Remove the old style payment option and use these latest software to calculate payments. With additional features, these apps are must-have for small, medium or large enterprises. You never have to worry about next payday or taxes; the app takes all that into consideration.

With a simple UI, these apps are fit to be used anywhere.

Best Payroll Management iPad Apps

Best Payroll Management Apps for iPad

#1. Online Payroll

Online Payroll iPad App
Online Payroll helps in creating paychecks for your employees. You can e-pay your taxes and fill forms from this app. The app will notify you when next payday and tax deadlines are near. You can directly transfer money in your employees account with help of this app. The app automatically synchronizes your data with your Intuit Payroll account.

Price: Free
Download Online Payroll

#2. Snap Payroll

Snap Payroll iPad App

Snap Payroll is developed by the same folks behind Online Payroll. This app will calculate the amount of paychecks within short span of time. You just need to enter the hours, pay rate and weeks; the app will do the rest of the calculations. You can even keep a track of the checks and feed in employee’s entire information.

Price: Free
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#3. Payrollguru

Payrollguru iPad App

Payrollguru allows you to calculate payments and store employee’s information, individually or in a group. You can enter the deductions as per the profile for reference. The app is programmed to calculate taxes such as federal withholding, social security, Medicare, state withholding, state unemployment and state disability insurance. You can view the paychecks in pie chart form and can even mail those details to employees. You can use the app for monthly or hourly wages.

Price: $4.99
Download Payrollguru

#4. Pay Check HD

Pay Check HD iPad App

Pay Check HD is suitable for small business payroll. You can calculate salary on monthly or hourly basis. The app is functioned to calculate US Federal Withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes as per 2014 calendar. The app will send you an update if anything in the taxes changes.

Price: $0.99
Download Pay Check HD

#5. Payroll Calculator

Payroll Calculator iPad App

Payroll Calculator comes with user friendly interface and creates quick payment. This app is suitable for professional and self-employed people. The app generates gross payments, salary details, deduction etc. The app also has in-built formulas that make calculations an easy process.

Price: Free
Download Payroll Calculator

#6. Run Mobile Payroll

RUN Powered iPad App

The application works on a secure version and is reliable & accurate. You can create payments for employees and contract employees through predefined rates stored in the app. You can distribute the pay in departments; add vacation, sick or other leave information. The information of employee can be stored and taxes can be calculated with help of this app.

Price: Free
Download Run Mobile Payroll