Best iPhone Xs Max Battery Cases in 2019: Keep Your Giant Phone Charged

Battery cases add extra power to your iPhone Xs Max. Whenever you are away from the wall chargers or any other power source, a battery case is a friend in need. For your giant iPhone Xs Max, you can select the best battery case from the list given below.

The iPhone Max with giant 6.5-inch display comes with robust 3,179mAh battery. For normal usage, this high-capacity battery can take you through the day and even keep some extra juice in the tank to let you take a peek at the latest tweets at night. However, if you are a power user, chances are your beast may very well fall short of the deadline; making you run for the wall chargers untimely. If that’s the case, you would want to have the top iPhone Xs Max battery cases at your disposal.

Don’t like bulky battery cases? I think not many of us enjoy putting on heavy covers. Fortunately, there are quite a few cases that are slim enough to look appreciable (if not dashing) on the iPhone. Explore the following collection and buy the best battery pack for your iPhone.

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Top iPhone Xs Max Battery Cases in 2019

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#1. Yacikos

Yacikos iPhone Xs Max Battery Case

Many users don’t like to use battery case just because of their bulk. Yacikos has worked on the size and bulk of this battery case and manufactured a battery case without any excessive bulk. Compare Yacikos’ charging case with others and you will see the difference. The two-piece design makes it easy for you to install the case on your iPhone Xs Max.

You can double your iPhone’s battery life by using this battery pack. Enjoy more videos, photos, web browsing, and conversation with extra battery life. The large-sized iPhone Xs Max is easy to handle in your palms with this grip-friendly battery case.

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USP: Grip-friendly case
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BEAOK iPhone Xs Max Battery Case

A battery case with 6000mAh capacity is enough to super charge your 6.5-inch iPhone. This battery pack can double your iPhone battery life, and you would love to enjoy videos and movies while you are away from traditional charging outlets. Listen to your favorite music, make & receive long calls, browse websites, and play games for a long time.

This battery case has 360-degree comprehensive bumper design and hard-shell back plat to protect your device against accidental drops, scratches, and other routine wear and tear.

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USP: Compatible with Magnetic Car Mount
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#3. BStrive

BStrive Battery Case for iPhone Xs Max

A notable feature of BStrive battery case is its ability to connect headphone cable while charging your iPhone. So while your phone is charged, you can insert your headphone cable and enjoy your favorite music. Moreover, you can sync data to your Mac or Windows computer and charge your phone simultaneously.

The 8000mAh powerful internal Li-ion battery supplies enough power to fully and safely charge your phone twice. Its slim-fit design maintains the thin profile of your phone and it also provides full edge protection.

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USP: Anti-fingerprint
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#4. Stoon

Stoon Battery Case for iPhone Xs Max

The Stoon has come up with a high-capacity battery case that looks quite promising. The 6000mAh battery adds up to 125% extra charge to the iPhone. To be more precise, it delivers an additional 35 hours talk time, 95 hours music time and 33 hours video recording.

Design wise Stoon looks a bit on the slimmer side and fits around the giant screen smartphone spotlessly. As for protection, this battery case can endure shock. Plus, the case also features a bumper for the rear camera to ward off scratches.

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USP: 125% extra charge
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#5. BasicStock

BasicStock iPhone Xs Max Battery Case

Not every battery case in the market can power up your iPhone with the needed security. With multiple industry regulatory certificates like CE, RoHS, and FCC, “BasicStock” can juice up your smartphone with the essential safeguard.

The built-in protective IC circuit plays a significant role in preventing dangers like overcurrent and short-circuit. Apart from the security, BasicStock can be trusted to absorb shock.

The embedded metal plate allows it to get along with magnetic car mounts as well. And with the ergonomic design, the battery cover also feels nice to the touch.

USP: Built-in protective IC circuit
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#6. Lonlif

Lonlif iPhone Xs Max Battery Case

Lonlif has mastered the art of crafting battery cases for iPhones. This 5000mAh portable charging case is compatible with your iPhone Xs Max. Install the case and you can add 120% battery life to your smart beast. Next, enjoy 15 hours’ internet use, 18 hours’ video playback, 30 hours of talking time, and 65 hours’ audio playback.

For smooth installation, Lonlif has built the top piece with magnet. With your original iPhone charging cable, you can charge both your iPhone Xs Max and the battery case.

USP: Maximum protection
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#7. Euhan

Euhan iPhone Xs Max Battery Case

Courtesy the Apple certified chip, “Euhan” is primed to be fully compatible to charge your smartphone. Therefore, you can trust this battery pack to be a dependable companion for your smartphone.

The 5000mAh battery may seem to be a little less, but it will be a fine asset during a short trip. Incorporated with four LED indicators, tracking power status is quite simple.

There is also a power switch button to let you ON/OFF charging with ease. And thanks to the sliding design, installing and removing the iPhone is a bit more convenient.

USP: Apple certified chip
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#8. Snowpink

Snowpink Battery Case for iPhone Xs Max

When I look at “Snowpink,” the thing that calls for my attention immediately is the impressive two-piece design. Due mainly to the sliding design, you will be able to install and remove your smartphone painlessly.

Another feature that makes it a safe bet for regular use is the sync through design. As a result, you won’t have any problem while syncing the Xs Max with your computer.

Boasting impact-resistant design; the battery cover can fight out the random shock. And with the lifetime warranty on offer, Snowpink seems to be a long-term prospect.

USP: Impressive two-piece design
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#9. Alpatronix

Alpatronix iPhone Xs Max Battery Case

Alpatronix brings a battery case that is compatible with Qi wireless charging. This means you can use any Qi wireless charging pad to charge your iPhone and this battery case. Once both are charged fully, you can say bye-bye to those messy cables.

This battery case is compatible with Apple Pay, so you are not required to remove the case when you need to make payment anywhere. The design of this case enables you to install and remove it without any hassle.

USP: Apple Pay compatibility
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XXBSAZ iPhone Xs Max Battery Case

XXBSAZ brings an extremely convenient battery case for your iPhone. The two-piece case can be connected with magnets; once you separate the two-piece, you can easily slide your phone in and out. Your iPhone Xs Max can be charged within 3.5 hours and then you can enjoy full 100% battery life.

XXBSAZ has used tough material to make the built-in connector, which is difficult to break. The power indicators continuously show the battery status of the case.

USP: Removable top cover
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That’s all, folks!

Charging off…

An ideal battery case is the one that doesn’t add bulk to your device. Though it is hard to find a perfect battery pack, you may find one or two from the above list. Battery cases come handy especially when you are traveling or maybe you are on an adventure trip.

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