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The iPad is a gadget that transcends age. And when it comes to interactive apps for kids, the iPad is right up on the top as the most-favored gadget that ever was.

There are tons of games and education apps for kids on the App Store. The iPad brings a whole new level of interactivity and kids usually adore the apps and games on it.

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So what's your kid going to play this year? A lot of old apps have been updated, quite a bunch of new ones are up for downloads and of course, the interactive games for kids are richer than ever.

Interactive iPad Apps for Kids

We take a look at some really cool interactive iPad games for kids for 2013:

1. Dr. Panda's Daycare (Free)

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Let your kid take care of three cute animals. Dr. Panda's Daycare is a beautiful interactive game that is engrossing and beautiful at the same time. The app is crafted well to be both an interactive game as well as an edutainment app that teaches the nuances of making someone happy!

Price: Free
Download Dr. Panda's Daycare

2. Super Match (Free)

This is a card game that helps test your child's memory. The great thing is this is much more of an edutainment app that's known to be particularly addictive. As long as your kid learns from it, addiction is good, what say?

Price: Free
Download Super Match

3. I Spy with Lola HD (iPad only)

I Spy with Lola is a little thrilling clue-based game that helps kid become sharper through the gameplay. It helps your kid remember stuff and its name in a very interactive, visual and entertaining way.

Price: $1.99
Download I Spy with Lola HD

4. Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123

This one needs no introduction does it? Jigsaws have been an all-time favorite for generations now and this one is the digital avatar of the most-popular form of a game. Puzzles are assorted from easy to hard levels so it's not just the kid that can try these out. You can play along too.

Price: Free
Download Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123

5. Color Drops – Draw & Paint Game

While Color Drops isn't in the league of well-crafted games, it sure serves as a neat little coloring game which can keep your kid engrossed for a long while. One coloring page from each category is free and after that, you'll need to do those in-app purchases to get the rest.

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Price: Free
Download Color Drops – Draw & Paint Game

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    Great iPad app for kids 2+ is Zoe Park Ranger – animal matching cards and education –