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Best iPhone and iPad Coding Apps for Kids in 2021

Best iPhone and iPad Coding Apps for Kids

Does your little kid aspire to be the next-gen app developer, or you want your sweetheart to get on with coding early on? We have you fully covered with the best iPhone and iPad coding apps for kids. These top coding apps for iOS make learning incredibly easy. They are loaded with a gazillion of puzzles, scintillating animation, and more significantly richly crafted concepts that your children would love to get hooked. Oh yes, they also offer tons of rewards to keep them pumped up for more! So, why don’t you lap on a nice one to kick-start the joyride for your fast-growing champ?

1. codeSpark Academy

codeSpark Academy iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

codeSpark Academy offers an immensely helpful coding program for kids 4-9. Its curriculum has been prepared based on collaboration with and research from MIT, Princeton and Carnegie Mellon.

To me, the biggest flashpoint of this app is the very interesting “no words” interface that teaches the basics of computer programming using some interactive learning activities like puzzles, games, step-by-step creative projects, game design and more.

As per your child’s progress, the app also provides personalized daily activities to keep his interest intact. Besides, you can also keep track of the learning of kid. Once the trial period expires, you will need to upgrade the app ($7.99/monthly) to continue.

Price: Free

2. Lightbot: Programming Puzzles

Lightbot Programming Puzzles iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Featured by Apple in more than 100 countries, Lightbot is designed to be an exciting programming puzzle game. The game has 50 levels and 20 challenge stars to collect. Each level has been crafted smartly to not just teach but also entertain kids.

To crack the conundrums, they need to use programming logic. What’s more, they can play Lightbot in multiple languages including English, French, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Norwegian, Slovenian, Romanian, Indonesian, German, Polish, Danish, Croatian, Dutch, Slovak, Czech, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Hindi, Swedish, Finnish and Hungarian.

Price: $2.99

3. SpriteBox Coding

SpriteBox Coding iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

SpriteBox is a fantastic adventure game that’s primed to teach coding in a fun way. The app offers a neatly structured program that starts with icon coding and gradually moves to real Swift syntax. Kids can explore different worlds, unlock new outfits and also meet new characters.

There are 70 intriguing puzzles to solve. Besides, they have 500 stars to collect. With stunning graphics and impressive animation, SpriteBox doesn’t take much time to win the heart of kids!

Price: $4.99

4. Code Kingdom: Treasure

Code Kingdom iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Every kid (6 to 11) would like to have the Code Kingdom to learn basic programming. Children get to interact with hilarious characters that develop a strong interest in programming in them. They learn the concepts of spatial imagination, logical operations, and algorithmic thinking skills.

Challenging game scenarios where kids have to use programming knowledge to solve puzzles. With hundreds of levels on offer, they will enjoy playing games while also learning.

Price: Free

5. Code Karts – Pre-coding logic

Code Karts iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

What makes Code Karts such a brilliant code-learning app is the well-thought curriculum. It teaches students through numerous attention-grabbing puzzles presented in the form of a raceway.

There are more than 70 levels, which are primed to test the skills of kids. It has two modes of classic and competition that are aimed at developing sequencing, problem-solving and logic. Even better, Code Karts supports 21 languages to ensure you can learn to code in your favorite language.

Price: Free

6. Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

Think & Learn Code iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

I have found this app very entertaining. The app teaches preschoolers multi-step plans to achieve a goal. Besides, it also offers fun rewards, sound effects and animations to make playing the game a wonderful experience.

Kids will get knowledge about numbers and how they form a sequence. They can also learn how to find a solution to a problem. Lastly, Code-a-pillar supports four languages like English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Price: Free

7. Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur iPad Coding App Screenshot

The biggest highlight of Daisy the Dinosaur is the ability to teach coding in a pretty simple way. Thanks to the drag and drop interface, it makes learning a straightforward task. Kids will love animating Daisy and make her dance on their screen.

Kids will understand the basics of objects, sequencing, loops, and events taking challenges head-on. The clean user-interface and cool animations play a pivotal role in winning over the heart of children.

Price: Free

8. Move The Turtle Programming For Kids

Move The Turtle Programming For Kids iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Having been the Winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award and praised by various popular tech sites, Move The Turtle is a cut above the rest when it comes to teaching basic programming to kids (5+).

A step-by-step guide to colorful environments makes learning a pleasing affair. By following simple examples, your kid can get on with learning smoothly.

Along the learning, the app offers some challenges to test the mettle of children. And yes, there are a lot of rewards to get. That apart, Move The Turtle is compatible with three languages including English, Polish, and Spanish.

Price: $3.99


9. Coda Game – Make Your Own Games

Coda Game iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Coda Game provides absolute freedom to kids to play the game just the way they want. They can drag and drop the visual coding blocks to create wonderful games like air hockey, flappy bird, and platform games. They can also share their masterpiece with friends and loved ones.

With 37 triggers onboard, kids can form their own rule to follow. It has a huge library of over 70 graphical assets to let them adorn their games. Moreover, there are eight sound effects to spice things up in a big way!

Price: $2.99

10. GoldieBlox: Adventures in Coding

GoldieBlox Adventures in Coding iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

How about indulging in some jaw-dropping adventures while learning to code? Well, GoldieBlox is what you should pick for your kids to help them get to know all the basic nuances of coding.

Activities like delivering cupcakes to party guests bring a lot of joy into the play. The adventure mode with more than 20 levels of coding puzzles is impressive. Even better, kids can also code their own game map by learning to adjust variables. Did I say, there are also several mini-games keep them entertained?

Price: $2.99

That’s all, folks!

What’s your pick?

I guess you have found a great coding app for your kid, haven’t you? It would be my pleasure to know its name and the features you have liked in it.

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