Best MacBook Air 2020 cases you should buy

Best MacBook Air 2020 cases

Apple M1 MacBooks are robust machines both in terms of power and performance. Whether professionally or personally, they make things easygoing for us. It is only fair that, in turn, we take good care of our devices. And one of the much-coveted and must-have accessories for your 13.3-inch MacBook Air 2020 is good quality, gorgeous-looking case.

But finding the right mix of looks, protection, and comfort is not as easy as it sounds! So, let me help you out with some of the best MacBook Air 2020 cases.

  1. Twelve South BookBook V2
  2. G JGOO
  3. B BELK
  5. ProCase
  7. IBENZER Hexpact

1. Twelve South BookBook V2 – Best vintage leather case

Twelve South BookBook V2 MacBook Air 2020 case

I am saying this from personal experience; there is no case like a BookBook case for your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Air. Yes, it is a bit expensive and bulkier than others in the lot, but its look, protection, and utility justify it all.

Every detail of this handcrafted case is well designed and thought of, from the vintage leather that ages beautifully to the rigid book-like spine that protects from impacts.

Plus, the proprietary bungee hinge enables smooth usage, and hidden pockets make storing important documents ever simpler.

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2. G JGOO cover – Best PU leather hardshell case

G JGOO 13 MacBook Air 2020 Case

It is a neat way to keep slippage, scratches, fingerprints, dirt, smudges, drop, etc., at bay from your beloved MacBook Air. The best part? You don’t even have to compromise in the looks department.

Whether a black or pink synthetic crocodile leather case or a TPU one with a marble or ombre effect, G JGOO offers various options to choose from. On top of that, every design comes with a matching keyboard cover!

Most importantly, all ports and features are fully accessible, and the bottom part is fully vented to dissipate heat easily.

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3. B BELK – Crystal plastic case with keyboard cover

B BELK hard shell cover for MacBook Air 2020

Would you prefer a clear case, a grey -, silver- or gold-toned one, or something more daring like mint green, purple or shining rose red? Don’t you worry, child; you can get all these and more options right here.

I don’t know about you, but I surely love switching covers; a professional one for meetings and a brightly colored one to indulge in some fun. This value-for-money option allows me to manage that without a massive hit to my wallet.

And thanks to a two-piece snap-on design, snapping it on/off is super simple. Plus, B BELK offers 2 matching keyboard covers, a 1-year warranty, and 60 days money-back guarantee!

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4. MOSISO case – Heavy-duty protection

MOSISO MacBook Air 13 inch case

If you are overly-clumsy, extra cautious, or travel a lot, a rugged case is a must-have accessory. The hard case is designed with shock-absorbing beveled ridges and a TPU bumper to keep your MacBook Air well-protected from accidental falls, bumps, and scratches.

Moreover, the bottom half is fitted with two rows of vents and four anti-slip silicone feet that help your MacBook Air stay cool and in place.

Although I am really not a fan of the rose quartz option, the black, deep teal, and navy blue options look quite fine and rugged with all those groves.

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5. ProCase – Best heavy-duty slim cover with fold kickstand

ProCase 13 inch MacBook Air 2020 case

More than just a protective case, ProCase engineers a heavy-duty armor shell. The shock-absorbent wraparound bumper offers protection against accidental scuffs, drops, falls, scratches, and more.

Along with vents for heat disbursement, the bottom section has a built-in foldable stand. This enables a comfortable and ergonomically-friendly typing experience and strain-minimizing visual experience.

And not just a protective case, you also get a handy MacBook Air stand at the price of one.

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6. UESWILL – A slim and lightweight case

UESWILL matte hard case for MacBook Air 2020

Crafted from high-quality polycarbonate and coated with rubber oil paint, UESWILL offers a rich, silky, and smooth finish. Plus, it is available in over 30+ shades & patterns, from aqua blue to peacock green, so finding your right match might not be that difficult.

The USP of this 2-piece cover is that it is extremely lightweight, form-fitted, opens more than 90° freely, easy to install and remove.

Each case is designed to perfectly fit your 13″ MacBook Air, allowing easy access to all ports and proper heat dissipation.

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7. IBENZER Hexpact – Best 360 protective case

IBENZER Hexpact MacBook Air Case 2020

Yes, the hexagonal, perforated design looks as science-fiction and unique in real life as in the pictures. But beyond looks, this design offers up to 4-feet drop protection to your Mac, all thanks to impact-force distribution and shock-elimination.

The combination of the hard outer shell, soft rubber bumpers, and bottom skid pads lend 360 degrees of protection from everyday wear and tear.

Precise cut-out sections ensure that you get unhindered port access and the bottom vents help avoid overheating.

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Protect your MacBook Air 2020 with a great case

While your MacBook Air 2020 can handle some basic daily wear and tear, a case is crucial if you commute or travel a lot, as the act of packing and unpacking can scratch or dent the device.

As confessed earlier, I use multiple cases, depending upon my mood and usage. From the above listing, I would suggest picking the BookBook case by Twelve South to make a lasting impression.

If you don’t want to spend much on a cover, the next best option is the ProCase MacBook Air 2020 case. It’s not overly expensive, and the armor shell lends ample protection to the device.

I hope this guide could be of assistance. Share your pick with us in the comment section below. And if you have any questions, views, or reviews, feel free to share that as well.

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