Best new year’s resolutions apps for iPhone for 2021

Best New Year Resolutions Apps for iPhone and iPad

It’s that time of the year again when you’re probably searching for new year’s resolution apps for iPhone to help make 2021 the best it can be. Thankfully, there’s an abundance available on the App Store, but it can be challenging to choose the ones that are worth your while.

We tested and found some that will genuinely help you meet some of the most common goals. So, say hello to feeling happier, healthier, and more fulfilled with these best new year’s resolutions apps for 2021.

  1. New Years Resolutions Tracker
  2. Way of Life
  3. Insight Timer
  4. Running Walking Tracker Goals
  5. MyFitnessPal
  6. Bookly
  7. Gratitude: Diary, Vision Board
  8. Digit
  9. QuitNow!
  10. I am – Positive Affirmations

1. New Years Resolutions Tracker – All in one app

New Year's Resolution Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you’re looking for an app to track all your resolutions in one place, it’s worth investing in this one. It works like a charm to keep you accountable throughout the year by tracking daily, weekly, and monthly progress.

It’s got an appealing user interface and helps you visualize your journey through graphs and calendars. An interesting aspect is the ability to password-protect your resolutions for privacy. And you can set reminder notifications according to a schedule that suits you.

So, whether you want to exercise more or go to bed earlier, make it all happen with this handy app.

Price: $0.99


2. Habit Tracker – Way of life

Way of Life New Year Resolutions iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The new year is a great time to cultivate new habits that can add value to your life, whether it’s a fitness regime, drinking more water, reading, saving money, or something else. Way of Life is a one-stop habit-tracking app that will help you decide and track all the habits that will make your year better.

It’s got a simple and intuitive interface plus a quick tutorial that guides you through using the app. Keep track of your habits each day by a quick tap and then view your progress over time. It offers many other features such as reminders with flexible scheduling and custom messages, note-taking, a Today View widget, and more. With the free version, you can only track three habits, but it’s worth subscribing to if you want to enhance your “way of life” this year.

Price: Free (Premium starts at $0.99)


3. Insight Timer – Meditation

Insight Timer iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

We could all do with some more peace of mind in our lives, and meditation is one of the best practices for this. It can help you relax, handle stress better, get a sounder sleep, and more. If you’re ready for better mental health this year, try Insight Timer, one of the best free meditation apps on the App Store.

It offers an extensive library of meditation and music from around the world that’s perfect for cultivating mindfulness. Tune into inspiring talks and guided meditations led by the world’s top neuroscientists, psychologists, and teachers from leading universities. There’s something to help you with all kinds of goals, whether cultivating more self-compassion, focus, concentration, leadership, less anxiety, etc.

The best part is access to a supportive global community that can help you learn more and stay motivated.

Price: Free


4. Running Walking Tracker Goals – Stay fit

Running Walking Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Fitness is a quintessential new year’s goal that almost everyone has, and here’s an app that will actually help you get the ball rolling, or rather, get you moving. Whether you want to lose weight or count calories, you can set goals and measure or track varied activities like running, walking, and biking.

Gain insights into aspects like time, speed, elevation, etc., and use it on-the-go with your Apple Watch. Use the monthly summaries of your activities and achievements to do better and get in shape this year.

Further, when you go for the premium version, there are even more useful features such as audio feedback to keep you going, training regimes for runners, advanced stats, and more.

Price: Free ($7.99 for monthly Premium)


5. MyFitnessPal – Eat Healthy

MyFitnessPal iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

You might have heard the saying “you are what you eat,” and it’s true – diet affects all aspects of your overall wellbeing and can transform your life. MyFitnessPal, as its name suggests, is your best companion for achieving your fitness goals by watching what you eat.

It helps you log nutrition and calories by simply scanning your meals with your phone’s camera. You can also log your favorite food items from restaurants and keep track of your water intake. Plus, it offers thousands of recipes and meal plans to help you eat healthier every day.

You can opt to set goals to lose, gain, or maintain your weight. Create your own plan or let the app make one for you based on your unique needs. With so much on offer, it’s like a personal nutrition coach that will transform your health.

Price: Free ($9.99 for Monthly Premium)


6. Bookly – Read books

Bookly New Year Resolutions iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Ready to expand your mind by indulging in more books this year? Here’s an app to motivate and keep you on track. Add hard copies, e-books, or audiobooks and set goals and reminders to keep reading. Check out stats that will help you improve and get weekly and monthly progress reports in the form of infographics.

Every time you read, use the timer in the app, and track how long it takes you to complete a book. You can set a goal to finish a book by a specific time. The app can play ambient sounds to help you focus on your reading.

Further, you can add your own rating, thoughts, and quotes for each book. There are many other features to explore, such as seeing up personal book collections, like “Wishlist,” “Favourites,” etc.

Price: Free ($4.99 per month for Pro


7. Gratitude: Diary, Vision Board – Journaling

Gratitude Diary iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Gratitude has been scientifically proven to improve our mental health as it helps us focus on the positive and appreciate life more. Once you value the little things, it cultivates a flow of abundance that leads you to even bigger blessings. Here’s an app to tap into that feel-good vibe and make a habit of being grateful every day.

You can sign up for gratitude challenges that will shift your mindset to value the positivity in your life for better mental and emotional health. Moreover, it’s an excellent place to write about your day and anything else going on in your mind. You can choose to be reminded to fill in your journal each day at a specific time if you like. Further, the app also offers Daily Affirmations to help improve your self-talk.

Lastly, one of the best features is the ability to create vision boards of your dreams. Visual representations work as powerful reminders to help us achieve what we truly set our minds to. The best part about this app is that it offers a multitude of features for free, and you can then opt for more in-depth access by going Pro.

Price: Free ($4.99 for Monthly Pro)


8. Digit – Save Money

Digit Save Money iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Finances are a fundamental area to gain control of in any year, and this app is an excellent resource to help you out with that. You can set your financial goals, such as saving or getting out of debt, and Digit will support you in making it a reality.

It analyzes your income and expenses to figure out what you can save and then directs you towards achieving your goals. It also monitors your checking balance and helps you avoid overdraft fees when necessary. Further, you can invest in your dreams or your retirement by letting it match you with the appropriate portfolio according to what you can afford.

It also helps you find the right IRA account for tax-advantaged retirement savings. It’s a lot like having a personal digital financial assistant for free.

Price: Free


9. QuitNow! – Quit Smoking

QuitNow iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The past year has taught us how important it is to take care of our respiratory health, and smoking is a major no-no. The best decision you can make for yourself and your loved ones is to quit smoking, and here’s an app that promises to help.

It encourages you to avoid tobacco by hoping you focus your effort on four aspects, namely your ex-smoker status, your achievements, a sense of community, and your ex-smoker health.

It breaks down the lofty goal of quitting cigarettes into actionable tasks and connects you to a supportive community. It helps you celebrate each step you take on your journey of quitting and reinforces you with reminders about how many days are you free of smoke, how much money you saved, and how many cigarettes you avoided.

Moreover, it also offers health indicators from the World Health Organisation to explain how your body is improving as you leave tobacco behind. This is designed to help keep you motivated to kick the habit.

Price: Free


10. I am – Positive Affirmations – You become what you believe

I Am Positive Affirmations iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

We could all do with some more positivity in our lives, and here is a beautiful app that will do just that with the power of words. Without even knowing it, most of us are continually looping on negative and unhelpful thoughts that impact our mental health and decision-making. You can stop that with daily affirmations that will build self-esteem and empower you to reach for your dreams this year.

Choose from a variety of daily intentions and set reminders to see them throughout the day. This will help increase your awareness of your thought patterns, making it easier to recognize negative patterns and replace them with something better. After all, as the Buddha said, “you become what you believe.” Change your beliefs one day at a time with this invaluable free app that’s perfect for new year’s.

Price: Free


Have a great year with these new year’s resolutions apps!

While you can begin new habits at any time, the beginning of a new year has a certain fresh energy that supports and inspires you to be better. These new year’s resolutions apps are handy companions that can make a difference when used right.

Do try them out and share your experiences with us in the comments below. We would also love to know what do you want to achieve this year?

Here’s wishing you health, wealth, and happiness in everything you do.

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