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iGBAccessoriesBest sleeves for 15-inch MacBook Air in 2024

Best sleeves for 15-inch MacBook Air in 2024

Congratulations! You just added or will soon add one of the best Apple babies to your collection with the new 15-inch MacBook Air. The Mac is a great investment for professionals, students, and designers. Laptops are efficient powerhouses, but their exteriors require safety. What could be better than a sleeve that is reliable and easy to carry?

A sleeve that provides a perfect combination of style and safety might be challenging to find since the 15-inch MBA is relatively new. But relax, I have a surprise for you. This article lists the best sleeves for the 15-inch M2 and M3 MacBook Air. The products listed here give your laptop a perfect build and style. So, without much ado, let’s start exploring! 

  1. Native Union
  2. tomtoc 360°
  3. Bellroy
  5. Spigen
  7. Londo

1. Native Union – Editor’s Choice

Native Union

Owning a perfect on-the-go design, Native Union stow slim is the best 15-inch MacBook Air sleeve you can get your hands on. The cover features a robust magnetic enclosure, a strong clothing exterior, and a padded interior for high-end protection. Your MacBook Air is always safe with Native Union’s Stow cover.

With the finish of genuine leather, the sleeve blesses you with high durability and form-fitting safety from unforeseen scratches, rubs, and other wear-and-tear adversities.   

Chargers and other essentials are the default add-ons when we carry a laptop. Luckily, with Stow, you get a separate pocket to keep all your accessories safe and always in easy reach. Moreover, the lightweight design ensures you can carry your 15-inch MacBook Air from one place to another without an extra weight burden. The classy leather finish will give you the right aesthetics for a professional look.   


  • Genuine leather material  
  • External pocket for essentials 
  • Magnetic closure for extra safety 
  • Lightweight and durable  


  • Fit issues

Check out on Amazon

2. tomtoc 360° – Top-notch safety on a budget

tomtoc 360 best cover for 15-inch MacBook Air

Safety is one of the primary reasons you buy a cover for your MacBook Air. With the tomtoc 360° Protective sleeve, you get the best of both worlds – safety and style. This unique MacBook Air cover features four corner protectors and high-density padding on the edges.

If you are the clumsy one, this will likely save your MacBook Air 15-inch from bumps, falls, dents, and other impromptu troubles you might face. The sideways opening makes it stand out from competitors.   

The water-resistant fabric of the cover saves your Mac from sudden water spills, which can otherwise damage your laptop damaged completely. With the soft insides, your device remains safe from scratches. In addition, there are two front pockets to carry your cables, while the Ykk Zippers give you complete safety.  

You can buy this MacBook Air 15-inch cover in eight pleasing colors, including black, grey, dark blue, brown, and others.   


  • Stylish design and color options 
  • Soft cushiony inside  
  • Water-resistant fabric 
  • Side pocket  


  • Side opening might confuse some users 

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3. Bellroy – Dual foam padding for extra safety

Bellroy best cover for 15-inch MacBook Air

We usually go for products with a heavy build when we think about laptop covers. However, with Bellroy Lite, protection for your 15-inch M2 MacBook Air comes wrapped in a lightweight and flexible sleeve. The easy-to-fold and squish design of the cover offers the best experience during your work and family escapades. In addition, it’s corners-locked design and water-resistant zip save your Mac from getting bruised or drenched.   

An added layer of protection comes from the two different varieties of foam padding included in the sleeve. This helps to bear sudden bumps and thuds without adding extra weight to your shoulders. Moreover, the binding around the zipper gives a clean look every time you open the sleeve. The leather-free finish makes it a perfect pick for people looking for environment-friendly products.   


  • Dual foam padding 
  • Lightweight and foldable 
  • Water resistant zip 
  • Leather-free  


  • No belt for easy hold

Check out on Amazon  

4. UPPERCASE – Slim body for easy portability

UPPERCASE best cover for 15-inch MacBook Air

UPPERCASE slim zipper pouch has everything you need to secure your MacBook Air from unprecedented issues. The minimalistic single-bottom seam design and compact sleeve size ensure you can quickly move around with your laptop. While the exteriors are tough, paired with an ultra-smooth fleece cushioned lining to protect your Mac from sudden shocks. A perfect guard, indeed.   

With the UPPERCASE cover, your laptop is safe from dust, hits, bumps, vibrations, and other disasters. Also, the brand promises to keep your Mac’s surface safe from scuffs while you slide the device in and out of the bag. Furthermore, the smooth, one-zipper cut available on this sleeve makes it convenient to pull out your laptop or charge it with the cover.  

FYI, the sleeve was initially created for MacBook Pro; however, you can expect a perfect fit with MacBook Air 15” featuring a similar build. 


  • Sleek and compact design 
  • Supports charging with cover on 
  • Smooth fleece lining  


  • No pockets 

Check out on Amazon 

5. Spigen – Durable and stylish

Spigen best sleeve for 15-inch MacBook Air

If you need a hardbound sleeve for your MacBook Air 15-inch, Spigen rugged Armor Pro might be your best pick. Made from top-quality materials, this sleeve ensures that your new MacBook is safe from all sorts of bruises, bumps, and other adversities. The products house an easy-to-carry shell made of PU, EVA, and impact-resistant foam that promises high durability and, in turn, a big cut down for your pockets.  

The presence of soft cushion padding on the insides saves your MacBook Air from scratches, fingerprints, etc. In addition, the anti-scratch nylon finish of the sleeve keeps scratches away from your carrier. The elastic bands add an extra layer of safety to the bag when you are traveling with or working on your laptop. There is an AirTag storage embedded on the sleeve, so you never lose your laptop or bag ever, and a carabiner ring for securing your USB or keys.  


  • Outer shell made of strong material  
  • Easy storage and portability 
  • Elastic bands for added security  
  • Attached AirTag storage  


  • Odd closure 

Check out on Amazon  

6. MOSISO – Get a paired small storage bag for essentials

MOSISO best cover for 15-inch MacBook Air

Do you like having colorful accessories? If yes, then you will love this laptop sleeve by MOSISO that comes in over 30 beautiful shades, including soft pastels. The cover features neoprene foam padding and fleece fabric lining to offer unmatched safety to your 15-inch MacBook Air. They keep your Mac safe from shocks, knocks, and scratches.

You get top-notch protection locked in a slim, lightweight body that does not give a bulky look and makes it easy to carry around.   

The two top-opening zippers of this MOSISO laptop cover ensure you can access your MacBook Air easily without fearing dropping or scratching it. Moreover, this product has a small storage bag to help you carry your mouse and earphone with the laptop. Luckily, the tiny pouch comes in the same color and texture as its bigger counterpart. So, you can always twin with your accessories without paying an extra penny.    


  • Multiple colors to choose 
  • Superior fabric quality  
  • Comes with a small pouch 
  • Sleek design  


  • Issues with fit 

Check out on Amazon

7. Londo – Premium leather finish

Londo best sleeve for 15-inch MacBook Air

The real-grain leather sleeve by Londo is one of the best sleeves for the newly launched 15-inch MacBook Air. Handcrafted to perfection, the cowhide leather used here gives you a rich vintage appearance to flex and top-notch quality to rely upon. The stunning MacBook Pro sleeve with flap is a perfect accessory to carry your 15-inch MacBook Air during all your professional gatherings. Also, leather ensures that your laptop is safe from unwanted encounters.  

With Londo’s real-grain leather sleeves, storage will never be an issue. As well as the laptop section, the sleeve has a spacious pocket on the front. You can easily carry your charger, stationary, and other accessories here. Moreover, the brand offers sleeves in multiple shades so you can always have variety in your collection.  


  • Made of top-quality leather  
  • Smooth finish  
  • Multiple color options 
  • Front pocket for accessories  


  • Color of leather sleeves changes with time  

Check out on Amazon   

Wrapping up 

A good sleeve ensures that your MacBook Air 15-inch is safe from every unforeseen natural and unnatural trouble. Luckily, all the covers listed here satisfy all the essential parameters you might be looking for. Pick your favorite and let us know in the comments section. 

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