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Best iPhone Xs Wooden Cases in 2024

The desire to make the iPhone sport a slightly different profile has been the primary reason I have liked giving a shot of a wooden case. The real wood, coupled with the smooth finish, adds an authentic touch to your smartphone. Oh, not to speak of the engraved pattern that makes the cover look pleasing to the eyes. Well, if you belong to the same side of the fence as me, you would like to get one of these top 10 iPhone Xs Wooden Cases For iPhone. From the classy wooden covers to the ones that try to be a bit trendy, I’ve taken various cases into account. So, arresting the one that ideally fits into your wish shouldn’t be a big deal!

1. Luxury Pocket Book from Pad & Quill

Pad and Quill iPhone Xs Wooden Case

If you can stretch your budget in favor of a premium case, Luxury Pocket Book should be a runaway winner for your Xs.

This wallet case is a rich combo of full-grain American saddle leather and Baltic birch wood. The interior slots allow you to keep up to 5-7 cards and there is also a big compartment for storing some dollar bills.

The presence of luxurious texture never lets this case lose its real class. With the anti-slip grip, your smartphone will rarely jump out of your hands. Further, Luxury Pocket Book comes with lifetime wood and up to 25 years leather warranty.

USP: Luxurious design
Check out on Pad&Quill

2. NeWisdom

NeWisdom Wooden Case for iPhone Xs

Have you set your eyes on finding a classic looking wooden case for your iPhone Xs? This offering from NeWisdom should be at the top of your radar.

The real wood structure sports smooth finish so that your palm feels nice to the touch. With the presence of soft interior, the cover has got enough cushion to keep scratches away.

The cutouts seem to be precise enough to let you access all the ports comfortably. However, the highlight of this wooden cover is the compatibility with wireless charging.

USP: Support for wireless charging
Check out on Amazon


iCASEIT iPhone Xs Wooden Case

It’s the neat design that has made me want this wooden case from “iCASEIT.” The natural wood construction endows it more longevity. The ergonomic design provides much-improved gripping to prevent unexpected drops.

One notable feature is the ability to play nice with wireless chargers. As a result, you can charge your iPhone Xs without having to remove the cover. That’s not all; you will pick out iCASEIT in several different patterns.

USP: Ergonomic design
Check out on Amazon


YFWOOD Wooden Case for iPhone Xs

Often drops your iPhone? Why not go for a slightly more protective wooden case.

YFWOOD features a shockproof design to safeguard your Xs against impact. The rugged wooden cover coupled with the soft TPU makes it extremely durable.

Due mainly to the smooth exterior, the smartphone stays stead in your hands. It also supports wireless charging stands or pads so that you can embrace the new-age charging technology without any pain.

USP: Shockproof design
Check out on Amazon

5. iATO

iATO iPhone Xs Wooden Case

You should look at “iATO” as a simple wooden case. The low-profile design gives it a vintage look.

The snap-on structure plays a vital role in helping the cover make a form-fitting pair with the iPhone. Regarding protection from random falls, it should comfortably withstand minor impact.

Beyond defense,  iATO comes in several variants. So, finding the right fit shouldn’t be a huge deal for you.

USP: Low-profile design
Check out on Amazon

6. Woodaccessories

Woodaccessories iPhone Xs Wooden Case

For every sold wooden case, Woodaccessories plants a tree. This makes it an admirable brand, which manufactures high-quality wooden cases for iPhones. Woodaccessories uses only FSC certified wood, which protects your iPhone against scratches, dust, and shocks.

Woodaccessories has used soft-touch technology to make your iPhone experience comfortable and quick. Very few case makers can produce a wooden case with wireless charging compatibility; Woodaccessories has installed this feature in this case.

USP: FSC certified wood
Check out on Amazon

7. iATO (Blend of Leather and Wood)

iATO Wooden Case for iPhone Xs

One more wooden cover from iATO that has caught my attention. It’s a great mix of leather and wood. The two-tone design enhances its profile.

The sleek structure ensures your smartphone continues to look elegant. However, it can absorb minor shock and even put scrapes away. The ability to function in sync with wireless chargers makes it a fine bet for everyday use.

USP: Two-tone design
Check out on Amazon

8. Reveal

Reveal iPhone Xs Wooden Case

Reveal has crafted this wooden case from real bamboo. Reveal’s craftsmanship is seen in its ability to combine TPU rubber on the bamboo. This eco-friendly case is made from 100% bamboo, which is the fastest growing wood plant.

Apart from fashion, this bamboo case is highly functional. It requires amazing finesse to cut precise openings on a wood; Reveal has done this with its signature effortlessness. You can easily access all the ports and buttons, and you are not supposed to hard press buttons to operate your iPhone.

USP: Eco-friendly bamboo
Check out on Amazon


ROCK Wooden Case for iPhone Xs

I find “ROCK” a good suit for multiple reasons. First, the case has got a genuine construction that promises to add the natural touch to your smartphone.

The second, outer shell looks pretty refined. Hence, you feel comfortable holding the cover and also there is less chance of a slip-up. The included TPU reinforces the durability and also empowers the case to fight out scratches. And the third, the buttons and the cutouts are picture perfect for painless access.

USP: Impact-resistant design
Check out on Amazon

10. CaseYard

CaseYard iPhone Xs Wooden Case

Simply put, CaseYard is one of the most appreciable wooden cases for the Xs. So, what makes this case a different?

Well, the thing that stands CaseYard apart is the praiseworthy pattern. Mind you; it comes in more than 30 different designs. That means; your desire to find something out of the box won’t run out of steam.

Personally; I like the cover with American flag design as it looks so impressive. Oh yeah, I also like the one sporting camera pattern a lot.

USP: Attractive pattern
Check out on Amazon

And that’s it, folks! Hopefully, you liked our collection.

Stay Tuned for More…

Now comes the time to share your thoughts about the above cases. Well, I say it because it can help us find out the sort of covers you prefer the most. So, do not fail to offer your two cents!

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