Best Ring Holder Cases for iPhone Xs Max in 2023

Though I don’t have butterfingers, I never want to take things for guaranteed. That’s the reason why like pairing my iPhone with a ring case. It not just offers enhanced grip but also livens up hands-free FaceTime. If you are like me, you would love to have the finest ring holder cases for your iPhone Xs Max.

  1. Neivi
  2. Hayder
  3. SQMCase
  4. BeautyWill
  5. Liwarace
  6. Spilay
  8. Elegant Choise
  9. Casetego

1. Neivi

Neivi iPhone Xs Max Ring Holder Case

“Neivi” looks more geared towards fashion with the slim and frosted finish structure making a befitting pair with the big screen smartphone. The PC material can resist fingerprints and also scrapes.

With just 0.9mm thickness, the cover barely adds any bulk to the smartphone. Thus the sleekness of the XS Max remains intact.

Like dark colors? Neivi comes in with five variants including black, blue, gold, rose gold and the most appealing red.

USP: Frosted finish to resist fingerprints
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2. Hayder

Hayder iPhone Xs Max Ring Holder Case

I find “Hayder” up to the mark from various aspects. First things, it sports a slim yet protective design so that you can flaunt your smartphone without putting the defense at the backburner. The second, it provides improved gripping so that your device stays comfortable in your palm.

The ring holder works spotlessly as a handy kickstand to ramp up your media time. Do you use your device hands-free on the drive? Well, Hayder also supports magnetic car mounts.

Another notable thing is the availability of eight nice-looking color options.

USP: Slim yet protective design
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3. SQMCase

SQMCase iPhone Xs Max Ring Holder Case

I look at “SQMCase” as a complete ring cover for Xs Max. The feature that has appealed me a lot in the case is the durable yet quite slim casing. As a result, your style doesn’t come at the cost of protection.

You can use the ring to hold your phablet securely when snapping a selfie or recording fun-loving videos. It can also come in handy to spice up your movie time.

Regarding buttons and cutouts, they appear to alright. Besides, you get only two colors to pick from black and blue.

USP: Rubberized texture for enhanced grip
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4. Liwarace

Liwarace iPhone Xs Max Ring Holder Case

Love colorful design? If yes, you would love to have “Liwarace” under your radar.

The case looks thin and can fit the device snugly. Courtesy soft TPU material; it can also withstand minor shock. With the 360-degree rotation, you can make the most of your favorite movies in their full-fledged form.

You can choose this charming cover in three colors: red, blue, and pink. If you have red or blue iPhone Xs Max, the matching color can make the device look really hot.

USP: Eye-catching design
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5. Spilay

Spilay Ring Case for iPhone Xs Max

If there were a competition for the slimmest ring holder covers, “Spilay” would comfortably sit along with the most svelte looking cases. I really like its form-fitting design that makes a fascinating match with the Xs Max.

It’s carved out of soft TPU material that provides improved grip. Being exceptionally elastic, it gets installed and removed in a flash.

Just like most cases mentioned above, Spilay features metal plate on the back. Hence, it lets you use your iPhone Xs Max hands-free on the drive. Did I say; you have got four gorgeous color options as well.

USP: Svelte profile
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WATACHE iPhone Xs Max Ring Holder Case

When it comes to quality,  “WATACHE” is second to none. Unlike many covers mentioned in this roundup, it features double layers of construction. That means your smartphone has slightly more protection from drops.

The hard PC back enables WATACHE to endure shock, whereas the TPU frame assists it in preventing scrapes from damaging the smartphone. Furthermore, the rubbery frame also provides better hold.

USP: Dual-layer of construction
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7. Elegant Choise

Elegant Choise iPhone Xs Max Ring Case

As the name so is the functionality. Sporting appreciable hybrid design, Elegant Choise can ideally complement your fashionable lifestyle.

The thin profile topped by the soft edges look stylish on the phablet. With the brushed finish, the case prevents fingerprints and also keeps grime at bay.

Therefore, the cover is able to retain its shine for long. Lastly, Elegant Choise is available in three colors: blue, pink and red.

USP: Shock-absorbing design
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8. Casetego

Casetego Ring Holder Case for iPhone Xs Max

Want to offer a bit more freedom to your Xs Max to flaunt its design? “Casetego” would be the right way to go.

This case features a clear design with two-tone colors that lets you show off your device in style. And with the smooth finish, the cover reduces the chance of a sudden slip-up. The pronounced buttons feel clicky, and the holes are exactly where they should be.

USP: Smooth finish
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ICONFLANG iPhone Xs Max Ring Holder Case

For presenting your smartphone a more functional ring holder case, you can’t go wrong with “ICONFLANG.” Well, this cover has got all the qualities that the above-mentioned cases feature.

ICONFLANG may look slim, but it can fight out bumps with ease. The ring not just offers better grip but also provides a comfortable viewing experience.

You can take advantage of the magnetic plate to hold your smartphone using magnetic car mounts and have more convenient viewing angle. Furthermore, this case also supports wireless charging. Not to mention the four color options that look fascinating.

USP: Durable structure
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That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

What’s the one quality you have found adorable in your favorite ring holder case? Besides, let me know about the features that you like to see in your best cases.

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