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Toast iPhone 12 wooden case review: The thinnest wood case

Out-of-the-box, unique cases such as real-wood covers with natural texture can make you stand out in the crowd. However, they might not sit well with your pocket or hand (due to the bulky form factor). Well, Toast’s range of wooden covers for iPhone can be a viable solution. The brand claim that ‘This is the perfect case for people who dont want a case!‘ But that’s what she they say! Is it really that perfect?

Toast has surely impressed us in the past; do they manage to continue the legacy with iPhone 12 series? There is only one way to check out! Read the review to get answers to all this and more.

How Toast offers the goodness of a wooden case without the bulk?

There are quite a few tremendous slim wooden cases available for iPhone 12 series, and somehow Toast stands out as the thinnest of them all. How? Because they employ crazy-cool origami skills on a real-wood veneer.

Thickness of the Toast iPhone 12 cover

Thanks to which you get something between a cover & a skin; it’s not thin enough to be called a skin & surely not thick like your usual cases. If that’s the case, does it feel and look like a wooden case?

Kudos to the Toast’s team for taking exquisite care to sustain the authenticity of the wood piece. Each case is sanded and finished by hand to highlight the individual grain patterns and to maintain tactility. What’s amazing? It even smells earthy! While I can’t share that experience, you can surely check out these clicks to get an idea about the looks.

Clicks to get an idea about the look of Toast iPhone 12 cover

What’s so special about the Toast wood cover for iPhone 12?

The smell, feel, and looks are not the only perks of this cover; Toast brings many features into the mix.

Marvel-worthy precision

The laser-cut wooden pieces are super-precise. I tested the iPhone 12 Pro Max cover, and as you can see from the above pictures, it fits like a glove. Everything from the Apple logo, camera lens, rounded edges to even the small hole for sim ejection pin is taken care of.

Toast iPhone 12 cover before application


MagSafe is an essential feature for the iPhone 12 series, and Toast ensures that the magnets and charging work efficiently through the wooden case.

Variety galore

Apart from the walnut finish, Toast offers eco-ebony, eco-zebrawood, lyptus, eco-rosewood, and maple options. Plus, you can pay a bit extra for a custom pattern, Apple icon cut & custom text on the back.

Various options of Toast iPhone 12 cover

Notably, the camera and button covers, plus the front panel, is not included in the packaging. You will have to buy them separately! However, the front cover does show some silver in our case.

Front cover shows some silver in Toast iPhone 12 cover

Easy to clean & maintain

Just a slightly wet washcloth, that’s all you will need to clean the cover’s matt surface. And while the brand doesn’t claim beautiful aging like some of its competitors, it does age well.

The CFO of iGeeks Media, Jignesh, attests “the Toast cover lasted flawlessly on his previous device for about 1.2 – 2 years.”


Committed to progressive environmental and social practices, Toast only employs responsibly grown, rainforest-friendly woods. The company runs on 100% renewable energy and uses FSC-certified paper packaging.

Moreover, 1% of their sales are donated to environment-focused non-profit organizations. And for every product sold, Toast plants one tree in partnership with Trees for the Future. Now, that’s quite a guilty-free purchase, isn’t it?

How to apply Toast wooden cover to your iPhone 12

I won’t call it easy, as you may need some skills and a focussed mind to apply the cover on your phone. Check out the video for more clarity.

And as unique as their product, the brand offers a ‘Butterfingers Replacement Policy.’ You will get a free replacement if you mess up the installation; you only pay the shipping cost.

There is another exciting offer; if your device needs repairing within the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, the replacement cover will be available at 50% off.

Should you skip or grab the Toast iPhone 12 cover?

While one can debate whether it is a case or a skin, the truth is that Toast offers a genuinely unique, well-crafted iPhone cover. The products reflect the great passion, high-quality material, and technology that is involved in the making.

It may be expensive than your regular cover, especially with the add ons, but this is not a regular color. The wood veneer finish will help you stand out.

Wood veneer finish in Toast iPhone 12 cover

And while it is not a flaw, just a point that should be pointed out; Toast offers bare minimum protection to your device. So, clumsy people kindly visit the rugged case section.

If you have used a Toast case before or are willing to try this one, share your views, reviews, and queries in the comment section below.

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