You feel a surge of excitement on the eve of New Year. Last year was a dream that was never fulfilled but the coming year brings lots of expectations and new dreams; it is time to make some new resolutions or maybe to carry forward the old ones.

As your heart is filled with so many things to do in New Year, you certainly make some serious promises to yourself – save some money for future, lose weight, start a new business, develop a hobby, drive carefully, and join a social cause and more.

New Year Resolution iPhone and iPad Apps

But to fulfill the vows you made yourself, you need support. So we have listed some of the best iPhone and iPad apps that will certainly help you in carrying out your New Year Resolutions 2017.

New Year Resolutions iPhone and iPad Apps of 2017

#1. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio iPhone and iPad App IconYour resolution to stay in shape and reduce some weight can be fulfilled with Yoga Studio. It is your ready-made Yoga classes; the app has 65 yoga and meditation classes with HD video; not only that, you can customize or create your unique HD video classes. Follow the rich library of more than 280 poses to stay healthy all year. Get detailed advice and instructions on each pose to know how it can benefit you.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: $3.99
Download Yoga Studio

#2. Mint

Mint iPhone and iPad App IconWanna be next Warren Buffet? Or at least like to manage your personal finance smartly? Mint is your partner. Since the app gives you many graphical presentations, it is advisable to use it on your iPad. Charts and graphs of Mint give you complete information about your savings, transactions, and spend. Set up bill reminders so that you never miss payment of your mobile, gas, electricity etc.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch
Price: Free
Download Mint

#3. iPhone App IconA positive frame of mind is essential to pull off all your New Year resolutions, and therefore, we have included This app helps you build good habits, track your goals and keep you motivated. Join the community on this app and you can develop a growth mindset, learn the power of positive strengthening, experience the inspirational force of external responsibility, and control your improvement efforts in an efficient way.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch
Price: Free

#4. Fooducate

Fooducate iPhone and iPad App IconWith yoga, you should also educate yourself on food – how to take, what to eat, when to eat and most importantly why you should eat. Get answers of all the questions, prepare a diet plan and follow the same rigorously to get that perfectly chiseled body. Once feed this app with necessary details like age, gender, weight, height, activity level etc., and the app will set your dietary goals, health conditions, carb control and desired weight loss rate, and more.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch
Price: Free
Download Fooducate

#5. Evernote

Evernote iPhone and iPad App IconEvernote is an all-time favorite app among meticulous organizers and note takers. All your plans begin with Evernote – your digital assistant. On this app, you can jot down all your to-do lists and organize in an uncluttered interface. Once you create notes, you can discuss and share the same; also create agenda. One of the best features of Evernote is that the app is now available for Apple Watch.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch
Price: Free
Download Evernote

#6. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle alarm clock iPhone and iPad App IconTo fulfill your resolutions, you can't just go on sleeping till late in the morning. You need to keep an eye on your sleep cycle with this app. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is an intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase; this way you feel relaxed and rested after a good night sleep. This app constantly checks different phases of your sleep – ranging from deep sleep to light sleep. Sleep Cycle employs the microphone or accelerometer in your iPhone to observe your movements and decides which sleep phase you are in.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: Free
Download Sleep Cycle

#7. iMovie

iMovie iPhone and iPad App IconFor movie buffs, watching movies can be one of the resolutions. iMovie is an awesome app from Apple; with the help of this app, you can make Hollywood-style trailers by choosing a template from the list of 14 trailer templates. Once you create a trailer, share a clip or a portion of the trailer with your friends. Make the most of 3D Touch on your iPhone 6s to quickly create beautiful movies. The app has 8 unique themes with matching titles, transitions, and music.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: $4.99
Download iMovie

#8. Procreate

Procreate iPhone and iPad App IconDid you ever promise yourself to develop a creative hobby in 2017? If yes, download Procreate. Show creative side of your brain to the world as this app allows you to sketch and paint your imagination. For this, you need the latest iPad Pro. The bigger canvass of iPad would let you create masterpieces; if you are a commercial artist, you can use it to create awesome designs for your clients. Delve deep into the world of sketching, painting and illustrating.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: $5.99
Download Procreate

#9. Sworkit

Sworkit iPhone and iPad App IconWish to get fitter in New Year? Sworkit can be an excellent coach for you. With a number of personalized video workouts, it offers you the right guide. You can select from cardio, stretching, strength or yoga. It features low-impact exercises for beginners. There is also an option to set custom exercise intervals.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: Free
Download Sworkit

#10. My Diet Diary

My Diet Diary iPhone and iPad App IconPlanning to track your food, exercise, water intake and weight in a better way? “My Diet Diary” can enormously help you reach your goal. It features smart charts to let you keep a track of your progress. The daily health tips offer you the right insight about what you can do to have better results. You can set reminders for meals and exercises to stay at pace with the rules.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: Free
Download My Diet Diary

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