Best Blogging Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Back in the good old days (and even today), blogging was predominantly a notebook/laptop phenomenon. For a lot of text, the notebook is the device preferred for creation. But then, with services like Instagram, Pinterest, etc., coming up from all sides, blogging has shifted from a predominantly text-only process to a lot of media. Reblogs, re-pins, and many similar phrases are testimony to the fact that people can now blog from their iPhones and iPads. Longer blog posts are being typed on the iPad too. Let’s check out the best blogging apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The image plays a vital role in your blog, and therefore, you need to learn how to crop or edit the picture you have downloaded from somewhere. Instead of spending a lot of effort and time after designing, you can download Adobe Photoshop Express on your iPhone or iPad. You can quickly edit, crop, manipulate, or correct the image on your iOS device. This app supports all blogging platforms.

Price: Free

2. Tumblr

Tumblr iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Tumblr is better known as the social media of blogs. You can express and discover yourself by using this app on your iOS devices. Also full liberty to share and follow the contents of your interest and passion. You can express yourself by posting photos, videos, GIFs, texts, live videos, audio and more.

Tumblr is ranking #30 on social networking and this status speaks volumes of its fan-following in millions. If you don’t want to create content, you can reblog something you have received or loved. You can start a private conversation with your friends in messaging.

Price: Free

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For every blogger, a multitasking social media tool is a must as it plays a major role in making the story hit the bulls’ eye. With Hootsuite at your disposal, you can share and schedule posts from your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook with ease.

The AutoSchedule feature allows you to circulate your messages with the desired efficiency. You can keep an eye on your social networks and take control of them right from the app.

One thing worth noting is that the free version of the app allows you to add only three social networking accounts. Beyond that, you will need to upgrade to the pro version ($29/monthly.)

Price: Free

4. Weebly by Square

Weebly Blogging iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With Weebly, creating a website, blog or store on the iPhone is incredibly easy. You can upload images from your Camera Roll, choose from multiple design elements and text. It lets you customize your site using the same responsive themes provided on Weebly desktop.

The blog post editor allows you to publish your views. Quickly respond to blog comments and stay connected with your followers. The site dashboard lets you monitor your site activity in real-time. You can also check your site traffic, store orders and other important stats.

Price: Free

5. WordPress

WordPress Blogging iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

WordPress is made to be the blogger’s favorite. It lets you manage your blog with the desired convenience even on the move. You can instantly view stats and reply to comments.

Besides, you will be able to create a new post, edit the already existing ones and upload media comfortably. As WordPress for iPhone is an open source project, you are allowed to contribute to its development.

Price: Free

6. Jimdo Creator

Jimdo Creator iPhone and iPad Blogging App Screenshot

“Jimdo Creator” is what you need to create a simple website right from your fingertips. With several good-looking templates to choose from, you won’t find it tough to pick out a nice and workable design for your site.

Even better, the app offers some easy-to-use editing tools to make some changes to your site. Add subpages to your website, get rid of the pages that are not needed and hide the ones that don’t look appreciable.

You can also take advantage of its desktop version of the app to get your work done more proficiently. Furthermore, you will use Jimdo Creator in several languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Price: Free

7. FastFeed T2

FastFeed T2 iPhone and iPad Blogging App Screenshot

Everyday people upload countless photos, GIFs, text, videos, live videos, audio and more on Tumblr. This obviously bogs you down as to which content to browse. FastFeed T2 helps you browse the most powerful content on Tumblr. FastFeed is a one-stop app to explore various social network channels, which include Facebook and Flickr as well.

This app fulfills your need for grouping, bookmarking blogs, image saving, and video downloading. Check its multi-tab feature, which is a definitive answer for an excellent Tumblr experience.

Price: Free

8. BlogPad Pro

BlogPad Pro iPad App Screenshot

Times when you are on the go and want to keep track of your multiple blogs, you would need a super handy app like BlogPad Pro. From what I have seen, I can say that this blogging app for iOS can live up to the basic needs effectively.

Use the quick editing tools to edit or even delete posts. There is also an option to create a post and set the preferred status like pending, published, draft.

Even better, you can work even offline as the app saves data locally. As soon as you have access to the Internet, you will be able to sync the data with ease.

Price: Free

9. Cube- Your Mobile Blog

Cube- Your Mobile Blog iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Cube” is designed for those who want blogging to be fun-loving and a bit less complicated. You can blog on any topic that interests you and shares it with your friends.

Just in case, you are confused or unaware of anything related to blogging, ask the community member. There is also an option to poll the community about any particular topic and know their opinion. Interact with other users and build a personal brand.

Price: Free

10. BlogTouch Pro

BlogTouch Pro Blogging iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“BlogTouch Pro” is made to be a highly competent blogger editor app. Whether it’s publishing a new post, editing the existing one or managing comments, it lets you carry out the task with ease.

The text editor helps improve the quality of your article. As per need, you can change the text format, color, style. Besides, it allows you to schedule posts to be published later. What’s more, you can work offline and publish an article when you have access to the Internet.

Price: $4.99

That’s all!

The Bottom Line

These blogging apps have been designed to bring your creativity to the fore. Being very easy-to-use, anyone can use them without any problem. With the integration of multiple social networking sites, they quickly allow you to share your favorite articles with your friends and followers.

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Have I missed to include any of your favorite blogging apps? I would love to know in the comments.

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