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Best payroll apps for iPhone and iPad

Is tracking employees, making and calculating payment becoming a tedious task? Then you should try one of these best payroll management apps for iPad and iPhone. They will not just simplify your task but ease off a lot of stress.

With flexi-timings, different punch-ins, in-field or freelance workers, tracking employees and their respective payments have become unmanageable. A payroll management app lets check the clock-in/out timings, set payments for specific service or worker. Best of all, they offer a simple interface and a multitude of features, making your job simpler.

1.Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Specially created for registered Paychex Flex ( users, the app connects employers and employees. Once logged in, employers can edit, review, and submit payroll on the go.

Thanks to a cloud back up, you can resume the submission on any device, whether tablet, phone, or desktop. Moreover, everything from employee profile, tax deductions, leaves to health and benefits carrier information can be accessed via the app.

The employees are also privy to similar facilities. They can quickly check their stubs, retirement balances, health, dental, and life insurance benefits.

A significant feature is security; the app incorporates Touch ID and Face ID authentication for both employees and employers.

Price: Free

2. TSheets Time Tracker

TSheets Time Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

TSheets offers a game-changing time-based tracking and scheduling app. Thanks to the app, employees can punch-in and out from their job site with their iPhones.

With a “Who’s Working” feature, track your employees and who’s working on what in real-time. You can also drag and drop shifts, assign jobs, add notes, change schedules, and receive alerts for delayed clock-ins or over-time.

Moreover, the app also tracks GPS points of employees, making for a cost-effective alternative to geofencing. The app kills the need for physical timesheets as all the data is saved electronically.

Overall, both the payroll and invoicing becomes faster and inexpensive. TSheets offers seamless integration with QuickBooks, Square, and Gusto to simplify your back-office work.

Price: Free

3. Paycor Mobile

Paycor Mobile iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If your company has a Paycor account, then the mobile app will bring all notable HR features to your handheld device. The employees could punch in/out, view their time cards, and report if punches are missing.

They can also request for time -off, check notifications, company directories, work schedules, etc. As for the employer or manager, they can approve time cards, time-off requests, and workflows.

Moreover, the employer can add/edit/delete punches for employees and track applicants’ progress and schedule. The app also supports Push Notification for requests, approvals, task allocations, and announcements.

Price: Free

4. Hours – Hours Calculator

Hours iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Not a full-blown payroll management app, but Hours manages to get the job done efficiently. You can either clock-in or add hours manually to the log, check the total number of working hours.

The app will calculate the salary earned accordingly. Along with that, you can also check details about tax deducted.

Export the data of work history in the format of your liking for sharing or back-up. While especially beneficiary for people with multiple jobs, it can be beneficial for budding businesses; who don’t want to pay big bugs for payroll management as of yet.

Price: Free

5. SurePayroll for Employers

SurePayroll for Employers iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A free accessory for all existing SurePayroll customers, the app lets you manage payroll on the go. Whether for employees or independent contractors, whether for hourly or monthly wages, SurePayroll can manage all payments.

Once set, the auto-payroll feature takes care of payments. You can edit, add or remove employees or payment methods as and when required.

The app also automatically calculates the right tax deductions for each employee. Moreover, the app files and pay federal, state, and local payroll taxes online, along with guaranteed tax filing.

A perfect for small business owners or household managers, as they can be more attentive to other matters. Most importantly, all communications are encrypted, and login sessions auto-ends when inactive.

Price: Free

6. Namely

Namely iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

An all-inclusive HR software that takes care of payments, benefits, and taxes. Built for both employees and employer, Namely employs powerful technology to simplify everything HR.

The platform enables employees to manage timesheets, leaves, post updates, and share photos. They can even check out the company’s social news feed from the app.

Along with deducting benefits and filing taxes automatically, Namely also makes year-end reporting super simple. The app also ensures your regulations are compliant with local, state, and federal laws.

In a nutshell, the app syncs HR and Payroll data and unifies employees and managers onto one page.

Price: Free

7. Hubstaff – GPS Time Tracking

Hubstaff iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A smart time tracking and payroll management app that incorporates GPS tracking as well. The feature lets the employer keep track of the location of the workforce.

An online dashboard and real-time reports enable you to review timesheets, view who’s currently working, and control every setting down to the user level.

For payments, you can select the pay rate (hourly or fixed), the method and pay period, and the rest happens automatically. With work logs, you will find out the reason why someone is absent or late.

It is integrated with more than 30 other project management products like Quickbooks and Basecamp. Moreover, the developers have optimized the app, so it does not eat up battery massively.

Price: Free

8. Zenefits

Zenefits iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Zenfits incorporates HR systems, payroll, and benefits into one simple app. It smartly and automatically syncs payroll with the rest of HR, to make your life easier.

The platform allows you to track working hours, manage salaries and benefits accordingly, approve time-off, and scheduling tasks. Zenfits keeps your business compliant by automating most jobs, including calculating and filing payroll taxes.

For employees, the app works a one-stop HR software. They can clock-in, request time off, check insurance and flex benefits, and connect with their co-workers via the app itself.

While you must have a Zenefits account to access other features, the app seamlessly integrates payroll into the accounting and 401(k) platforms you are already using.

Price: Free

That’s all, folks!

Now, take control of payroll management by using these superior apps to your best advantage. They can undoubtedly boost work productivity and bring about much-needed convenience into keeping track of employee’s performance. Have I forgotten to include any of your top payroll management app for iOS in this list? Let me know that in the comments.

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