Best Integrated Development Environment [IDEs] for Mac

Best Mac IDEs

Macs are a powerful machine capable of handling heavy graphical things at ease. Also, they are equally fast and efficient enough to handle the complex algorithm that you may write. With advanced technological enhancement like AR, VR, and AI, writing complex codes has been a challenging task for software engineers. To reduce their time and efforts on managing tedious tasks, we compiled a list of the best IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Mac.

1. AppCode by JetBrains

AppCode IDE for Mac

Let’s start the list with a dedicated IDE for iOS and Android app development. Mobile apps have taken the world by the storm, thanks to the hardware iPhone and Android phones offer. Developers make use of advanced hardware sensors to deliver a never-before experience to users.

Coming back to AppCode, it has a native support for Objective-C, Swift, C and C++ (including modern C++ standards, libc++ and Boost), as well as JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS and XPath.

Besides language, the IDE has tonnes of handful features that will make the developer’s life a little easy. Especially when it comes to refactoring a vast project, a variable is used everywhere, and when that needs a change, it becomes tough. With AppCode, refactoring is easy, replace at one place and it will do the change wherever it is required.

Another notable feature is the IDE’s ability to find an error in the code. If you forgot a “;” or a bracket, the IDE will highlight it in red and also when you hover your cursor; it will show you the error message. Apart from that, it will also alert the line which has any conflicting argument while compiling.

Lastly, AppCode supports almost all version controls that are widely used. You can access the console right from the AppCode app.

Given the reliability and features it offers, it isn’t free. There are two options – Individual, and organization. Also, you can choose a yearly or monthly subscription. There’s a 30-day trial as well.


2. CLion

CLion IDE for Mac

When it comes to design complex server-side applications with low latency, C/C++ is what strikes the developer’s mind. The only downside with C/C++ is that it compiles an EXE file, which is not supported on macOS. There are ways to cross-compile such applications, but when you get that feature natively in an IDE, why to invest time unnecessarily.

CLion is a dedicated IDE for C/C++, and it also has support for C++ standards, libc++ and Boost. Navigating through your thousands of lines of code is extremely easy. Find class, variable, constructor, and more with just a click on the keyboard.

Apart from that, almost all the features of IDE has a dedicated keyboard shortcut, which you’ll master over time. Also, the IDE can generate some codes as well, like constructors, destructors, getter/setter, etc.

Refactoring the code is also easy and most importantly, accurate. It will throw errors if there are any conflicts while refactoring. Also, it shows code conflicts instantly while you are writing the code. This makes it easier to handle code errors before compiling.

Lastly, the app has a built-in console to issue commands locally or through SSH, along with version controls like Git. Like the one above, this too isn’t free, but there’s a 30-days trial to get you started.


3. PhpStorm

PhpStrom Mac IDE

PHP is yet another one of the widely used programming language. It is mostly used for websites and also to develop web applications. PHP has many frameworks, and developers use them whenever required. For this, there has to be an IDE that supports all PHP frameworks, along with support for front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS, Sass, Less, Stylus, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Emmet, and JavaScript, with refactors, debugging, and unit testing available.

That’s where PhpStorm wins the race. It supports all essential frameworks which include – Symfony, Drupal, WordPress, Zend Framework, Laravel, Magento, Joomla!, CakePHP, Yii, and other.

Like all other IDEs, this too has simple and easy navigation along with keyboard shortcuts for most of the features. The impressing feature of the IDE is its ability to integrate some very useful developers tool like – support for remote deployment, databases/SQL, command-line tools, Docker, Composer, REST Client, and many other tools. It checks your code as you type and shows error instantly. Just in case if you miss it, there’s a built-in debugger as well.

Lastly, PhpStorm offers a 30-days trial and then if you are happy with it, you’ll need to buy it.


4. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA IDE for Mac

JAVA has been there for decades, and it is widely used to develop secure, enterprise-level applications. Like all other languages, JAVA too has different frameworks. IntelliJ IDEA supports all JAVA frameworks, plugins, etc. Installing a plugin hardly takes more than a couple of clicks.

The IDE comes with the built-in console, debugger, and also support for version controls. You can generate specific codes within the app, that includes getter/setter, constructors, exceptions, etc. Like all other IDE, this too checks your code in real-time and alerts when there is any conflict with variables or any class.

Though the IDE is dedicated for JAVA, it also supports other technologies like HTML5, CSS, Angular JS, React Native, Node.js, and top of that, it also supports Android app development using Cordova/Ionic.

It’s an all-in-one IDE if JAVA is your primary stack to develop an application. Unlike other IDE that cost money, this has two options. Go with the paid version with all features, or download the free community version with limited features.

Download [Paid] | Download [Community Version]

5. GoLand

GoLand IDE for Mac

Go is comparatively new technology developed by Google and it is gaining momentum recently. Go consumes fewer resources and is pretty fast compared to a few of the technologies we mentioned above. This too has different framework over the core technology.

GoLand from JetBrains supports the Go language by default, but it also has dedicated support for its frameworks. The IDE comes with most of the features we have described above along with many built-in plugins. But if you need any specific plugin while working with Go, you can download it with a few clicks.

The IDE includes features like built-in debugger, console, code analyzer, smart refactoring, version control, rest-runner, and many others.

Lastly, like all others, this too has 30-days of free trial to test the usefulness of the product. If you are comfortable with the features, you can later purchase the yearly license.


That’s all, folks!

Final deployment…

These IDEs are packed with almost all features a developer may need to design and develop a revolutionary application. Whether you are working on a mobile app, web application, website, or an enterprise app, these IDEs will surely reduce your efforts. You will need to use your skills just for coding, and these products will do the rest.

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