Best iPhone and iPad Science Apps for Kids: Learn Core Science Topics in a Fun Way

Want to help your child learn science in a fun way? Read on to find out the top 10 science apps for iPad and iPhone to make your kid learn the basic concepts with ease.

It’s no secret that kids love to play games on mobile devices. As a parent, you can take advantage of your kid’s fascination towards smartphones to make him/her learn while playing. In today’s roundup, we have reviewed the best iPhone science apps that joyfully teach several elementary topics.

You can also take part in the game with your child. With the reward system, they allow you to encourage your kid to explore more. Would you like to discover science facts? Great, we have picked out some apps that even a pro would love to have a go at.

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Best Science Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. The Elements

The Elements by Theodore Gray iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This reference app is based on the renowned “The Elements” book by Theodore Gray. Featuring more than 500 high-resolution images, it provides detailed information about the universe.

With several stories and fun facts, it ensures your learning remains a joyful experience. The intuitive UI and thoughtfully crafted contents make it a top bet.

Another notable feature of this app is the compatibility with several languages including English, Catalan, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, French, German and more.

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Price: $8.99

#2. Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Aspire to be a successful surgeon? This app can offer you a great experience by letting you perform many surgeries.

You have to save the life of an unlucky patient Bob. So, give your best to perform successful surgeries. Carry out teeth and eyes transplants so that he has a better look.

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What’s more, you can grab 50 rewards by doing well. So, put your best foot forward to make yourself a top surgeon.

Price: $1.99

#3. 3D Brain

3D Brain iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Wish to learn more about how the brain functions? 3D Brain can be worth having a serious look at.

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You can find out how each part of the brain functions. You will also get to know the aftereffects of injuries.

The app offers some case studies as well so that you have better insight into a particular issue. Lastly, 3D Brain supports only two languages English and Japanese.

Price: Free

#4. Moon

Moon iPhone and iPad Science App Screenshot

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“Moon” is the pretty lightweight app but can be very handy in letting you enhance your knowledge about the moon. You can research info about the moon at any date in past or the future. For instance, you will be able to find out info about lunar phase on your birthday next year.

You will check out the distance to the moon in miles, kilometers, feet, and meters. It lets you add full moon dates to your calendar. With the custom alerts, it keeps you notified about special dates.

Price: Free

#5. Ultimate Dinopedia

Ultimate Dinopedia iPad App Screenshot

Wish to have in-depth knowledge about dinosaurs? You can’t get better than “Ultimate Dinopedia”–a complete dinosaurs reference app.

Read the important stats and even check out the comparisons. The table of contents and an interactive family tree make it a complete package.

You can watch videos of select dinosaurs as well. Moreover, it lets you share dinosaurs info with friends as well. This app is designed for iPad only.

Price: $4.99

#6. Curiosity

Curiosity iPhone and iPad Science App Screenshot

This one is for the people who have the curious soul. You can use this app not just to improve your GK (general knowledge) but also find out the answer of several mysteries.

Read the puzzle articles to test your skill and take part in quizzes to improve your knowledge. The five new articles and videos every day ensure your learning continues to be a pleasing experience.

Don’t have much time to read a story? You can save an article to catch it up later.

Price: Free

#7. Play and Learn Science 

Play and Learn Science iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Make your kid learn science while playing games. It features 12 interactive games, which cover basic science topics.

The app teaches several important things like how light and objects interact and how weather works. It also teaches physical and life science.

You can play the games with your kid and also reward him for doing well. Even better, the app offers some cool tips and tricks on how to encourage the child to play the game.

Price: Free

#8. Blue Apprentice

Blue Apprentice iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Blue Apprentice” is a fun-filled intergalactic story-based science game. The app makes it pretty simple to learn the basic science concepts such as the periodic table. It provides unrestricted access to the curriculum so that your child can learn without any limitation.

Several thoughtfully crafted episodes teach a variety of topics like life science, energy storage and transfer, physical science and more. It lets kids explore multiple attractive worlds so that they gain real-life experience. Besides, Blue Apprentice has the support for the number of international languages.

Price: Free

#9. Best Science Facts

Best Science Facts iPhone and iPad Screenshot

How about discovering some exciting science facts? This app can help you enhance your knowledge about several things like animals, humans, plants, space, nature, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, technology, etc.

The concise snippets are pretty easy to understand. You can also save some facts to catch up with them later.

Like sharing cool stuff? You will also be able to share facts via Facebook, Twitter and other media with your friends.

Price: Free

#10. NASA

NASA iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

I don’t think many of you would be surprised to see “NASA” in this list. With this app, you can keep track of all the latest mission information and news. Featuring over 15,000 images and more than 13,000 videos, you have got plenty to explore.

You can check out upcoming sighting opportunities and receive notifications before they will take place. Catch up with the live streaming video from the high definition earth viewing (HDEV).

Don’t forget to rate images and find out which ones are included in the top rated list.

Price: Free

That’s it, folks!

What’s your pick?

Now that you have glanced through the finest science apps tell us about the ones that are going to be installed on your device. Plus, let us know about the ones that are worth mentioning in the above roundup.

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