Can’t Unlock Mac Using Apple Watch? Here is the Fix

Auto Unlock had been working perfectly up until now. Suddenly something goes wrong and you are unable to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch. Don't vent your anger on your devices and give a try to the below-mentioned tricks to troubleshoot the issue!

Due to some unknown hiccups, I can’t unlock my Mac with Apple Watch. How can I break the shackles and make the auto-unlock start working magically again?

There are a few simple hacks that can bring “Auto-Unlock” back into action again. Besides, you should also ensure that some of the basic things have been perfectly put in place. Let’s try out some quick tricks to fix the Auto-Unlock issue!

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Can't Unlock Mac Using Apple Watch

Unable to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch? Try These Solutions to Fix the Hurdle

Quick Takes:

It’s always good to take a look at the basic things to ensure they are all ideally set up before going for the holistic approach.

  • Make sure your Apple Watch is running watchOS 3 or later.
  • You must have a 2013 Mac or newer running macOS Sierra or later.
  • Ensure that you have enabled two-factor authentication for iCloud.
  • Your Apple Watch and Mac must have a passcode enabled.
  • Mac and Apple Watch must be linked with the same iCloud account.
  • Be sure that Automatic Login Is Disabled On your Mac. Click on Apple icon in the top left the corner of the screen → System Preferences → Users & Groups → lock button to make changes and then enter your system administrator password → click on Login Options and select Off from the Automatic login menu.

Reset the Radios on your Apple Watch and Mac

For Auto-Unlock to work smoothly, you must have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled on your devices. If any of these two is turned off, it won’t work at all. Try giving the radios a fresh start!

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On your Apple Watch:

Step #1. Swipe up from the watch face to access control center. Then, tap on Airplane Mode button to turn On the radios.

Turn ON Airplane Mode on Apple Watch

Step #2. Now, wait for sometime and then turn off Airplane Mode.

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Turn OFF Airplane Mode on Apple Watch

On your Mac:

Step #1. First up, click on Bluetooth icon in the menubar and select Turn Bluetooth Off.

Turn Off Bluetooth on Mac

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Then, wait for sometime and then turn on Bluetooth.

Turn ON Bluetooth on Mac

Step #2. Click on the Wi-Fi icon in the menubar and choose Turn Wi-Fi Off.

Turn Off WiFi on Mac

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Now, wait for sometime and then turn on Wi-Fi.

Turn On WiFi on Mac

After the radios have been reset, you will be able to unlock your Mac. If you still haven’t crossed the roadblock, move on to the next solution.

Reboot Your Mac and Apple Watch

If the first solution didn’t resolve the problem, restart your device. Many a time, a simple reboot can fix some minor obstacles. There it’s worth giving it a chance as well.

On your Smartwatch:

Press and hold the Digital Crown and Side button at the same time to reboot the watch.

Press and hold Digital Crown and Side button at the same time to reboot Apple WatchMake sure to keep holding the buttons until Apple logo shows up on the screen.

On your Mac:

Click on the Apple icon on the menubar and then select Restart…

Click on Apple button on the menubar and then select Restart on Mac

Repair your Apple Watch

Hasn’t yet overcome the hurdle? Repair your Apple Watch. Agreed, it’s a lengthy process and requires a lot of patience. However, the fresh stance can get rid of the miscellaneous hiccups that might be preventing the information from being transmitted.

After you have repaired your smartwatch, re-enable Auto Unlock in your Mac’s System Preferences again. Then, it should start working.

Update OS Your Mac and Apple Watch

Outdated operating systems tend to go crazy at times and is to be really problematic for a lot of functions. Therefore, update your devices.

Update watchOS:

Step #1. Open Watch app on your iPhone and then select My Watch tab at the bottom.

Go to My Watch in iPhone Apple Watch App

Step #2. Now, tap on General → Software Update.

Tap on General and Software Update in iPhone Apple Watch App

Check out if there is an update waiting for you. Install the update if it’s there.

Check Software Update in iPhone Apple Watch App

Update OS on your Mac:

Step #1. Open Mac App Store and select Updates tab in the top left corner.

Open Mac App Store and select Updates tab

Step #2. If you find macOS software update, click to install it.

Click on Update to Install Latest Software OS on Mac

After the software update, you will, most likely, be able to overcome the issue.

Wrapping up:

Assuming, the problem is behind you! By the way, which of the solutions mentioned above clicked for you? Having your feedback would be nice.

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