Is tracking employees, making and calculating payment a bit tedious task? You need to give these best payroll management apps for iPad to not just simplify your task but also take away a lot of stress.

You can keep track of your employees, make and calculate payments with ease. They also allow you to set payment as per specific service or worker. With a simple interface and easy functionality, these apps are perfectly designed to be a handy asset for both small and medium businesses. Let’s find out more about these payroll management apps for iOS!

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Best Payroll Management iPad Apps

Best Payroll Management Apps for iPad

#1. HR & Payroll Management

HR & Payroll Management iPad App Screenshot

“HR & Payroll Management” provides a viable payroll management solution. It features leave functions which keep a track of employee's annual leave, child care leave and medical leave. You can also view employee's leave eligibility and balance details and print them on the pay sleep. The clean user interface and simple functionality make this app very handy choice for small companies.

If you are looking for an app to inject work productivity, the Virbula can be a trusted bet for your requirement.

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Price: Free

#2. myPay Solutions

myPay Solutions Payroll Management iPad App Screenshot

This app has been specially created for myPay Solutions payroll service from Thomson Reuters. The effective payroll services make it highly useful for both medium and small companies.

You will enter time for the current pay period and be able to view the time entered for previous pay periods. You can view check stubs as well W2s forms. The app allows you to view W-4 information as well.

Price: Free

#3. Online Payroll for Employers

Online Payroll for Employers iPad App Screenshot

“Online Payroll for Employers” is one of the most appreciated payroll management apps. You can easily create paychecks for employees and contractors. It lets you pay workers by direct deposit.

The reminders for upcoming payday and tax deadlines ensure you don't have to pay fine. You will quickly access your past checks. It keeps all of your data protected using the top level bank security. The app works with Intuit Online Payroll, QuickBooks Online Payroll, Intuit Full Service Payroll and QuickBooks for Mac Payroll as well.

Price: Free

#4. PayrollHero Team Clock

PayrollHero Team Clock iPad App Screenshot

“PayrollHero Team Clock” can enormously boost the work productivity of any company. It allows businesses to manage the attendance of employees using facial recognition and virtual props. Workers will use it to clock in and out of their shifts as well as break.

The app informs the management whenever any employee is late, early or absent. The leaderboards, weather, and commute distance data show the comparison of each employee with their colleagues.

Price: Free

#5. RUN

RUN Payroll Management iPad App Screenshot

RUN is exceptionally user-friendly payroll management app. You can quickly calculate employee earnings and deductions. It allows you to pay employees with pre-determined pay rates.

You will pay different pay rate to the workers who do more than one job and easily distribute pay to various departments. The app enables you to preview payroll totals and cash requirements. You can calculate federal, state as well as local taxes.

Price: Free

#6. Hubstaff

Hubstaff Payroll Management iPad App Screenshot

Hubstaff is a smart time tracking and payroll management app. The app comes with GPS tracking feature to keep track of the location of the workforce. The dashboard lets you quickly find out who is at work.

You can select a pay rate, the method of payment and pay period. With work logs, you will find out the reason why someone is absent or late. It is integrated with more than 30 other project management products like Quickbooks and Basecamp.

Price: Free

#7. Payroll Management iPad App Screenshot

“” is specifically developed to provide a good HR and payroll solution to businesses. With this app, employees can clock in and out of their shift. It allows you to apply and approve leave. Submit timesheets and manage expense reports. You can view the holiday calendar of the company and work anniversary.

Price: Free

#8. Pay Check HD

Pay Check HD Payroll Management iPad App Screenshot

Pay Check HD is suitable for small business payroll. You can calculate salary on the monthly or hourly basis. The app is functioned to calculate US Federal Withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes as per 2017 calendar.

It lets you set social security rate to zero if your salary reaches $127,200. You can also add state withholding tax as well as other deductions. It will send you an update if anything in the taxes changes.

Price: $0.99

#9. Payable

Payable Payroll Management iPad App Screenshot

Payable is designed to simplify the task of tracking work and making payment. It enables you to track any type of work by expenses, mileage, hours, projects, etc.

You can set custom pay rates by the worker or particular service. Set payment schedules, carry out pay calculation and make notes to not forget important things. You can export your data as CSV file.

Price: Free

Wrapping Up

Now, take control of payroll management by using these superior apps to your best advantage. They can certainly boost work productivity and bring about the much-needed convenience into keeping track of employee's performance. Have I forgotten to include any of your top payroll management app for iOS in this list? Let me know that in the comments.

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