Best Digital Marketing Apps For iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best Digital Marketing Apps For iPhone and iPad in 2022

As we are evolving technologically, we have shifted from physical to digital means in all aspects. Thus it comes as no surprise that ways to digitally market your business or brand are also evolving. Hence, the need to have some apps to grow the brand is more prominent than ever. To ensure that we serve you with the best app line-up, we have been trying and testing apps for the same and we have selected the best Digital Marketing Apps For iPhone. 

1. Canva

Canva Marketer App for iPhone and iPad

Canva is like a one-stop solution for everyone. This app is super versatile and can be used for various purposes like creating mood boards, making Instagram stories, blog graphics, YouTube thumbnails, business cards, and a lot of other things. Indeed you can create all of your business-related graphics in this app.

You can choose from a variety of free and paid templates to create beautiful graphics or you could create your own custom graphics from scratch on a white canvas. Moreover, the app also allows you to share your designs directly on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and other mediums. 

Price: Free/In-App Purchases (Canva Credit: $1.99)

2. WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business Marketer App for iPhone and iPad

WhatsApp has been highly useful for people who run small online businesses; adding to this app’s utility, the developers launched a whole new app for Business. WhatsApp Business is a perfect tool for all anyone who is looking for an iPhone Marketing app.

Sorry to break the news to all iPad users that like WhatsApp, this app is also not available on iPadOS devices. But, you can certainly use it from your iPhones optimally. Over and above all the great features of WhatsApp, the WhatsApp Business app offers a variety of new features like labeling, landline support.

Price: Free

3. MailChimp

MailChimp Marketer App for iPhone and iPad

To run a successful business, you need to promote your brand to a tee and MailChimp helps you in doing just that. With the MailChimp app, you can easily manage your contacts and mailing lists and stay on top of your campaigns along with organizing your mailing lists and also gives you insights about your marketing.

You get personalized recommendations for your next move and find marketing inspiration from fellow Mailchimp customers using this iPhone App for marketers. Thus, giving you a perfect tool to control your business marketing from your mobile device so that you can access it from anywhere, anytime.

Price: Free

4. Buffer 

Buffer Marketer App for iPhone and iPad

If you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media to promote brands, you would certainly understand how pressurizing it can get. Keeping all your social media profiles updated with posts is very exhausting. However, Buffer lets you manage all your social media profiles at the same time.

With the Buffer app, you can upload any link, text, picture or video, and you can quickly choose when and where it’ll be posted. Managing your social media profiles has never been so easy. What can you do with this app? Well, to sum it up, you can schedule and track the performances of your social media profiles.

Price: Free/In-App Purchases (Pro for 1 Year: $144.99) 

5. Grammarly 

Grammarly Marketer App for iPhone and iPad

When running a business, it is imperative for you to be grammatically correct when you want to share an email, write a piece about your products or posts for your social media handles. In other words, Grammarly allows you to write anything and everything on any app without making any grammatical errors.

This iOS App for marketing strategy ensures that your writing is mistake-free without any spelling mistakes, punctuation errors. The app even suggests you with better word forms that make sure that your writing is flawless and sophisticated. Additionally, the app’s keyboard integration feature works with all the apps as well. 

Price: Free/In-App Purchases (Annual Plan: $139.99)

6. Slack

Slack Marketer App for iPhone and iPad

If you are using WhatsApp for internal communication with your team members, then you might have faced the issues of missing out on essential things. With Slack, however, you are sure to improve your internal communication and make it even more effective and efficient.

With Slack, you can communicate with your team and organize your conversations by topics, projects, or anything else that matters to your work. In addition to that, you can integrate tools and services you already use, including Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk, and more.

Price: Free

7. Bitly

Bitly Marketer App for iPhone and iPad

Bitly is a URL shortening and link management app that you can use optimally to organize and shorten your links easily. You can connect your social networks for easy sharing through Bitly; you can also share content via SMS, social media posts or even infographic content.

With this iPhone and iPad app for marketing strategy, you can collect insights on your performance and optimize your efforts to fit your audience’s needs. Additionally, all the users can also get more data out of their account by switching between groups and managing user permissions all from their iPhone and iPad.

Price: Free

8. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager Marketer App for iPhone and iPad

It is no news that Facebook is easily the best mode to market your business online. With features like Marketplace on Facebook, you can sell services and products in a very straightforward manner with just a page. Upon installing this app, you will be able to manage your Facebook Page without having to switch between your profile and page.

View your latest page insights, reply to messages, and post some great content using this digital marketing apps for iPhone and iPad. Since you can manage your page from this app, you can also reply to Instagram’s direct messages for the linked Instagram account.

Price: Free

9. Hootsuite

Hootsuite iPhone and iPad marketing app

Here’s another essential app for digital marketers who need to create, schedule, plan, publish, monitor, and engage with their audience anywhere, anytime. It makes it easy to create and post content, edit drafts, and schedule things for all your social media profiles.

Further, there’s an AutoScheduler that can publish your posts automatically when there are gaps in your calendar during peak times. Another notable feature is the inbox, which lets you efficiently manage and reply to incoming messages from different social networks in one feed.

Price: $14.99 for Pro

Signing Off… 

These Digital Marketing Apps For iPhone are going to play a crucial part in developing your business and organizing your entire professional structure. Hence, optimally use these apps to expand your brand and let us know about your experience with these apps in the comment section.

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