Best Siri Compatible Headphones for iPhone in 2021

Best Siri Compatible Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone, iPad Pro, Apple Watch

Over the times I’ve seen the craze of using the wireless headphones and earbuds has hiked! I use it to on my iPhone talk on calls or listen to music. I even use to give commands with my headphone’s mic so that I can perform any action on my iPhone or iPad without operating it! Yes, that’s possible with Siri compatible Bluetooth headphones or earbuds as well. There are a plethora of options when it comes to Siri enabled wireless headphones for iPhone/iPad, Apple Watch or Mac as well. But to choose the right one without enough technical knowledge of Bluetooth headphones with Siri compatibility is a daunting task! To make it easier for you, I have picked some of the best Siri compatible headphones!

  1. Apple AirPods
  2. Beats Solo3
  3. Jabra Elite 65t
  4. Paww WaveSound 3
  5. Treblab X2
  6. SharkTech
  7. Levitate
  8. SoundWhiz
  9. RommyRoc
  10. MoKo

#1. Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods Siri Compatible Wireless Headphones

You can’t get a better match for your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac when you have Apple AirPods as your first option. It connects to your respective devices automatically and it’s easy to set up as well. The sound quality is crystal clear, and that’s what you expect from Apple products! Isn’t it?

Start using Siri by just saying “Hey Siri” and the following commands you wish to perform on the device using your Apple AirPods. The brand new Apple H2/H1 headphone chip is lightning fast and delivers faster connectivity with your WiFi connected devices. It’s easy to switch between multiple devices like iPhone, iPad Pro, Apple Watch or Mac. You can protect your precious AirPods with these waterproof cases too.

USP: Siri Works Seamlessly
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#2. Beats Solo3

Beats Solo3 Siri Enabled Wireless Headphones

Beats headphones are a perfect blend of comfort and style! The adjustable cushioned ear cups can be used as per your needs for longer periods without any hassles. One can easily activate Siri with the help of multi-function on-ear controls available.

The beast gives you 3 hours of playback with just 5 minutes of charge. With a full charge, the headphones last for 40 hours and this makes it a perfect match for your iPhone or iPad. If you ask me, Beats Solo 3 would be my pick out of all Siri compatible Bluetooth headphones listed today!

USP: Adjustable Comfort-Cushioned Ear Cups & 40 Hours of Battery Life
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#3. Jabra Elite 65t

Jabra Elite 65t Siri Compatible Wireless Earbuds

This is not only the first Siri enabled wireless earbuds, but it’s one of my favorites as well. And the reason is the 4-microphone technology that delivers the best sound when you’re on calls or listening to music. You can even customize the sound by using a customizable equalizer in Jabra Sound+ app.

By using the voice commands, you can easily connect Jabra Elite earbuds to Siri, Google Assistant, or even Alexa too. You can manage the default assistant with your Jabra Sound+ app as well. It’s IP55 rated against water, sweat, and dust. So this could be the best Siri compatible wireless earbuds when you are traveling.

USP: Customizing Sound with Equalizer
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#4. Paww WaveSound 3

Paww WaveSound 3 Siri Compatible Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re looking for noise-canceling headphones along with Siri compatibility, Paww’s headphone is your way to go! The headphones are light in weight and comfort is at its best!

The noise-canceling technology microphone in the headphone enables Siri or Google Assistant to answer your calls. It comes with a protective carrying case and it gives a battery life of up to 16 hours. This Siri enabled wireless headphones would be a perfect match for your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac as it’s available in 3 colors.

USP: Siri Compatibility with Noise Cancelling Technology
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#5. Treblab X2

Treblab X2 Siri Compatible Wireless Earbuds

The first thing that got my attention is the design of earbuds along with the charging case that provides 2 additional charges on the go! If you’re looking for a mid-range product with Siri compatibility and amazing sound output, Treblab X2 would be a perfect one for you!

Ear-fins make sure that the earbuds don’t fall out when you’re working out a gym or playing any sport. The wireless earbuds come with 1-year warranty and have 3 color variants. Treblab X2 lasts for 5 hours on a single-use if used continuously.

USP: Charging Case with 2 Additional Charges
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#6. SharkTech

SharkTech Siri Enabled Bluetooth Earbuds

With HD sound quality and crystal clear audio, SharkTech’s wireless earbuds have its statement. With 18 hours of playtime (with charging case) and sweatproof earbuds, it makes it a gem anyway! It’s easy to set up by using Bluetooth and with a single button, you can activate Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa.

When these Siri enabled Bluetooth earbuds are connected to your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, you can easily move within 40 feet distance to maintain the connection.

USP: Works with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa
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#7. Levitate

Levitate Siri Compatible Bluetooth Headphones

If you want to create your style statement, Levitate if your way to go! The stylish headphones can be easily connected to your iPhone or iPad with the help of Bluetooth and connect it seamlessly with Siri as well. With up to 9 hours of talk time on 1.5 hours of charge and 240 hours of standby time, the 85mAh battery is at its best!

IPX7 waterproof rating allows you to stay in the water up to 30 minutes and up to 3 feet deep. The headphones are also sweatproof and can be worn in the rain or even when you take a quick shower. 3 sizes of soft cushion earplugs make sure that it fits on every year.

USP: Waterproof and Sweatproof
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#8. SoundWhiz

SoundWhiz Siri Enabled Wireless Headphones

SoundWhiz is quite similar to Levitate in terms of design. I don’t see a major difference in both expect the 7 sizes of headphones and extra small size available in SoundWhiz, which is exceptional of course. The 100mAh battery ensures that there are no interruptions for up to 8 hours of playtime.

It’s easy to use and can be connected to your iPhone or iPad with Bluetooth. One can easily activate Siri by using the buttons available on the right earbud. It supports Android devices as well.

USP: 7 Different Sizes of Earbuds
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#9. RommyRoc

RommyRoc Siri Enabled Bluetooth Headphones

RommyRoc is the only headphone in this list that comes with a neckband, and it gives a good grip. Just with a touch, you can connect your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to this Siri enabled wireless headphones and gave commands to check the results. If you want to connect these headphones with Apple Watch, here’s how you can pair it. The headphones are light in weight, can be folded when not in use and come with seamless wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

With more than 16 hours of talking time and 12 hours of non-stop music, this is by far the best battery house in the mid-range of Siri enabled Bluetooth headphones. The headphones are sweatproof and come with noise-canceling technology as well.

USP: Supports iOS Device Power Display
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#10. MoKo

MoKo Siri Compatible Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re looking for an affordable Siri compatible Bluetooth headphones, Moko is the perfect pick for you. So far this headphone has the highest capacity battery of 120mAh and it lats for 9 hours at least on regular playtime. The IPX5 waterproof rating gives you a chance to move in the rain or shower without a second thought!

The Bluetooth connectivity is sturdy and the sound quality is simply amazing! It supports voice commands with the help of Siri. So just put your phone aside and give commands with MoKo headphones without touching your iPhone or iPad.

USP: IPX5 Waterproof and Sweatproof
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So these were some of the finest wireless Bluetooth headphones and earbuds that work with Siri compatibility.

Summing Up…

I would still prefer Apple AirPods as an Apple product, and Siri’s feature cannot be compromised. If you ask me to pick the best audio quality, I will go with Beats Solo for headphones and Jabra Elite for earbuds. What would be your choice? Do let us know in the comments!

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