the cover to thwart scratches. With the outer surface offering comfy hold, you won’t find it inconvenient to carry the 6.1-inch smartphone.

The cutouts for ports, speakers and mute switch seem to be on the target. And yes, you also get some attractive hues to choose the right Yippee for your device.

USP: Liquid silicone material
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FLY HAWK Cheap iPhone XR Leather Case

“FLY HAWK” is primed for the folks who admire ultra-compact wallet case. It’s crafted out of PU leather and showcases refined workmanship. A couple of slots on the back ensure you can carry your credit and identity cards safely.

As for protection, you shouldn’t expect too much from this slim cover. The soft-textured exterior can reduce accidental slip-ups. With as many as six colors on offer, selecting the most befitting FLY HAWK shouldn’t be a big ask.

USP: Ultra-compact wallet case
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And that’s the wrap up of this roundup of the low-cost cases for iPhone XR!

What’s your favorite?

As always, we would be glad to know your picks. So, don’t fail to toss up your thoughts and the things you’ve liked in the above affordable covers.

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