Best Anti-Theft Backpacks for MacBook in 2020

When everything else is getting smarter, why should your MacBook backpack be left behind in the old-fashioned days? A modern bag can take care of all of your basic needs, make a befitting match with your outing, and also offer the much-needed shield to your valuables against theft. And, a top-notch laptop like MacBook deserves additional safeguard against not only random shock but also prying eyes.

No matter whether you are a full-time traveler or an executive or an aspiring student, anti-theft bags can fit into your lifestyle seamlessly. Most of them are made of water-resistant material and also come with extra cushion to endure random shock. What’s more, many of them feature a breathable mesh back panel for heat elimination and a USB port to let you securely power up your smartphone or even a headset even on the go.

So, if you are in the market for a backpack, we have got you covered with the best anti-theft backpacks for MacBook, including the latest MacBook Pro and Air models. Keeping in mind various demands, we have chosen both premium and affordable laptop bags. Love lightweight and vibrant design? Well, the roundup has also included some elegant offerings for those who adore the sophisticated design. That said, let’s see what these notebook bags have in store for you!

Best MacBook Anti-Theft Backpacks in 2020

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KOPACK Waterproof Anti-Theft MacBook Backpack

Sporting a modern-look, KOPACK anti-theft backup is primed to make an adorable match with your pro outing. It’s made of water-resistant fabric material and comes in two variants: 15.6-inch and 17-inch.

There is a built-in rain cover that ensures your valuables remain dry. Plus, it also features an ABS base that endows more durability.

The front pocket can comfortably house your earphones, chargers, and other useful items. As the zipper is hidden, your items have got extra safeguards against theft.

What’s more, it also comes with an external USB port with a built-in cable to let you power up your electronic devices securely. Considering these notable features, a $45.99 price tag seems competitive.

USP: Professional design with USB port
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#2. eBags

eBags Professional Slim Anti-Theft Backpack for MacBook

If you don’t mind stretching your budget a little bit in favor of a premium ($119.99) anti-theft backpack for your MacBook, this offering from eBags would be a great choice. As compared to other similar bags, it’s quite lightweight and has a minimalist design. The sleeve fits up to a 17-inch notebook and features a fleece-lined padded interior to absorb shock.

The front vertical zip pocket, the diagonal stash pocket, and the middle compartment ensure you can conveniently carry small items like pens, books, power banks, and more. Plus, it also has a detachable strap to make it convenient for you to carry the laptop.

You can pick this notebook sleeve in four colors: sage green, heathered graphite, brushed indigo, and the solid black. Given the professional looking design and top-quality material, eBags is certainly one of the finest anti-theft sleeves that you can get for your MacBook.

USP: Lightweight and professional looking design
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#3. KAKA

KAKA Water Resistant MacBook Anti-Theft Backpack

Kaka’s anti-theft backpack is designed to be a top-grade travel companion for your MacBook. Carved out of high-quality oxford material, the bag is highly durable and can hold up to a 17-inch notebook. Being water-resistant, it also offers the needed safeguard to your laptop against rains.

The inclusion of the padded shoulder strap makes it more convenient to carry the bag. Further, there is also an adjustable drawstring closure type compartment along with three front and side magnet snap pockets to keep items like phones, wallets, books, pens, and more safely.

Even better, KAKA’s laptop bag is priced reasonably at $39.99. Should you want to have a rugged MacBook cover that can absorb shock and keep your device shielded during hectic travel, this one can be worth taking note of.

USP: High-grade Oxford material with water-resistance
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SHIELDON Travel Anti-Theft Backpack for MacBook

Looking at SHIELDON bag, all I can say is that it’s made for a rough and tough choice. Well, the reason why I say it because it’s probably the strongest anti-theft MacBook Pro/Air backpacks out there. Courtesy the durable Oxford material coupled with the padded interior, it can fight out bumps with ease.

The travel backpack comes with multiple compartments and pockets so that it can carry many items safely. You can use the two front pockets to keep items like batteries, cables, and headphones securely. Times when you wish to power up your phones, the included USB charging port would come into play.

The soft multi-panel ventilated padding allows heat dissipation so that the notebook remains cool inside. And with the fully adjustable contoured shoulder straps, carrying the laptop is a comfortable experience.

USP: Practical USB Port and Comfortable Design
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#5. Della Gao

Della Gao Business Anti-Theft Backpack for MacBook

There are tons of anti-theft MacBook backpacks in the market. But believe, very few offers the best of both worlds: high-quality and affordable price ($29.96 – $34.99).

If you are in the market for a fairly good backpack at a comparatively low price, look no further than Della Gao. The bag is made of water-resistant polyester fabric material that can absorb shock. Not to mention, it also got some hidden pockets where things like earphones, chargers, and phones can reside securely.

With the USB charging port, it can let you charge your iPhone or other electronic items. The night light-reflective comes in handy during darkness. Better still, the added and breathable mesh back panel of this computer rucksack design improves air convection to keep the devices cool.

USP: Breathable mesh back panel for heat elimination
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PINCNEL Waterproof Nylon Anti-Theft Backpack for MacBook

When elegance and sophisticated design come together, you get a nice-looking backpack like PINCNEL. It’s crafted with PU leather and nylon fabric that adds smooth touch while also increasing the durability.

With a waterproof design, it’s also fully capable of keeping your laptop and other small items protected from the rain. The two adjustable shoulder straps make carrying the laptop easy-going. And just in case, your commonly used items have a safe place, it comes with multiple pockets where things like documents and phones can reside.

But what steals the show for the women anti-theft backpack for MacBook is the availability of 14 colors dark red, blue, olive, and more.

USP: Pretty elegant design
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#7. Mancro

Mancro Anti-Theft MacBook Backpack

Though not a premium laptop bag, Mancro could be a solid pick for those who are hunting for budget-friendly options. The nylon fabric material with water-resistant design makes a fine travel companion. For enhanced protection, it comes anti-theft lock design.

One notable feature of Mancro is the availability of nine inner small pockets that offer you the flexibility to carry several items. Those pockets can come in super handy during long travel.

Another feature that makes it a highly user-friendly bag is the USB charging port that enables users to juice up your gadgets with ease. Add to that the two adjustable straps and eight color variants, and it’s got most of the basics covered.

USP: Strong anti-theft lock design
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#8. Tzowla

Tzowla Water Resistant Anti-Theft Backpack for MacBook

This offering from Tzowla has got a handsome design that might not catch attention, but it ticks off all the essential boxes. The manufacturer has used polyester fabric material and added the required cushion inside so that the bag can withstand impact. And with the widen padded shoulder strap at the disposal, you will be able to carry your valuables conveniently.

In terms of security against theft, it’s up to the mark thanks to the robust lock design and durable metal zippers. The front pockets are spacious to house many items. While you are on the drive, you will take advantage of the USB and headset port design to power up your electronic devices.

Even in the color departments, it doesn’t disappoint either courtesy ten solid hue options.

USP: Shock-absorbing interior
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KUPRINE MacBook Anti-Theft Backpack

While there is a lot to like in this anti-theft MacBook bag, I would like to talk about the three most notable ones that have made me take notice. First and foremost, the backpack is very spacious, which can be useful for the full-time traveler who has to carry several items.

The second, KUPRINE backpack, is carved out of water repellent nylon fabric material that can withstand drops and also resist rains. Apart from resisting water and enduring bumps, it can also ward off scratches. As a result, the laptop backpack can continue to look adorable for long.

And the third, the dual-layer zipper endows more strength, while the availability of several pockets takes care of basic needs. Plus, the lock system adds another layer of safeguard to your items.

USP: Spacious design with multiple organizational compartments
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#10. Uoobag Tigernu Series

Uoobag Tigernu Series Anti-Theft Backpack for MacBook

What has caught my eyes in Uoobag Tigernu Series is a pro-looking executive design. The bag has a lightweight and refined design. With the incorporation of sponge and fabric material, the backpack has got enough strength to absorb shock.

You can use the chest buckle and ring hasp to adjust strap length easily. And just like other backpacks mentioned in this roundup, it’s also got a USB port to power up devices safely. Moreover, the sturdy zipper of the main compartment offers enhanced anti-theft protection.

But these features aren’t the highlight of this backpack as it comes at just $25.99, which is comparatively way cheaper than most MacBook anti-theft backpacks available in the market.

USP: Executive design at comparatively cheap price
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So, these are our top MacBook bags.

What’s Your Pick?

They say, “A stick in time can save nine.” Therefore, it always pays to remain cautious against theft rather than repent later. And these modern backpacks can go a long way in shielding your notebook and other valuable items both against unexpected bumps and unauthorized access.

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By the way, which is your favorite anti-theft bag, and what are the qualities that have caught your eyes in it? It would be nice to know.

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