Best Voice Language Translator Devices in 2020: Your Passport to Claim Global Citizenship

My business takes me to a lot of destinations on the world map. It is fun to know people of a different culture, but language is one of the biggest barriers. Although translation apps work for your personal interpreter, most of them need a strong Internet connection. This is where a voice language translator device comes in handy. Sounds interesting? Explore this list of the best language translator devices to carry in your travel bag.

A language translator device looks like a smartphone or a TV remote. You can easily put it in your pockets or in a carry bag. Since it is portable in nature, this language translation device can be used anywhere in the world. A businessperson would like to use this device as it works as a global language translator. Apart from translating foreign languages and voices, these portable devices can also translate road signs, restaurant menus, and other pictures.

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Best Language Translator Devices in 2020


BUOTH Smart Voice Language Translator Device

Get instant access to 70 international languages in this two-way language translator device, which boasts 2.4-inch touch screen. This portable device can translate languages in real-time. When you speak what you want to translate, this device also displays the translated text on its screen.

You can connect this foreign language translator to a Wi-fi network or mobile hotspot. Without using a SIM card or an app, you can use this device during your travels, learning, shopping, business, or making friends abroad. Along with 97% accuracy rate, enjoy HD recording, noise reduction microphone, and clear voice.

USP: 97% accuracy
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#2. SSK

SSK Smart Language Translator Device

If your business is spread across different geographies, you can rely on SSK translator to communicate with people living abroad. This device supports 86 languages so that you can travel abroad without any linguistic barrier. SSK has joined hands with globally acclaimed AI translation engines like Google, Microsoft, Baidu, and IFLYTEK, which give 98% accuracy.

It takes only a half-second for this translation device to convert a source text into a target one. This quick response makes your communication real. Its 950mAh lithium battery works for three to four hours.

USP: Quick response
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#3. KingBass

KingBass Portable Language Translation Device

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you can use KingBass smart voice language translator device to interact with people. You can use this device at hotels, restaurants, bus depot, shopping malls, etc. to get two-way language translation. This device supports 39 languages and gives you 99% accuracy in translation.

Once you download uTranslate app on your iPhone and connect the device via Bluetooth, you can translate texts in real-time. It is a small device, which has a 750mAh battery.

USP: 99% accuracy
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#4. Birgus

Birgus Voice Language Translator Device

Birgus is equipped with a technology that translates your voice by audio and also displays translated text on the screen. This helps you communicate with hearing-impaired people. Its 2.4-inch high-definition touch screen shows you text translation. You can operate this device is easy to operate as you are not supposed to install any app on your iPhone.

The powerful battery of 1200mAh capacity works for eight long hours; you can keep this device on standby for seven days. You can use this device when you are abroad, making friends from other countries, learning new languages or practice pronunciation.

USP: 8 hours of battery capacity
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SYUAN Electronic Language Translator Device

A notable feature of this language translator is it can be used a wireless Bluetooth speaker. This means you don’t need to carry a speaker separately when you are away from your home town. The mini design of the translator device allows you to hold it properly in your hands.

This language translation device can help you with 52 languages. SYUAN has three modes to explore: face to face translation, picture translation, and recording translation.

USP: Can work as a Bluetooth speaker
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#6. Layopo

Layopo Portable Smart Language Translator Device

Layopo has manufactured a powerful translator device with huge battery capacity. Its 1500mAh lithium battery gives you 1560 minutes of continuous use, while it takes only 250 minutes to charge this device. You can use this device in a noisy environment as its intelligent noise reduction system is equipped with a MIC chip.

This 32GB voice translator runs on Wi-fi or mobile hotspot, and this eliminates the need for a SIM card. Moreover, you can always use Chinese-English inter-translation feature even without an Internet connection.

USP: Powerful battery
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RAZAR Smart Voice Language Translator Device

RAZAR presents a language translator that looks like a feature phone. However, this device comes with a full-screen touch display to quickly access four key features: Translate, Recording, Bluetooth, and Settings. When the device is connected to a Wi-fi network, it updates to a new version automatically.

RAZAR uses four leading translation engines viz. Google, Baidu, Microsoft, and IFLYTEK. Thus, you get 98% accuracy in translation when you are away from your homeland. With 3.5mm headphone jack, 1400mAh battery, double microphone, and 4GB flash memory, this is your perfect travel companion.

USP: Highly sensitive microphone
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OUMAX Smart Language Translator Device

OUMAX is one of your essential travel accessories. While packing your backpack, don’t forget to put this 2.4-inch IPS touchscreen-enabled translator device, which boasts features like voice recognition, text to speech, and push to talk 38 languages.

This smart real-time two-way multi-speech translator is faster and more convenient than other run-of-the-mill devices. Powered by artificial intelligence, this device improves itself with more usage. Unlimited and accurate text to speech has made it one of the most popular language translators among global travelers.

USP: Voice recognition
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#9. ZOTO

ZOTO Portable Voice Language Translator Device

The oval-shaped translator device from Zoto looks beautiful in your hands. And you can carry this Electronic translator tool with equal ease in your pocket, fanny pack, or travel bag. When you connect this language translator to a Wi-fi network or mobile hotspot, it can finish the translation process within 0.3 seconds. Moreover, you can see the translated text on its 2.4-inch HD touchscreen display.

All the keys and ports are easily accessible as the translator machine is designed precisely. This voice translator has high-definition recording and noise reduction microphone, which can identify your voice in noisy environments.

USP: HD recording
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#10. Bestrans

Bestrans Smart Voice Translator Device

Bestrans has four excellent features that set it apart from other translator devices in this list. This tool can translate texts into four modes: speech, photo, offline, and Internet. Note that offline translation feature only works for four languages viz. English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

One of the glaring features of this device is dialect translation, which is not found in other devices. The dialect translation is enabled in English, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. Another cool feature of this device is a simultaneous translation that gives you text and voice.

USP: Dialects support
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That’s all folks!

Summing up…

Language is one of the biggest barriers for travelers. But this should not prevent you from exploring unknown lands and finding new business opportunities there. Thanks to electronic foreign language translator devices, you can now communicate with global citizens.

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