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How to Use New Translate App in iOS 14

How to use new translate app on iphone

One of the significant new features of iOS 14 is a built-in Translator app that supports 11 languages. It allows you to quickly translate both text and voice commands. You can even access your recent translations and save some as favorites for quick access. It’s perfect for linguaphiles and travelers. So let’s check out how to use the Translate app on your iPhone.

Which Languages Can You Translate in iOS 14? 

To start with, Translate currently supports translation between any combination of the 11 languages below:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Arabic

Once you download languages, you can enjoy a fully offline experience and keep your translations private without having to turn off the internet connection on your iPhone.

How to Use Translate App in iOS 14 

Before you can translate, you need to allow the Translate app to access cellular data.
Go to SettingsTranslate and toggle ON Cellular Data.  

turn on cellular data for translate app on iphone

Alternatively, you can enable the On-Device mode if you want the app to work offline.

enable on-device mode for translate app on iphone

For this, however, you will need to download your preferred languages as explained further below.

  1. Open the Translate app.set up language translate app in ios 14
  2. Select the languages that you want to translate ‘from’ and ‘to’ by tapping on each and selecting from the list. tap on language and select language for translation on iphoneIn the list, you can also scroll down and download languages for seamless offline language for offline use in ios 14 translate app on iphone
  3. Now, you can either type in the sentence you want to translate using the respective language keyboard or tap the microphone icon and speak out what you want to translate. Your translated phrase or sentence will appear immediately.translate text using translate app in ios 14

You can tap a specific word in the translated text to get its individual meaning.

find meaning for specific translated word in translate app

Further, if there are some particular phrases you want to keep handy, you can favorite them.

tap on star to favorite particular phrase in translate app on iphone
tap on favorite to view your translations in ios 14 translate app on iphone

Then when you tap on the favorites tab at the bottom of the screen, you will see your saved translations as well as your most recent translations.

You can remove a translation from favorites by sliding left and tapping Unfavorite.

tap on unfavorite to remove translation from favorite in translate app on iphone

Similarly, you can slide left on a recent translation and then either delete it or add to favorites.

delete recent translation from translate app on iphone

What is Conversation Mode on Translate App in iOS 14? 

The Translate app boasts an innovative Conversation Mode that makes it easy to have a back-and-forth exchange with someone who speaks another language.

You simply flip your device horizontally and can then see translations side by side as each person speaks.

switch to conversation mode on translate app in ios 14

The app automatically detects both languages for a seamless experience.

Summing Up

Translate will probably grow to support more languages fairly soon. Further, iOS 14 also lets you translate webpages in Safari. Do you enjoy learning new languages? Let us know in the comments below.

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